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"Desperate" Kate Too Strong for Lance

8/1/2008 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For someone who starred in a flick called "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," Kate Hudson should know better.

But it seems that one sure way to get dumped – i.e., smother the guy – was her M.O. with Lance Armstrong, and that's why they're toast. The Chicago Sun-Times says that Lance felt K-Hud was "just too needy" and that she was "desperate, a woman who clearly can't be on her own ... at all times."

The pair split after a whirlwind romance that lasted ... just a little longer than ten days.

Fiddy –- Baby Mama "Kidnapped" My Boy!

50 Cent is ratcheting up his attacks on his son Marquise's mama, alleging that she's taken the boy hostage.

Fiddy and Shaniqua Tompkins have been at each other's throats ever since that fire that destroyed the house the rapper bought for Shaniqua and Marquise. But now Mr. Cent tells Sister 2 Sister magazine that Marquise has been kidnapped by Shaniqua.

He also tells the mag that he paid $60,000 to have a teacher home-school Marquise.

Jess -– Tony Appreciates My, Um, Talent

Maybe Tony Romo really has taken a few too many blows to the head.

Jessica Simpson tells Elle that Romo is different from the rest of the guys she's been with because he "appreciates my talent" and that they're "spiritually connected." She says that most of the guys she's been with were "captivated by my heart." Interesting definition of "heart."

She also dishes on John Mayer, whom she says "cherished our love."

Party Favors: Obama Has Will.I.Am, McCain Has John Rich ... Luke Russert Gets an NBC Gig ... Black Crowes After Gretchen Wilson

Bigshot country star John Rich has penned a new song for Sen. John McCain called "Raisin' McCain," and it chronicles McCain's imprisonment in Vietnam and his refusal to be released early. ... Luke Russert will be doing his dad proud this summer, serving as a correspondent for NBC News during the network's coverage of the Dem and GOP conventions next month. ... The Black Crowes are going after country star Gretchen Wilson for using their tune "Jealous Again" in her song "Work Hard, Play Harder," which is being used by TNT in spots for "Saving Grace."


No Avatar


Kate Hudson wants to breed and Lance Armsrtong has a big enough family.

Jessica has two talents and they're both fake, but I'm sure Tony can improve his grip by squeezing them.

2245 days ago

name withheld    

Kate Hudson, also known as whore who gets around the beds of Tinseltown.

2245 days ago

Lenn K.    

I bet it won't take Kate long before we hear she's with someone new tomorrow night. Kate give it a rest.

2245 days ago

Song Critic    

Gretchen Wilson is a hatchet faced has been. I can't believe anyone would listen to this roadie who looks like she's been rode hard and put up wet.

2245 days ago


I wonder what talent Tony is talking about that Jessica has that he likes maybe the same talent Nick liked that we can't see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It could be the only talent she has because she sure can't sing and she is finally finding it out hersely thats why she is falling on her face!!!!!!! She has no talent!!!!!!!!!!! only a set of BOOBS

2245 days ago


Why is it not working? Kate is no different from Jennifer Aniston except a kid. Jennifer Aniston is desperate whore and too strong unless she is faking weakness. Oh I get it Lance Armstrong is not a weak desperate pansy like John Mayer. That's what it is.

2245 days ago


Kate's behavior is typical of someone whose real father played no part in her life. Doesn't matter that she had a great step-father growing up. Get some therapy, Kate, or this will be a life long pattern.

2245 days ago


Is there a mental disease called Jennifer Aniston Fixation?

2245 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I don't like Lance Armstrong!

2245 days ago


Kate's little son will meet Kate's next new overnight friend any day now. Poor kid.

2245 days ago


Jennerfer, are you listening, watching. Kate Hudson should be a message to you.

2245 days ago


How does it work? Does Kate carry a health certificate declaring her HIV and ALL STD's free so she can screw these guys. Her vajayjay is stretched to the max, possibly has a bug or two. Her contemporaries are in the same predicament: Jennifer Aniston, Britney, Paris, Jessica Simpson, pre-marriage Jennifer Lopes, Jessica ALba, Miley next year, etc. Blech! If I were a guy, I wouldn't hit on them dark places. The men whores, well, what's new there?

2245 days ago


C'mon people -- Lance left perfectly independent Cheryl Crow because though HE proposed, he was freaked about it. Then he dated and quickly dumped a Cheryl lookalike. Do you remember that? Can't some of this be HIS issues TMZ?

I don't think Kate should have been introducing her kids or holding his kids hands so soon, but as to her going out, dating and spending the night with people -- you forget, she is only about 24 and was really you ng when she met and married Chris Robinson. She has a child, but she also hasn't had much chance to date, have fun and YES, modern world, HAVE SEX. How sexist are you all being?

If any one of us had cameras following our every dating move when we were the age of some of these kids, what would it have people thinking about it?

2244 days ago

She also says they pray every night together before going to bed. Does that mean 1) they pray together over the phone before going to bed at their separate homes? Or 2) do they pray together at the same place and then go to bed in different rooms? Or are they, heaven forbid, 3) praying together in the same place and then getting in bed together! Last I heard they still weren't married, so if it's option 3, perhaps they're praying they'll bypass eternal damnation. I'm just saying... If you're going to throw yourself out there -- in your new Country incarnation -- as this Christian do-gooder, just remember it's not a buffet... you have to have the whole meal.

2244 days ago


Must be talents of the oral nature.

2244 days ago
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