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"Hairspray" and "ANTM" Vacay Bitch Fight!

8/1/2008 5:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Hairspray" star Nikki Blonsky and "America's Next Top Model" wannabeen Bianca Golden just had the worst vacation -- ever!

Cops tell us the two got into an "altercation" in the departure lounge at the Providenciales airport in the Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean -- and by altercation, we hear it was an all-out family brawl! A spy at the airport that day tells us the fight was over saving seats in the lounge -- Nikki was saving five seats for her fam, and Bianca's family wanted to sit. That's when we're told the huge fight erupted -- with the entire families on both sides throwing down, yelling and cursing.

The action got so bitchtastic, says another spy, that one member of the Golden team actually bit Nikki's foot. Tyra would be so proud!
Blonsky, Golden
Both divas have been charged with assault -- Blonsky with two counts! But get this -- Nikki's father Carl was also charged with inflicting bodily harm, for his alleged beatdown of Eleine Golden, Bianca's mom. Nikki's arrest was first reported by Us.

Both Nikki and Bianca have been released on bail, but Carl's gotta cool his heels in jail until August 8th. All parties will have to book a trip back to the islands this fall to appear in court.

UPDATE: This cat fight was no joke people ... Eleine Golden had to be airlifted to a Florida hospital. She's currently in the ICU with a serious head injury!

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pop eye    

Did Nikki sit at a TABLE with five other seats, awaiting her family, or did she try saving five seats at a BAR. Big difference. You don't tell other customers they can't sit in the seats next to you at a bar because you are "saving" them for other people. That is completely uncool. A bar is first come, first serve. You don't have a seat until you arrive, and if you get up and walk away for a while, you are going to lose your seat. That's the rules. But it definitely isn't worth fighting over. Nikki should have kept her mouth shut, graciously allowed the Goldens to sit, and gone somewhere else with her family, or had her family spread out over the bar.

2241 days ago


Bianca, the ANTM loser, was vile and aggressive on the show. No manners, no respect for anyone and certainly no class. Being a nasty bitch is NOT a talent, OK? With her attitude she'll always be a loser. The stereotypical angry black woman is getting really tired. It's time to grow up and try to act like civilized people.

2241 days ago


I wanted to update my comment. Whereas there were no rules at this particular lounge against saving seats, there is legal precedent that one person is allowed to save two seats, but only up to two seats. The Goldens had no standing if Nikki was saving two seats other than her own, but they did have reasonable expectations if they wanted any seats beyond that. As for the physical assult, I think it's pretty clear that anyone who participated in anything other than self-defense was in the wrong.

2241 days ago

Over it    

#32 - I can't believe you even had the nerve to say sound so stupid....

"Nikki should have kept her mouth shut, graciously allowed the Goldens to sit, and gone somewhere else with her family, or had her family spread out over the bar"..

So in other words, Bianca's family should have the right to take over Nikki's seats, and Nikki's family should move elsewhere? Give me a flippin break, if that isn't a racist comment from a black person I dont know what is. Try telling us you're not black either....YEAH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!

2241 days ago



What get a clue said could have never happen,a white person would never think there better than a black person.YOU NEED TO GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2241 days ago


Shame on you, Bianca, Nikki's butt needs all 5 chairs to rest comfortably.

2241 days ago


I can't believe people actually think this is funny. Regardless of who's right or wrong, someones life hangs in the balance over a trivial arguement. All of the (black fam and white fam) need to grow up. Grown ass 30 and over women and men fighting in a restaurant like teenagers.
This is not about black or white or which group is aggressive or mean. This is about maturity. Goldens fam should have been mature enough not to start a fight over seats and Nikki's fam should have been mature enough to walk away.
Is someone to sit worth a persons life. For all of you who are laughing and thinking this is funny, you need to think about how you would feel if your mother was in ICU over something stupid and trivial like this.

2241 days ago

pop eye    

LoLo-----I had no idea there was actually legal precedent over how many seats you can save at a bar. That is interesting. I guess I am thinking from more of a moral/socially acceptable/usually obserbved bar etiquette. If you are saving one seat for a date or friend that you know will arrive very shortly, most people are cool with that. Or if you are saving a seat for someone who is making a quick trip to the restroom, most people easily understand that. But saving five seats for people who haven't even arrived? If I were the Goldens, I would have sat down anyway, and politely said, "Well mabe we can shuffle around after they arrive." But I were met with any real aggression after that, I would have backed off. Again, it's not worth getting in a fight over. The way I see it, what they can legally "save" and "not save" isn't much of an issue at this point. They are all in a whole lot of trouble. Assualt or battery, or even worse, assualt and battery, are all felonies. Hopefully both sides can someone collaberate together and try to get the whole thing dismissed as an overblown cat fight. But with one person seriously injured, even that may not be possible. Too bad over such an insignificant and stupid thing.

2241 days ago


Wow. Can't wait to see how this unfolds.


2241 days ago


I just flew back fom Turks Monday (we were at the Beaches resort where the Blonsky family was staying). Calling it a departure "lounge" is generous at best. It is basically the equivalent of a hospital waiting room with rows of seats- the area where you wait to board a flight. It is a tiny airport, but unless they were having two large planes take off at once (which I don't think ever happens there) there should have been plenty of seats.

2241 days ago


looks like nikki's gettin' a little too big for her britches.

oh ... wait......

2241 days ago


Were they fighting over the last item at the Buffet?

I find this chick incredibly fake and annoying.

2241 days ago


that chunk is in VERY BIG trouble.

she was violent in an AIRPORT, and she put an older woman in the ICU with a HEAD INJURY.

she'll be sued, and don't be surprised if she has to do some time in jail.

2241 days ago

big girls dont cry...we eat!!!    

WTF!!! OMG, Down with the skinny bitchez!!! TEAM NIKKI!!!

2241 days ago


forgive me if you liked hairspray but the only thing the movie was to me was 2 hours of lard dancing......

2241 days ago
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