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Bratton Takes Heat for "Outing" LiLo

7/31/2008 5:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD's top dog, Chief William Bratton, was grilled for saying that the paps don't care about Lindsay because she's "gone gay." He says that's not how he meant it -- cue the tape!


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Oh give me a break! People Magazine just ran a cover that said in huge letters "IS LINDSAY GAY?" And Perez Hilton outed her MONTHS ago. This guy did not out her. But he is right, the fact that any z list celeb can hold somebody's hand and the press will call them their girlfriend of boyfriend, yet Lindsay can be snapped kissing Samantha and the press either won't report it or they will call Samantha her "gal Pal" or "Good Friend". So this guy was right, the press won't report it and have backed off on her since it's become obvious she's gay.

2275 days ago


Let the crime-makers do their punishment !!

2275 days ago


What a tool. He is just trying to get out of doing his job. Paps should not be allowed to stalk these young women to the extreme. I would sue if I were her.

2275 days ago


Backstroking at it's finest!

2275 days ago


That guy is a idiot. He's putting the blame in the wrong place. Simply being lazy. Oh and the three names he listed are hardly the problem. I guess these three white girls are the only celeb's in Hwood causing drama. I swear, Hollywood is the must F'uped place in the world. He should of never mentioned names and even brought them up. That was unprofessional and I hope he takes so much heat for this. I hope the pap's follow him around for days on end to get a comment out of him so he can see how it is for ONE DAY to live in a stars shoes.

2275 days ago


Bratton DIDNT say anything about Lindsay being GAY.
He said, something like, "... Lindsay has a girlfriend now..."

This is a perfect example of the PRESS misquoting people and turning the truth around for sensationalism.

2275 days ago


Why does this guy still have a job?

2275 days ago


So what! Clearly she is gay.

2275 days ago


To be gay consistent characterization of the sexual behavior of gays and lesbians as 'abnormal,' 'aberrant,' 'deviant,' 'disordered,' 'dysfunctional,' and 'an error'

2275 days ago


TMZ = OLD NEWS ......Hey Harvey who's suckin yours in that closet??

2275 days ago


Who cares if she is gay or not. This lapd chief is a complete idiot for even discussing LL with the press . He should do something about the crime that is in LA and the gangs, instead of talking about Lindsay. He is a waste to the law enforcement community.

2275 days ago


The paps block the sidewalk, stop traffic, stand in front of a car to take pictures, and drive like madmen to get a shot. We have all seen them act like a herd of thundering flashes. Nobody is saying they don't have a right to photo or film but everyone agrees they are subject to being cited for being disorderly. The LAPD is a paps best friend, There have been plenty of pictures of the paps clearly out of control with the LAPD in attendance.

Probably new laws are not needed, what is needed is for the LAPD to show the paps they will not tolerate disorderly behavior or out of control activity. The paps will power down because the bottom line is they need the shot to eat.

2275 days ago


I dont care either way. Whether she is gay, bi, straight, or Democrat, she always looks like she reeks of smoke and needs a bath and so does the Ronson girl. I have news for them and the media. Nothing in my life is affected by either one and I couldnt care less what they do or say. I wish the paps would just give up and STOP following them around all the time. Who cares?

2275 days ago


First of all, he said 'apparently she's gay'. Second of all, he didn't 'out' her at all. If someone is running around doing things like kissing a same sex person, holding that person's hand, accompanying that person to movies, dinner and other events, then it's not a stretch of anyone's imagination to believe they're involved in an intimate relationship.

When you 'out' a person, you do it with firsthand knowledge. So, if Lindsay was friends with this guy and said 'hey I'm gay, it's on the down low', then he outted her. If he, like all the rest of the country has seen the zillions of pix of Lindsay and the woman purported to be her lover, and those pix are provacotive and of an intimately implied nature, he's just reporting on his observations that she is 'apparently' gay.

Thirdly, what did he say that was wrong? He said it's only when these young women engage in outrageous attention-seeking behavior, are they of any interest to the paps. Apparently (there's that word again) he sees whatever 'gay' activites Lindsay and her friend engage in (public displays of affection) as normal and benign and not worthy of attention. I'd like the liberals here would be happy that finally gay people can display their affections in public and it's seen as pedestrian.

2275 days ago


And since there are supposedly pictures of her with Calum Best, wouldn't that make her bisexual?

2275 days ago
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