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Lindsay Rips LA Top Cop a New One

8/1/2008 6:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is pissed off at LAPD Police Chief William Bratton for outing her and Sam yesterday. As they say in Hollywood, there's no business like show business. Or, as Lindsay says, mind your own f***ing business.

Samantha apparently agrees -- her Facebook update says "chief bratton should talk less and do more." Snap!

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this skanky little lesbo needs to die and fall off the face of the earth and do us all A big favor.she is one nasty lookin little slut just like her moma.get lost bitch.

2242 days ago


If she sues - he gets to prove his case that she is indeed carpet munching. If celebrities want out of the paps line of vision - perhaps they should lunch at places other than the IVY or shop somewhere other than Robertson Blvd. Julia Roberts - a huge star, conducts her life out of the lime light so she can have a private life. Lindsay's 15 minutes are about up - really - who cares about this attention wh_ _ e!

2242 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Bratton picked a bad way to say that he thinks that his job will be easier now that Brit and Lilo have settled down but he did not out her, she was already out. He didn't say he disapproved of LiRo's relationship, he merely mentioned it's existence. If she was going to be so upset that someone said she was in a gay relationship then maybe she should have skipped the PDAs.

Go Sox

2242 days ago


1. He's stating the obvious.
2. It's obvious they've been so public for publicity.

2242 days ago


I'm a little confused on how he "Outed" her. (Is that a word)
Was there any question that they (Lindsay and Sam) were gay? And is Lindsey ashamed of being gay?
Just a little confused by the whole thing.
I guess being mad at the situation does get more press coverage. But is she mad at the chief or angry that she doesn't get as much attention now?

2242 days ago


Oh, I should also add that what the chief said was completely unprofessional. But come on, that should be the end of the conversation.

2242 days ago

steve if no one knew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......You don't piss off the chief !!!!!!! He is an old Boston Boy !!!!

2242 days ago

Watch the video again    

Sue for what? If she is actually licking puddy-tat, then there is no case since it would be true.

2242 days ago


Lindsay has no reason to be angry at the Chief. Since she belongs in a sewer, she should accept the fact that she's a rat.

2242 days ago


whatever.if you "girls"want to make out in public...then the public can assume whatever we want !

2242 days ago


Too bad she can't sue. She's a public figure and keeps it that way so she's fair game. She makes her living in the public eye.

Says I.

Sign me,
US Courts

2242 days ago


To "out" someone means to tell everyone that they're gay/lesbian. Everyone already knows that, so it's hardly an "outing" & who cares about those 2 anyway?!?!

2242 days ago


Is this bitch for real? The gayelles outed themselves (whether they are banging cootchies or just acting like it for the publicity). She obviously craves attention, considering her past behavior (rampant cocaine use, drunk driving, crotch flashes and wild partying). She has certainly had her share of lawbreaking activities that endangered other people, so she should keep her mouth shut.

These dumbass "celebrities" are too full of themselves.

2242 days ago


The Chief is RIGHT ON. Lindsay is a public figure. She blames EVERYONE but herself for EVERYTHING. What a skank.

2242 days ago

JP Stone    

Hell no LiLo should not sue. She does, however, need to admit the her and SamRo munch carpet togeather. It is so obvious, they hardly ever leave each others side.

2242 days ago
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