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Balthazar's Wife has Her Hands Full, Too

8/3/2008 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosetta Millington was juggling babies yesterday, and not answering phone calls and emails from her estranged hubby, Balthazar Getty.


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DO NOT take him back, girl! He WILL do it again! If you do though, make sure you have him tested for STD"S and other nasties, I would even go so far as to have him and his mouth and his weenie sterilized.

2235 days ago

Ann Preston    

I hope he/they will get some serious help on behalf of their children. He obviously is a very selfish man whose priorities are not in order.

2235 days ago


I would take him for every dime I could get and then I would kick him to the curb.

2235 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

that little girl looks like a little paris hilton.

2235 days ago


TMZ, it would be kinder to leave this lady and her children alone when they are going through such a difficult situation. She really doesn't need the extra aggravation of papz following her around in addition to all the appalling media coverage of the past few weeks. After all she isn't a celebrity herself only married to a very selfish man who has made a complete fool of himself. Mrs. Getty is certainly a very classy lady and I wish her and the family all the best in the future.

2235 days ago


Rosetta, you go girl..stand your ground and don't let that louse of an ex weasel his way back in, he can beg and plead...take him to the cleaners.

2235 days ago


I just don't understand these guys. What a lovely woman and kids. Karma will get you BG. I hope you find true love Rosetta because BG is obviously a loser

2235 days ago


Leopards DO NOT change their spots! Once a cheater, always a cheater, and every other cliche known to man! He will not change! He is sorry for now, until some other dumb blond comes along to make him feel manly. Rosetta certainly does not need him. She should spend her time raising her kids with morals and kick daddykins to the curb! He doesn't deserve to be in their "family" anymore.

2235 days ago


Take him back Rosetta! A REAL man is hard to find. Balsy appears to be a real man. Italy is romantic and casts a magic spell for romance. Sienna seduced him there. He gave in. Now he;s sorry. His "I love you" e mails should be enough. Take him back Rosetta before someone else grabs him!

2235 days ago

balt buddy    

Give poor Balt a chance. Everyone makes a mistake or two.

2235 days ago


After 4 kids. she looks fantastic. Now here is someone for that lazy self-absorbed skank, Porky Spears, to look up to. bodywise.

2235 days ago


not only does she know of his affair...she has seen pictures...those pictures will probably be forever in her mind...if she took him back...when he got romantic...S Miller would for her peace of mind...SHE SHOULDN'T TAKE HIM BACK...I can't see where the marriage could ever be the same...and that would be as hard on the a divorce

2235 days ago


Please do not take him back... i took my cheating ex back and 4 years later, he did it again! i'm all about forgiveness but don't let him humiliate you again.. you can forgive from a distance... take your babies and don't look back! he obviously has something to prove to himself and lacks something mentally to be able to do this to the person he was suppose to love more than anyone... WHAT A FREAKING LOSER! You and your kids deserve so much better....

2235 days ago


Shame on you TMZ! Please leave Rosetta and her kids alone. This is a difficult time for them and they don't need paparazzi stalking them. Rosetta and Balt have tried to keep their kids out of the spotlight. No matter how stupid Balt's behavior has been lately, there's no reason his kids need to get dragged into this. Go stalk Balt. He's the one frolicking on beaches with blonde bimbos. Leave the kids alone.

2235 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

look at these 2 beautiful children. I have two just about the same age as them. All i know is that their family unit, my husband and I are their world. I wish these selfish pigs would understand that when you cheat on your wife you are cheating and betraying your WHOLE family!! The kids loose the stability and love of a family unit. SO SAD! was it worth it as you watch on TMZ what you once had? Can it even compare? Some dumb bimbo to thie beautiful family you were supposed to love and protect? God has a place for all of us.. just remember that. You NEVER really get away with anything. God sees ALL!!!

2235 days ago
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