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LAPD Top Cop: Thank God Lindsay's Gay!

7/31/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD Police Chief William Bratton told KNBC TV there's no need for laws against the paparazzi anymore, since Britney's sane again, Paris is M.I.A., and Lindsay's living a quiet life in Lebanon.

Bratton says he'll oppose the L.A. City Council proposal to regulate pappers.


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No 10. It stops them from following her because let's face it, men don't mind fantasing about Lesbos kissing and making out but they don't want anything to do with them. That's why Lindsey the Lez Lohan will now go the way of the girl from "Men in Trees." By the way, WHAT IS her name? See what I mean? Lindsey the Lez Lohan was on her way to becoming a sex symbol but not now. Lesbians aren't ever going to be anyone's sex symbol.

2086 days ago


What an egghead! I would want a law against those vile shutterbugs!

2086 days ago


tattooed white trash your a douche bag!!!!

2086 days ago


Will he be taking full responsibility if/when someone dies due to the aggressive paps?

2086 days ago

Cherry Cola    

#14 John Wayne Gacy

Take it easy. I thought you were trying to be funny. No harm intended. Geesh!

2086 days ago

john wayne gacy    


" men don't fantasize about women kissing and don't want to have anything to do with them "

surely you jest;

my triangle ALWAYS includes at least
1 extra female performing at all times.

truthfully, most women in my world that are
attractive, MUST partake with other women or
they're NOT even considered worthy of approaching.......

2086 days ago



2086 days ago


There probably already are laws on the books to contriol thiis but just aren't enforced. Bratton is tasked with enforcing them but isn't a law maker. His opposition no doubt comes from a place of not wanting more to do on top of the nothing he is doing now.

It's a shame really, since the paps are on hand to capture every detail of a celeb's life, but no one captures these paps sitting around drinking for hours in front of a celeb's home and then hopping into cars to follow them all over hell in that state. Nobody is interested in pix of drunken paps

2086 days ago


Please, keep him in LA he ruined NY enough..he has gone from coast to coast to cause trouble everywhere.
No-one in NY wants him back. Sorry, You are the fine winners of this "marvelous" prize.

2086 days ago


Too funny!

2086 days ago


#4 is right about LAPD - a large, organized gang. They are corrupt, they lie, they do nothing.

Meanwhile, the city council is wasting taxpayer resources on this pap garbage.

Dennis Zine just wants his name in the papers, and got to meet Sharon Stone.

They could be having a task force on REAL crime victims in L.A., or on the housing crisis, on any number of serious pressing things. Instead they waste time on this non-issue.

The LAT reports today that 3.3 million taxpayer dollars was paid out today to settle lawsuits against the county for police and medical negligence. Why doesn't the city council do a task force to stop police negligence and stop costing us all so much? Why doesn't the city council demand to know why it takes a posse of LAPD to escort Tom Cruise out of a restaurant? Why does the sheriff dept. come flying to Clooney's aid when he wants an escort from Dan Tana's to his car? If these people feel threatened, hire your own security, or don't go to pap spots, or move out of L.A. Long time residents of L.A. would be thrilled to see celebs, who've essentially hijacked this city, move elsewhere.

2086 days ago


Seems like LA needs a new Police Chief.. No longer problems with Paps, the man needs a re adjustment, brain wise... This never ends..

2086 days ago

wheres glaad    

his comments about lindsay were unbelievably inappropriate. if he meant to say "now that lindsay's finally in a happy, stable relationship,' he should have. also, one doesn't just GO gay.

2086 days ago


Hehehehe. Lebanon!!!

2086 days ago


This is so unbelievably inappropriate! Who the hell is this guy to comment on anyone's sexual orientation? Especially, when the whole Lindsay Lohan being a lesbian thing is a RUMOR! She hasn't actually said she is a lesbian and until she actually says it, it is just s RUMOR. Regardless, even if she was a lesbian, this LAPD guy does not have the right to make a flippant remark about Lindsay. Who the f**k does he think that he is, commenting on Lindsay's life (and Paris' and Britney's) when he does not know anything about them except what is in the tabloids...and we all know TABLOIDS LIE TO MAKE MONEY!! Get a life, man!

2086 days ago
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