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Lindsay Rips LA Top Cop a New One

8/1/2008 6:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is pissed off at LAPD Police Chief William Bratton for outing her and Sam yesterday. As they say in Hollywood, there's no business like show business. Or, as Lindsay says, mind your own f***ing business.

Samantha apparently agrees -- her Facebook update says "chief bratton should talk less and do more." Snap!

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wayne matthews    

look out the gay and fat women so mad!! Didn't anyone notice the lisp this gay man for tmz who was asking questions. The worst two groups for america are gays and fat women. One spreads aids, the other is killing our american healthcare system. The police cheif was right, america we need to stand up and take back our country, from lazy fat people and others that spread disease.

2242 days ago


Please Lindsay, if you think the Police Chief 'outted' you, then where the hell have you been that you haven't seen pix and stories of you and your girlfriend in PUBLIC holding hands, kissing and cuddling? I don't even like you, and I've had my eyes full of that stuff for months. You, outted yourself long ago when you engaged in public behavior that would tend to make onlookers believe you were in an intimate relationship. There is nothing wrong with a lesbian relationship, and the chief wasn't suggested that there was. If he was wrong about the dynamic, then you say, 'he's wrong. we are not intimate partners'. If he's right, then what did he say that was wrong? He merely said that since you've put your energies into a intimate relationship, you are no longer acting in the attention seeking manner that used to delight the paps. If anything, he was complimenting you and Paris and Britney on behaving in a manner that attracted much less attention.

And if you really REALLY want to blame anyone for outting you, try our good pal Harvey at TMZ. He and his crew have been insinuating and flat out saying it out loud for MONTHS.

If you're not in an intimate relationship with another woman, you may want to be more aware of the public persona you put out there. If my husband was kissing, hugging, and holding hands in public with another woman, or man for that matter, I would have to assume, like 100% of the rest of the country that his relationship wasn't 'just friends'. You put it out there, don't be angry because others observed it. And don't be angry because though you may find your lesbian relationship shameful, many more of us, don't and would not think that 'outting' you was a cause for such concern and deniel.

2242 days ago


Maybe if she would quit acting so trashy people would not be talking about her.

2242 days ago


YOU GO LILO! You are CORRECT! You made your point right back at him and not in a tacky way that he made his. Not only was it rude WHAT HE SAID,but how he said it....She's turned gay? How about and Lindsay has calmed down and got herself together? That man should be punished.

2242 days ago


LINDSAY IS CORRECT! HE should of NEVER SAID THAT! RUDE! UNPROFESSIONAL! SHE TURNED GAY????? I think there were other ways of making his point without name dropping. So, unprofessional. Plus, if you are gonna name drop, there are other ways of making a point then to say she's turned gay. I mean what is that???? He's an idiot.

2242 days ago

tired of cry baby    

tmz, you guys are all gay!!!!! this is such a non story, u r the only ones running this, what can she sue for? have her life dragged thru a court for her to prove she'S not gay? just because you guys are gay at tmz does not make every commet about gays., a lawsuit!!!!!! OMG. also i saw bobby trendy and harvey making out in a bathroom in a park in downtown L.A. why don't you report that?

2242 days ago

Give Me A Break    

Posted at 6:34PM on Aug 1st 2008 by gazoo


2242 days ago

no brain cells required    

Holy smokes, doesn't anybody read? This isn't breaking news. She's been photographed making out with this chick in public for weeks. Bratton wasn't making any revelations, just stating the obvious. If she doesn't want people to think she's gay she shouldn't walk around holding hands while shoving her tongue down her girlfriend's throat for all to see. Duh. BTW, does this girl not own a hair brush? Einstein had an excuse - his brain cells were on overdrive. Lindsay? Not so much.

2242 days ago



So what that her kissing Sam in public and so on is insinuated that she is in a romantic relationship with Sam....It's HER RELATIONSHIP TO DO THAT WITH. HE IS NOT INVOLVED AND THEREFOR HAD NO reason to comment on it. She can do whatever she wants with her relationship B/C it's heeeeeers! Not deputy dewey. Last, SHE HAS NEVER actually stated the words IM GAY! HE DID!

2242 days ago



2242 days ago


So is she ashamed?
Where is the PRIDE?

2242 days ago


LOL the police chief shouldn't get in anyone's personal business but TMZ should?

2242 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Let it go. They have a slightly lower profile than the previous wild life and both Sam and LiLo lie low! That's all he said. Also, both Sam and Lindsay are "public figures" under the New York Times vs. Sullivan case and they can't sue him. They're just LICKED before they start!

2242 days ago


Ummm...just a thought....if you are so against TMZ and what it does...why are you A) Reading it B) Posting???? Just a thought...

2242 days ago


He didn't out her, TMZ and all the other paps did. Duh, let her sue them.

2242 days ago
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