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Snoop's Peeps

Popped for Pot

7/31/2008 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0731_snoop_weed_bn_01-1Smoke weed every day! Two members of Snoop Dogg's entourage were busted this afternoon in Texas after cops pulled D-O-Double-G's tour bus over for a routine traffic stop.

Cops tell us the bus was stopped for expired tags. When officers boarded the bus, they sniffed what they thought was the Mary Jane. After investigating, they found two oz. of the green stuff and arrested two men who admitted it belonged to them. They were arrested and booked into the Navarro County Jail.

We're told Snoop was on the bus, but was not arrested.


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frogs and gravel    

It must be nice to have the money to have people whose job it is, is to take the fall
for your drugs. A couple of joints and the cops probably would of let them go, but 2 oz.s? They
had hope the judge is in a good mood.

2239 days ago



2239 days ago


With all that $$$, weed, and women the crime here is that they got caught. Shame on you. It messes things up for the rest of us.

2239 days ago


#48 that is funny. I mean really funny.I can even picture the descriotion.You "gotter done"

2239 days ago


Dangit #48.They moved you to # 43 while I was huntin and peckin.Contact me ,I want to see about using that phrase in my act.

2239 days ago

Smokin Everyday    

Dang, I love and hate living in TexASS. They need to get up off my Snoop's @$$

2239 days ago


Where's his attorney when you need her

2239 days ago


What is the big f'n deal? If Clinton can smoke it, what's the big deal? No meth labs/dealers selling this crap to bust? Ecstasy, meth and crack is what they need to worry about. Knowing damn well, there's plenty of it in Texas, hell all you have to do is look at thehillbilly's that come out of Texas. The cops ought to be out catching real criminals! So, while you spent the time & taxpayers money to f with someone over some bud, a few child molesters were claiming yet more victims. Way to go! You know the one's who are all living in our neighborhoods, rehabilitating themselves while they lurk the streets for their next victims! What, guarding the border and keeping the illegals out of this country isn't enough for them to focus on? The same one's who have drained resources American's have worked and paid into? Instead, we'll focus on issues that don't really pose a threat to society. This is WTF is wrong with this country!

2239 days ago


put it in the air #50.It is people like you who are what's wrong with this country.You want cops to overlook pot smoking but would you want them to overlook drinking and driving? I have seen people who are potted up and they drive slower than usual which is just as dangerous. Did Clinton smoking it make it right? He gets high and screws anything that will stand still. Is that not a type of molesting. He must havebeen high when he married Hillary. The govt. is trying to help by not legalizing it. They already control cigarettes so they need to control pot. It is illegal can't you people understand that. Take your ideas elsewhere. The cops do a good job and try to protect us. Forget the pot,he wasn't even stopped for that.He was breaking the law by operating a vehicle that wasn't legal. Oh,by your standard that is ok. I will STFU if you will

2238 days ago


must be nice to have people that will actually get arrested for you!!!

2238 days ago


Well.... is it time to legalize it or what ?.... how many dollars go to waste making an issue out of this crap... smoke it or don't smoke it... its not that big a deal... damn people, lets focus on the crack, heroin, cocaine, meth, theft, money laundering, political crime... you know, the bad stuff.... do you really think your god, who ever and whichever that may be... is going to punish you for smoking weed... sounds like a rookie cop looking for his 15 cent an hour raise... wow , what a big world changing "Narcotics Bust", there Top Cop!!!! Now go give your momma a speeding ticket or something and, suck the captains balls...

2238 days ago


Uh - what a ground breaking bust.... I bet that cop is going to get a .50 cent raise next year for that world changing event.... poor rookie...

2238 days ago


HA! MILF WEED! LOL! I love that show.............

2238 days ago


Snoop must have have some serious stock in Teflon. Nothing sticks to him. Not being a felon and getting popped on weapons and drug violations numerous times. Any other felon would have been back in the pokey for a good long stint. Hunh.

2238 days ago


ZOMG, lol I just say Snoop and 311 play last night in Dallas to. Cmon...Snoop should be one of the few allowed to roll with pot. It's part of his image for heavens sake!

2238 days ago
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