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McCain Says Obama Famous for Being Famous

7/30/2008 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain has defended his latest campaign ad, not-so-subtly comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

In the ad, you see images of Paris and Brit flash across the screen for a split second, then Obama, as the announcer says, "He's the biggest celebrity in the world, but is he ready to lead?" The unspoken implication: another famous flake.

McCain's peeps just came out with this statement: "This ad obviously also addresses a unique facet in Barack Obama's campaign that is unlike any other campaign we've seen in modern political history. A campaign that is focused on the development of an enormous image of celebrity status."

The statement continues, "These images of celebrity status and the way he has conducted his campaign ... owe more to the development of an international celebrity status than it does to a traditional campaign for President."

Translated, McCain is comparing Obama to a woman who shaved her head in a fit of craziness and another who skanked up the screen with a sex tape.


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Ok, First of all, CHECK ALL YOUR FACTS IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT VOTING FOR THIS... MAN. DECEPTION @ THE HIGHEST LEVEL......... Anyone that votes for OBAMA is a MISGUIDED, MISINFORMED, UNINFORMED PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEARN the facts BEFORE it's TOO late!!!!!!!!!!!! Say NO to Osama!

2240 days ago


My two cents; Obama is famous for being famous. He has done nothing on the national level to warrant his election as the President of the United States. He has never served in the military , which I feel if your going to be the commander in chief you SHOULD have a working knowledge of the military otherwise you have to depend on others guidance and not your own first hand experiance. He has not been in public service for more then what one term? Thats hardly a impressive resume notation as far as job qualifications geos. Yes he is a college graduate and thats wonderful but education alone deos not make a man capable of ANY job. What is attracting people to this person is the fact he has great oratory skills, hes young and yes hes black( and this may seem racist but I cant blame people for wanting to finally put a black man in office.) People need to look deeper then a mans color or that he has great oratory skills before deciding to place their vote for him. Like Bill Clinton Obama is very good at telling people what they want to hear and not the reality that truely exists. His autobiography he wrote is filled with half truths abt his family. Frankly I dont care if hes a secret Muslim but he deos make one wonder why he was registered as a muslim in the asian school he attended when he was younger.. A person can lie about their policies just as easily as their religion if they desire something bad enough

2240 days ago


In a way, and I hate to say this, he's right. Not by comparing him to the bafoons but the whole presidential election IS turning into a joke. People are not taking into consideration the issues at hand and it's turning into a contest of (and I feel like a complete bitch for saying this) who are you voting for the black guy or the chick. I'm all for change but McCain is the most experienced out of all the candidates.

2240 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Obama hasn't done squat as a senator and he thinks he can run a country. Yeah right. Run a country right into the ground. He is so full of himself, he puts his own seal on the plane he travels in. Just what America needs. An egotistical marxist as it's leader. Who, Obama visit injured soldiers without the press and photographer. No, he needs to go work out on his gluts instead. Gotta look good for the camera you know. Hail to Obama the Messiah.

2240 days ago

McCain is hardly desperate. Latest live poll at AOL has McCain winning 70%-30% with Hussein Obama winning no states. GLOAT!

2240 days ago


In the above video Obama claims he doesn't believe in generic time tables and he has no plans to bring troops home.

What do you believe? This... or an unrealistic 16 month time table?

Do you really trust a man whose only been a gov. for like 2 years to run a country? A man backed by hateful people like a Jew and white hater, a white hater, a convicted terrorist, and lefties who claim, "We want peace... OR ELSE"?

Lefties claim they're so for peace yet they can't wait to threaten someone with an opposing point of view with violence.

This is the kind of guy backed by these kind of people, we want running our country?

A guy who can't even lie right as proved in the above vid??

2240 days ago


Yeah McCain, God forbid we have a charismatic, likeable, EDUCATED president! #10, the only reason he would go down in flames is if he can't clean up the numerous piles of sh*t that Bush left behind.

2240 days ago


Media sweetheart Obama has been babied and craddled by the media namely NBC and MSNBC from the beginning. Every night they run a program hosted by former ESPN sportscaster Keith Olbermann and his soul purpose is to bash anyone questioning, running against or opposing Obama. Every night he puts so many people down who question the mighty Senator. Its not just sportscaster Olbermann. Look at Chris Matthews, a biased pig. MNBC's new motta should be "All Obama, All the Time..". Almost like a fan club lusty teen girls, "Oh look what Obama did today", or "Look at Obama play "or "Here is what Obama wears.".. Good grief NBC, get a life, report the truth and stop advertising for Obama. Anyone watching the network and believes they are watching a non biased program has got a lesson to learn, this network bought and paid for this election.From Bush, Edwards(and the love child), Clinton,McCain and even good buddy Richardson, have all had their reputations tarnished in some way by the network. All for the single purpose of getting Barack Obama elected President of the United States.. Why would they go and do so much to get someone like Obama elected, whats the reasoning here.. the hidden agenda?? I smell a fraud and a cover-up....

2240 days ago


McCain is right for Obama spent 20 years with Rev Wrong in his church spewnig his hate for America and whites and Jews but embracing Frrrakhan so he wasn't America's proudest. AMERICANS WANT INSTANT GRATIFICATION BUT ANTI AMERICANS WILL WAIT FOR DECADES TO MEET THEIR GOALS. In our anxiety to delete G Bush from our lives some don't recognize the danger of putting this man in office. One I might add who is a liar, hasn't made his senate seat work for us, and thinks as he's told by the worst people of all .. don't forget his true buddies .. the one's he denies today when he's looking to be president. We are the losers if he's elected. It's ilke his book Audacity picked up from WORDS of Rev Wright's book. It's like speaches made for other winners before him Obama reads to us quite well, but they are not his WORDS. He has been packaged to sell to the masses in America but it was Michelle his wife who told the truth when she said 'she' and he can be included were proud of America 'for the first time' AND more. Hey, I didn't say it, she did. And he said she was honest and yes, she was .. he is not. Vote for Hillary or McCain and many others but never Osama Obama the rock star!

2240 days ago


mayu wants us to think he is well informed but he doesnt even know obama is a senator, not governor.

leave it to rePUGs to wanna use a short term fix (off shore drilling) to a long term problem and allow our kids and grandkids to make up for it. that's how he got IN this mess. this gas crisis should have been fixed during the gas shortages our parents and grandparents dealt with.

2240 days ago


John mccain is a third term of George Bush. Bush ruined our economy by giving tax breaks to the wealthy. He is the worst president in the history of the USA. John Mccain policies will be no different.

2240 days ago


McCain=Bush. Bush=McCain Any questions?

2240 days ago


Mccain policies are no different from Bush. He will ruin the economy just like Bush did

2240 days ago


I agreee with this commercial - I'd never heard of Obama before the elections (very bad sign) BUT...

Putting that pic of young, gorgeous Obama (who is NOT READY/EXPERIENCED ENOUGH TO GLOBALLY LEAD the most powerful country in the world) directly before crinkly, old McCain's face is BAD BUSINESS. Unfortunatley looks do matter and our culture is youth-obsessed. An ad stressing McCain's positive qualitites- with a shot of Obama looking like a *black Muslim man* would do the trick. Sorry to say it.. but politics are always rough.

2240 days ago


McCain is right: Obama brings NOTHING to the table as far as the presidency is considered, except his "buzz" and "recognizability." When will America wake up, this one-trick PHONY is not the person you want leading this country!!

2240 days ago
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