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McCain -- As Hip as the One He's Inclined to Break

7/30/2008 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

McCainNote to John McCain: Britney and Paris? Really? Dude, that's soooooo 2007.

This just in -- there's a whole new crop of worthless undeserving "famous for being famous" people to choose from now -- Kim Kardashian? Heidi Montag?

Just because you're over the hill, doesn't mean you can't watch "The Hills."


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McCain would be surprised at how many people like Brittney and Paris, despite what they do in public. That's why I try to tell people - McCain is living in the past and our country will never move forward with a bunch of Old jacks running it.
We need to look towards the future - not the past for answers for our problems. Look at the state of the world - left in the so called smartest men in the world. We have everything from Global warming, Genocide, Human rights being walked all over in every country. Is this the future you want for your children and Grandchildren. We don't represent strength no more - we represent a bully trying to have our way. We don't care if the rest of the world suffers from Global warming, as long as we can ride our rides here in the West and other big countries who deprive their peoeple EVERYDAY.

2283 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

At first, i too was taken in by Obama's charsima, until i began to really listen to what he wasn't saying. It's great to want change, to say the word change over and over however; without some information of How? When? Where? etc is an insult to the thinking person in America. I found that Obama, for all his propaganda, is actually "empty" of firm understanding of running a country, lacks experience in all necessary areas, etc. I would consider voting for him for Prisident of the United States of America down the road, AFTER he's proven with actions not just empty wording, that he is truly capable of doing all he claims he can do with one magic word; "CHANGE".....amen

2283 days ago

Maybe when John McBush's campaign goes down the toilette in November he can do Viagra commercials like Bob Dole or he can do those "I've fallen, I'm a lying douch bag and I can't get up" commercials for Life Alert. This grouchy old nut should be kept so far from the White House. What kind of brain washing do you think the Chinese did to him while he was a POW all those years? This is like "The Manchurian Candidate" come to life!

2283 days ago

Dragon Slave    

Well, you have truly expressed your intelligence and your knowledge for history. McCain was a POW in the Viet Nam war. Not a Chinaman in sight at that time. You are a prime example that ignorance is not bliss and unfortunately, in our great county, any dumb-ass can express his point of view. Just out of curiosity, do you even vote?

2283 days ago


All airheads support McCain.

2283 days ago


Did any of you notice that Barak went to Europe to campagin for American Presidency. While VISITING our troops, he left before seeing any of the wounded soldiers. He staged a basketball photo shoot, left without visiting any soldiers, ALL PUBLICITY. Very unAmerican.

2283 days ago


kinda funny these remarks stopped at the truth

2282 days ago


people try to understand what the ad was is famous for what...nothing. britney spears gets followed by the paparazzi guessed it....nothing. the same can be said for obama. he is famous for what serving in the senate for what 180 loves him for what...THEIR AGENDA...but if you really think that obama will allow you to sleep better at night. by all means vote for him.

2280 days ago
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