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Bum Asks Costner

For 'Swing Vote' Royalties

7/30/2008 5:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Costner tried to go incognito through the streets of NYC, but as soon as one papper said his name out loud, he was surrounded faster than Britney at a Taco Bell.

Costner was also hit up for cash by a homeless guy -- and was about as generous as critics were to "Waterworld."


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too cool... although his driver was not doing his job by leaving him on the streets without knowing where he was at/ i also did not like the drivers clothing.... too relaxed,...

2283 days ago


Homeless, Helpless, and Mentally Ill now wandering our streets...its a plague in some cities. How come hobos never wandered the streets panhandling in masse 30 years ago? Mainly because of the ACLU and States closing mental hospitals we have all this to deal with. YOu liberal bleeding hearts are not the ones walking to work everyday in Chicago and having to get accosted by no less than 9 people before you get to work. Each time ignoring them or saying a polite NO, wondering if they are going to sucker punch or "bum" rush you.

Its pathetic and its dangerous. I rarely see anyone giving them anything unless its a poor visitor on vacation going through this the first time and afraid they'll get hurt or their family will get hurt when these vagrants accost them.

If you're from the suburbs or country, dont even bother commenting on this, unless you personally run a guantlet every day form the train station to your office in a city getting to your job and have to deal with this...during lunch, on a smoke break, taking a walk, heading home---its endless and is on every block of the city, any large city.

Thank you ACLU and Democrats

2283 days ago


Add that on to my long list of reasons why I do not like Kevin Costner, and shan't watch his movies--ever!

2283 days ago


Give the poor bastred a buck. Now we all know what a cheep skate you are. Infact you should of given him a c-note and realy let the world know what a nice guy you are. Chances like this don't come everyday. When I meet you while you were treaspassing through my property and you had the gaull to question me. You are just as much a jerk in NY as you were in Brtistol. I should of kicked your ass for being on my property.

2283 days ago


I don't get this...why did Costner get out of his car in the first place? He gets out, stands on the corner for a second (waiting for fans?) then he walks back in the direction from whence he came, walks across the street again and into the car?? Did he just need some attention or what?

2282 days ago

Teresa: I am standing up for the homeless guy!    

I don't make HALF the money Costner does and I have OFFERED to buy less fortunate people lunch. I don't care if Costner was late for a meeting, had no cash on him, whatever the excuse - the actor could have walked into a restaurant, bar, ANYWHERE and gotten this guy a meal. ******* - and it was CAUGHT ON TMZ. Aren't you embarassed?!

I've posted this question on Y!A and people are saying that maybe he feared the bum would...WOULD WHAT?? There were dozens of people around him! And, have you visited NYC in the last 10 years?? The most polite people are the bums, of which there are VERY few anymore.

Furthermore, it's not up to us to decide whether or not the marine "deserves" a handout!! If Kevin were really worried about "enabling" this man's habits, he could have walked him into a restaurant himself! Kevin should be used to handouts - look at all the help he gets after his movies flop!

I'm, clearly, appauled by Kevin's behaviour! And did anyone notice that, aside from a suit jacket, the bum and Costner were not worlds apart in the wardrobe and facial hair categories.

2282 days ago


It looks like the same homeless guy who got in kim k.'s face when she was out and about tmz had that on video also.

2282 days ago


This was such a publicity set-up. Where was he supposed to be going? Looks to me like it was an attempt to get people to think that someone actually wants his autograph. The streets are empty, then all of a sudden people come out of nowhere to swarm him. One lady looks like she got out of a car that just pulled up out of nowhere. Kevin Costner probably didn't have any money in his pockets, no need when your'e just "acting" like you're walking down the street. Besides, why would he need cash anyway, and what was he supposed to do, give the 'Marine' his black American Express card?( for those who don't know, a black AMEX card is the one only for the elite, rich and famous, this is not a racial slur).

2282 days ago


plz, plz plz...people---help those on the street ---DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY ----THEY ONLY USE IT TO BUY DRUGS OR ALCOHOL---people need to wake up!! Salvation army has reported this before--if you want to help give $$ to shelters who help the mentally ill and those with addictions....My brother is an alcoholic and a PRO at getting peoples sympathies and getting money out of them....does he use it to eat? to buy gas? for shelter? NO, HE GOES STRAIGHT TO THE LIQUOR STORE AND GETS DRUNK amt of rehab helps when people continue to enable these people to stay drunk or stay high...PLEASE DON'T BE A PART OF THE PROBLEM!!! DON'T GIVE CHANGE OR CASH TO STREET PEOPLE

2282 days ago


LAS VEGAS HAS IT RIGHT---THEY DON'T ALLOW PANDERING ON THE STREETS--this is best for the addicted as their habits aren't funded---their people with addictions go to shelters or elsewhere--other cities need to adopt the same practice--PROTECT THE MENTALLY ILL AND THOSE WITH ADDICTIONS--DON'T HAND CHANGE OR CASH OUT TO THOSE ON THE STREET--it only stops them from getting the help that they need

2282 days ago

Michael Duthie    

Im sure the homeless marine had more money on him than Kevin, he was on a press junket and would have no need to have cash on him. Kevin is for the record is a very generous man I saw him give ten bucks to a homeless guy in Calgary when their were no cameras were around. If Kevin had a dollar on him he would have given it to the marine.

2282 days ago

Teresa: I am standing up for the homeless guy!    

And who are you to decide (especially you two 23 and 24)??!! You spend your money however you want, do you not? Let this man spend it however he wants. He may not have the presence of mind to be able to say: "Hmm, you know I won't use the money for drugs, I'd really like to get therapy..." BE REALISTIC. Make this man's life happy for 5 minutes, if necessary. And certainly don't justify Kevin's behaviour by saying that the marine would have taken advantage of the money - the fact is Kevin, who is completely in the media eye right now, could have done A LOT to help this man. I'd even say that if Kevin took your position while refusing to help this man, then he would have been coming at it from a different point of view - in this case, though, he is a complete jerk, just dismissing the man's existence.

2282 days ago

Teresa: I am standing up for the homeless guy!    

Oh, I am not stopping. Stolen his wallet???????????? And what, the homeless would have gotten away with it? You're point is IRRELEVANT as Kevin was not a woman in a mini skirt in a dark alley of NYC. They donate to charity? So they're off of having to do any other good deeds? And good for the SOCAL bum for making $60, 000 - HE WORKED for it - you would never lower yourself to ask for money. Give Mr. Costner a break? Why? He didn't give this guy one? Well, hmm, maybe Costner is just as broke - he has to finance all his movies himself doesn't he?

2282 days ago
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