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Rod Stewart

One Person Fan Base

8/1/2008 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There were barely any pappers and not a single eBay autograph hunter around -- but Rod Stewart still snubbed the one fan who ran to her car to get a CD for him to sign. The rejection sucked, but the chick's reaction is priceless.


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In my country if someone snubbed us like this we would pull him out of the vehicle and beat him with an empty bottle of tequila. Viva la Mexico.

2213 days ago


And he wonders why his son has turned out to be such a sociopath----a dangerous young man with streaks of violence and substance abuse that comes from unloving parents. Nice job Rod. You put more time and thought into your latest album than any of the myriad of kids you have had with multiple women.

I'm sure your own MUM is quite proud if the old bag is still breathing. A Horrible person Rod Stewart is. And please, just because he sang songs that touched us all once is no indication of how he is as a human being to others or his own children.

This episode proves who he really is.

2213 days ago


whats the big deal? He stopped and took a picture with the fan and didn't for the other. Always trying to make a big deal out of nothing

2213 days ago


ok. first off nothing says they owe it to everyone to stop and sign every autograph take every picture. what so many people lose sight of is these people are hounded constantly and it appears as if he did not hear her in the commotion. These people can not have a single day it seems where the paps arent hounding them for pics and chasing them around and crowding them. if it were me i would get a place in the country, security system and shoot anyone who set foot on my property. they would not live to tell their side. just because they are celebrities or famous does not mean they are not humans too. people can only take so much before they reach their limit. when we approach them outside a restraunt or at a store we are on their time. what if every time you set foot outside your home people hounded you and had enough camera flashes in your face to cause and epileptic seizure, how would you feel.

2213 days ago


It was only one woman asking for an autograph...not thousands. AND, she had his CD which SHE paid for with her money which makes him richer. Sign the freaking CD and respect the fans that have made you who you are.

2213 days ago


Looks like Rod didn't even see the woman until he was driving away... mountain out of a mole hill.

2213 days ago

Black Power    

He probably was in a hurry to change his adult diaper. Maybe his hair was begining to wilt. Gee, two fans and he can't sign a cd? With what he has put out in the last twenty years, he should be glad people still want an autograph.

Clint of the mountain

2213 days ago

his fav brunette    

"oooh....bummer." not exactly the priceless reaction i was looking for....i thought she was going to at least curse as he drove away.....TMZ is LAME.

2213 days ago


Hey #7 - LOVED your post. :-) You rock!!!

2213 days ago


I met Rod before. He's a classy guy. Sure, he loves himself, but he's aware of the importance of fans and their feelings. It didn't appear he even heard/saw her.

Can't a guy leave to get home with his family? Why is that a crime? Nice "reporting."

2213 days ago

Black Power    

Hey #9. I used to like Rod, but he's like an old hat now. Limp and sweaty around the rim. Oh, and by the way, you not only rock, you roll too.


Clint of the mountain

2213 days ago


#8 (at least you're #8 right now)....I agree 100%. I thought she'd jump up and down on the cd.

2213 days ago


that poor girl. I would tossed that lousy CD at his car

2213 days ago

Carrying a grudge are you?    

"Awww bummer" is a priceless reaction? Awww, that stinks.

2213 days ago


There was a lot of commotion. It looked to me like he really didn't see or hear her and it wasn't a deliberate snub.

2213 days ago
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