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Lindsay Rips LA Top Cop a New One

8/1/2008 6:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is pissed off at LAPD Police Chief William Bratton for outing her and Sam yesterday. As they say in Hollywood, there's no business like show business. Or, as Lindsay says, mind your own f***ing business.

Samantha apparently agrees -- her Facebook update says "chief bratton should talk less and do more." Snap!

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wasted days and wasted nights    

Maybe she and Verne could go halfsies on a lawyer. Or just smile for the camera and have a little fun with their 'fame.'

2274 days ago

topy from NYC    

what happend with perez hilton website? is not working, somebody knows why????

2274 days ago

LA Officer    

CHIEF BRATTON IS AWESOME!!!! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH HIM. Those skanks are 2/3 of the problem, paps 1/3.

2274 days ago


Lindsay is not getting any publicity, so she has to back lash the police.
Crawl away Lindsay, crawl away.......

2274 days ago


The reason Lindsay's name was brought up was because there is an issue on the table that paps are running roughshod on celebs to such a degree that life and limb is at stake. The Chief was using Lindsay as an example of how one can go from being in the glare of the public eye and pursued by paps, to being left alone for the most part. His example was that when celebs behave publically in a way that most of us find appropriate, then there's no story for the paps and they are left alone. When celebs drink and drive, do drugs, get into fights, wear little to no clothing, flash their coochies and hoo haws and whatever else, and basically do everything a person with class and decorum avoids, of course they're going to be the center of the paps attention. The chief was contrasting the old bad behavior of Lindsay, Britney and Paris, and how the paps were out of control, with the newer more appropriate behavior that is no longer attracting that kind of attention.

Should he have said 'since she TURNED gay'? Probably not. For one, gay is a state of being, not something one turns on and off. Is it a horrible thing to say? No, more of an unfortunate choice of words. I understand his intention, because it has appeared that Lindsay switched teams more for the attention than anything else, but who can say. There are several who believe it's a stunt *shrug*.

Was the fact that he described her relationship as 'gay' wrong? I don't think so. He wasn't saying it to inflict shame or judgement, it was his observation. He certainly could have omitted the gay part and it would have been better.

Did he 'out' her? Most definitely not. The fact that Lindsay chose to comment that he did out her, is an 'outting' in and of itself. For months TMZ and other media have heavily suggested that she was in a lesbian relationship. She never commented on those stories, so it could have gone either way. The fact that after all these months she speaks up and says someone 'outted' her, means she is involved in a lesbian relationship. The question is, who did the outting? Well, TMZ certainly went with that story arc from day one, which was months ago. I'm assuming Lindsay is familar with TMZ and chose not to deny or confirm. But really, the responsibility of the outting comes from Lindsay herself. She did nothing to hide the fact she was dating a woman. She was very public about her relationship and that combined with her very public displays of affection, means she provided all the facts that a reasonable person would need to come to the conclusion as to the nature of her relationship.

Lindsay, there are gay people, who HAVE to stay in the closet so to speak. They have families who would be devastated otherwise. They live in communities that lack any degree of empathy or tolerance. They fear being 'outted' because it could devastate their lives and perhaps bring them injury or death. Everything you've done has been you proclaiming to the world that you're in a gay relationship. To scream 'i've been outted and damaged' is ludicrous and pathetic. There are real people, who really do fear 'outting' who look at your antics and wish they could be outted in such a fashion and have it be such a non-event.

2274 days ago


We are all PLAYING right into her hands, SHE LOVES this story, she is NOT GAY, she just wants everyone to think she IS, (she wants to be like an Ellen/Portia couple..) In HOLLYWOOD you do not want TO BE OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT, and she has no movie, no tv show, no BOYFRIEND, no recent arrests, so she created this story, You can tell they are just really good friends, (We all know a gay girl or 2) and that is why they are always chuckling in public, slight kisses and hand holding, and now the Sam walking in the back of Lindsay thing, tsk tsk, TMZ and everyone is falling for this nonesense!!!

2274 days ago

Bob Booie    

Samantha apparently agrees -- her Facebook update says "chief bratton should talk less and do more."
I wonder if Samantha says that same quote about Linsey when she goes downtown on her

2274 days ago


Notice neither one of them tries to deny they're gay. Hohan is upset because she couldn't control the publicity once he announced she's gay, and she lost out on publicity dollars she desperately needs, given how broke she is. It's not about being outed by someone else (they've been publically parading around like a gay couple for months); it's all about the dollars. How disgustingly controlling & orchestrated...

2274 days ago


Sue him for what, stating the obvious? This is why our country is going to hell, because someone gets offended if you say the obvious. If she's not gay, then she's doing one He11 of a job trying to look like she is.

2274 days ago


Ok....DId he tell the truth? People are so stinking politically correct nowdays, there is no right or wrong. Everything is shades of grey. THAT is what is wrong with America and THAT will partly be responsible for our downfall. Just look at that stupid hat that SR wears, even more stupid with that cigarette stuck in there, just as if it was a feather. Sickening. And, LL should be ashamed. She was so charming as a child actress, but now she is a real jerk.

2274 days ago


Wow, these two "girls" act like they were some sort of secret lovers. Yet they unashamedly flaunt that they are more than friends since they hold hands, cuddle and kiss in front of pappers and all. So don't blame top cop for stating the obvious. Or is common sense obsolete in that thirty mile zone????

2274 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

I thought Bratton was too busy kissing our "Mexico comes First" Mayor's butt to get involved with Lindsay. He's usually out enforcing Special Order 40 that prevents the cops from touching illegal aliens. After all, if you arrest them the Latinos might get mad, so it's less of a problem politically if poor Black kids get used as target practice. Don't come to L.A. if your Black ; there is a bulls-eye on your back

2274 days ago


Well she is gay so what's the big deal...She's hanging out with a chick that looks more like a guy, they're both all over eachother, doesn't take a geniius.

2274 days ago


Love it that Lindsay is putting her fingers in a bag of Skittles and "tasting the rainbow".

2274 days ago


I didn't care about your private life before and don't care about it now. Get over it...

2274 days ago
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