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Balthazar's Wife has Her Hands Full, Too

8/3/2008 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosetta Millington was juggling babies yesterday, and not answering phone calls and emails from her estranged hubby, Balthazar Getty.


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Cindy Lou    

Leave the wife alone....she is innocent in this whole mess.....I really would love to see you hound and corner Sienna....let her feel the crush of skanking on someone elses man.....I hated seeing you follow Brittany because we all knew she was having some serious mental issues....Sienna just doesn't care about vows made in front of a church.....hound her and I will watch and enjoy. Leave the wife alone though....

2250 days ago


#7 and #8

Sienna And Balthazar's affair began well before Italy. How does the romantic allure of Prague (no offence to the city, I've read The Unbearable Lightness...) inspire infidelity.

Sienna may have seduced him, but I believe he was there at the time. He might have been the one nuzzling Sienna's boob in front of the entire sentient planet. That indicates an appalling lack of consideration for his family. How is this being a REAL man?

Several men follow their dihks through life, but this guy needs to get a way smarter dihk before Rosetta takes him back.

2250 days ago


Leave her and her kids alone. She didn't ask for this. Your cameras are pointed in the wrong direction on this one.

2250 days ago


#18 I AGREE....go after S***Miller..and the stupid married man...leave the wife and children alone...TMZ..MAKE s*** MILLER AND THE POOR EXCUSE OF A HUSBANDS AND FATHER...LIVES MISERABLE

2250 days ago


very cute kids,shes cute too,to bad he's a JERK!

2250 days ago


I agree leave RG and her children ALONE! The children have had enough upheaval in their young lives without you lot trying to get extra mileage out of their pain. Stay strong RG this too shall pass.

2250 days ago


That poor family he sucks....

2250 days ago


Some men are SO stupid. Some hottie gives them a little attention and they stick their you know what anywhere.
Rosetta, sorry for your pain from your husband. You deserve better.
What a father he is! Let's all that show up in public, when he has a wife and children to see it.
Selfish and immature.
He does not deserve you or your children.

2250 days ago

Judge and Jury    

I wouldn't take him back if he crawled on his hands and knees through broken glass. He won't respect her if she did. He'll just think he can do what ever and she'll take him back everytime. He should be made to stay with Sienna forever for his punishment and see how that will work out for him. Everything good to you aint always good for you.

2250 days ago


For Pete's sake. Quit following the woman around and give her some privacy.

2249 days ago


Do they have access to Getty money? They look like indigents..

2249 days ago


Stay tough Rosetta and take him and that bimbo to the cleaners.

2249 days ago


I was hopeful that he had reconciled with his wife but wasn’t holding my breath. Now it seems he was spotted with his #$%$^& in Malibu on Sunday 3 Aug 08? "looking very much together". So I’m back to waiting for the announcement that divorce proceedings have been filed! Then RG can move on to a wonderful life with her children without having to “mother” a recovering? drug addict/alcoholic who reportedly has already “fallen off the wagon”. There is no such thing as a former or ex addict/alcoholic. Once an addict/alcoholic always an addict/alcoholic. Kick him to the curb RG you don’t need his crap!!

2249 days ago


Can you imagine having your kids making court appointed visits to Dad & Sluttyienna? I'd probably want to take my kids & go into hiding! The kids wouldn't be safe & God only knows what they would be subjected to! Look at what his wife & kids have been subjected to already! Write to their (SM & BG) employers to let them know how you feel about these two vile disgusting people. For Sluttyienna write to: Ronald Meyer, President & COO - Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza - Universal City - Los Angeles, CA 91608 and to: Imagine Entertainment - 9465 Wilshire Blvd. - Beverly Hills, CA 90212 she is doing the picture Nottingham for them. For the me, myself & I slut dad, write to: Brothers & Sisters - 500 South Buena Vista St. - STAGE 6 - Burbank, CA 91521. All it takes are a few words & the price of a stamp. It's worth it and it works!!!

2184 days ago


Can you imagine having court appointed visits with this dad and Sluttyienna! I would probably take my kids and go into hiding!
The kids would not be safe either mentally of physically! Look at the harm that has already been done to this family by these two comtemptible people! The only things they care about is their careers, drugs, sex and alcohol. Obviously they do not care about innocent wives and children! Regarding their careers, for Sluttyienna, write to: Ronald Meyer, President and COO - Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza - Universal City - Los Angeles 91608 and to: Imagine Entertainment - 9465 Wilshire Blvd. - Beverly Hills, CA 90212. Sluttyienna is making the movie Nottingham for Universal and Imagine. For the me, myself and I slut dad write to: Brothers and Sisters - 500 South Buena vista St. - STAGE 6 - Burbank, CA 91521. Let their employers know what you think of these two foul, loathsome people. All it take are a few words and a stamp and it works!!!

2184 days ago
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