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Brooke Says Nick's a Broken Boy-Man

7/30/2008 7:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a reason it's called the slammer.

And Brooke Hogan tells People that lil' bro Nick has been broken by prison, especially being in solitary. "I was worried about him, and his safety, and his well-being." Little Nicky is out of solitary now that he's 18, and in the general population, and apparently he's eating better.

But Brooke says that he's not exactly the most popular inmate in the Pinellas County Jail: "He's been threatened. Thank God he's big and he can hold his own."

HudStrong Doesn't Live So Long

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are done.

"There was no drama or ugliness," reports "They just decided to end things." The pair were together constantly both in New York and L.A. -– including a Dad's Day lunch at Frankies in Brooklyn. But apparently they couldn't deal with the distance thing -– weird for Lance.

The couple split at the Livestrong Summit this past weekend. Reps were mum.

K-Fed: My Life Is Awesomer than Yours

As though we didn't already know this, Kevin Federline is having a good summer, he says.

He tells People that most of his work is "staying at home with the family," and that he "can't complain" about life. That's what comes with $20K a month in child support from the bank of Britney ... though Fedz wouldn't talk about it at a golf tourney.

And he was very mysterious about any new projects: "I'm going to make everybody wait on that."

Party Favors: Reports of Chuck Berry's Ill Health Greatly Exaggerated ... "Extreme" Foreclosure in Georgia

Despite rumors to the contrary, Chuck Berry's health is "perfect," his rep tells TMZ, and he's doing his European tour as planned. He cancelled two gigs in Spain because of "contractual and financial problems" with the presenters of the shows, but will be playing the Long Beach Blues Festival on August 30 as planned. ... A family that got a new home from ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" has, sadly, been foreclosed on after they couldn't pay back a $450K loan for which they put the house up.


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2277 days ago


HudStrong done? Then it's a good thing they didn't produce any little ArmSons.

2277 days ago

william richard bradford    

" thankfully he's big and can hold his own while eating better "

rest assured, lil nicky will indeed be holding his own ass while eating.....

2277 days ago

wa wa waa    

13 weeks in Marine Corps boot camp will break ya, little nickster. Don't be a prickster.

2277 days ago


I hope Kate Hudson will take a long break from having a boyfriend... It's sad that her son gets used to a new man and then he is gone. Owen, Lance... Goldie: CAN'T YOU GIVE YOUR DAUGHTER THAT ADVICE??? Poor Ryder...

2277 days ago


Jeez, this family is in denial. She thinks her dink of a brother is "big" and can "hold his own" in ADULT jail. He'll be VERY lucky if he's able to be the only one to 'hold his own" pecker.

2277 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

Brooke, wake up!! Did you really think (no, I guess not) that he wouldn't be threatened at some point? Hold his own, my ass!! Your lil' brother is a mama's boy, and always will be!! Tell him to man-up!! Neither your skanky mother nor your perverted father can save his dumbass. He bitched about being in solitary and now he's worried about being threatened!! "He's big and can hold his own." I'll bet lil' Nicky still sucks his thumb. Brooke - you are a stupid, stupid girl.

Lance Armstrong will probably go after Sienna Miller as blonde Hollywood skanks seem to be what he prefers. Kate Hudson will probably slither her way back to Owen Wilson, then dump him again for someone like Christian Bale or Jude Law. If I were Owen Wilson, I would run as fast as I could and go live on a mountain far away from this bag full of STDs.

2277 days ago

K-Fed has new projects? Who cares. Talk about a no-talent free loader who got lucky. Don't celebs have handlers to keep parasites like K-Fed away? Poor Britney, what a mess he made of her life. Come back with a great song Brit! We miss you!

2277 days ago


Hey ya gotta give it up to k-fed those kids have been his priority and they seem to be just fine. It has never seemed that he did not want brit around them except for safety reasons. he saw something wrong and wanted to protect them

2277 days ago


I don't understand why Brooke has to tell this news about her brother. Putting people in jail is a punishment to break their spirit and make them unable to live the life they had before they did their suposed crime. Nick was convicted in court - a lot of this sentence based on who he is the son of, but he was sentenced.

So if he lives to be released, they will have to support him like his suposed victim. Like the victim had a choice to use his matureless compared to the driver to NOT enter the car, Nick had the choice not to drive when the laws prevent him to drive professionel like they do every day on German highways.

Let this be a warning to parents her in the states. If you have children who either drink or drives too fast, send them to study in Europe where they can't drive but they can drink and get this phase over with. Don't choose Italy. They hate Americans after our troops killed one their agents in Iraq and thats why young Mrs. Knox was framed, but there are a lot of other countries.

Nick could have been banished to Europe and would have returned as a responsible adult when he had to learn how to cook and wash his clothes by himself. His parents did not choose that solution and thats why his life is a much over as his suposed victim.

2277 days ago


Brooke, your brother, you, mom & dad are all greedy, not too bright, LOSERS. Go away.
As for Kate & Lance, what a surprise. Everyone in LA passes each other around like a cold sore.

2277 days ago


Nick is big? He seriously looks like a little dude next to Brooke.

Kate is a slut and a bad mother.

2277 days ago


Kate Hudson is as bad as Jennifer Aniston about not being able to hold onto a man. It makes me wonder what's wrong these women?? Losers are just sluts?

2277 days ago

william richard bradford    


wake up and have a double espresso;

KFED UP is getting $40 grand a month
and it will NOT keep him in a lifestyle
that he was accustom to the past years.

the children were used as pawn in the
court of law AFTER his alimony ran out.

it is a common ploy to retain counsel
to seek " protection " and more time
through custody for more financial support.

honestly, do you truly believe anybody worthy
in the music business will produce another release
for him this time around WITHOUT UNFITNEY ?

with his musical track record,
( he sold less than 10,000 copies )
talent and MOST importantly, money,
think he'll be able to put out another c/d ?

you BOTH would have a much
better chance buying lottery tickets.......

2277 days ago

wa wa waa    

BROOKE IS NOT STUPID. Little nickster is the product of an overbearing Father, that should have enlisted him in the United States Marine Corps. OORA!

2277 days ago
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