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Kim K Butts in On Training Camp

8/4/2008 6:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reggie Bush better have a great season, or New Orleans Saints fans may start treating Kim Kardashian like Cowboys' fans treat Jessica Simpson.

Kim K. and her floral muumuu watched Reggie Bush work up a sweat at Saints training camp in Jackson, Miss. this weekend, where we're told she stood near the field waving and yelling for Reggie -- but he didn't even acknowledge she was there.

Our spy says Kim signed autographs and soaked up attention of her own, while Reggie just seemed annoyed with it all.

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Good idea, save money by sewin' up a dress outta your grandma's curtains.

2268 days ago


That is not a Muumuu, that is Diane Von Furstenburg! You might not like the girl, but pay some respect to the designer!

2268 days ago

so what?    

I dont see what the big deal is? So what if she was at training camp...it was open to the public, so ANYONE can go! I love Reggie Bush, and I like Kim K, and her being there has NOTHING to do with his play on the field! If Reggie would have a bad game that Kim would just to happen to be at...it is HIS fault...not hers!!!!!!!! The only one that can ruin a game for Reggie is...Reggie!!!!! And TMZ, we Saints fans are not like the Cowgirl fans, we will blame Reggie. not KIm! Cowgirl fans shouldn't blame Jessica (mind you, I am NOT a fan of hers), but they need to blame Romo...its not Jessica's fault that Romo chokes in the playoffs! Whether Jessica would have been there or not, the Giants would have still beaten the Cowgirls!!!!!

2268 days ago


LMAO...this attention whore looks like a Pig in a Blanket! Bedsheet? Curtain? Tablecloth? Reggie, Reggie, Reggie, c'mon now bro', at least get you a fine, classy, educated girl! Not this tramp! We know you are getting tired of this slut, go on and dump her trashy ass! The ho will be "wild & out" before the news hits the stands! Dude, please don't embarass yourself anymore, chalk it up as a FAT mistake & move on up bro. Somebody put this cow in a pasture where she belongs. I'm sure the team has got your back. Your fans do for sure!!! UGH!!

2268 days ago


Is that SHAMU or WILLY? Good gawd, somebody call the coast guard!

2268 days ago


Is she trying to sneak a midget into training camp?

I know she's a fatty, but she looks even fatter than normal there.

2268 days ago


Please get the hell out of Jackson, Kim. Though on the plus side, she might meet her new boyfriend there.

2268 days ago


EEK! Thousands of clothes options - why oh why a long ugly looking dress?

2268 days ago

Tough times don't last, tough people do!!    

The dress is a mess!! They seem to be lasting longer than anyone thought they would. Reggie is such a handsome MAN NOT TO MENTION AN OUT OF THIS WORLD BODY, HE MUST REALLY LOVE HER. THE GUY COULD HAVE A POCKET FULL OF BROADS THAT LOOKED BETTER SO I'M THINKING ITS GENUINE.


2268 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Every time I see this fat a**ed cow I think HO! He need to get some class and dump this trash

2268 days ago


No comment on the dress.
Kim is attractive to 98% of the population... for the other 2% don't look!
But fast forward to 2008 and the new cast of Clueless 'The New Millennium' aka Keeping up With the Kardashians'. Someone in Kim's camp - a friend, a family member, a manager, SOMEONE/ANYONE who cares about Kim - should have helped her out here. I think it's one of the first rules - or even common sense - about dating an athlete... You don't show up to their training camp or cheer for them at practice! What are you cheering for? No one is competing! This isn't junior high. Forget Reggie - this is so embarrassing for Kim! Honey! Wake up and smell the sweat! Training camp is no place for girlfriends - it's man time and your boy is working! Unless you plan on strapping on some pads and hitting the field, keep your work life/publicity out of Reggie's office. So now you know and can have a sense of humor about it all on your next episode. :)

2268 days ago


OMG, this bitch is f'n fat!!! NASTY!!! This heffa is fat n lazy, with more cottage cheese than a cow can produce in a week! DAAAYYYUUUUMMMMMMM! Somebody call Jenny, call animal control, call somebody, omg. And Khloe is just as bad and looks even nastier. What a waste of film, TMZ. Leave the FATTERDASHIANS to the Animal Planet, Nat'l Geographic declined. They're wild elephants said "HELL TO THE NO". What kind of mother did they have? Oh, wait, she married Bruce Jenner, explains everything. He's to busy getting botox and their mom is to busy trying to turn Ryan Seacrest around. Don't she know, you can't turn a gay man straight? Go figure, they're dad must be so proud! My wife and 3 daughters are skanks "RODE HARD & PUT AWAY WET"!!! HEE-HAW

2268 days ago

The Work Place Sucks!    

You blogger's that put down people cause there are a bit overwieght need some serious therapy.

2268 days ago

The Work Place Sucks!    

You guy's are sick.

2268 days ago


I'm looking at that dress and honestly, I think it was meant to be knee-length but on Kim short stumps it's a maxi. Sorry, I don't care if Dianne V-F designed the thing - it looks like utter crap on her. She's got a pretty face but there are some clothes curvy short girls shouldn't wear - this mumu is one of them.

2268 days ago
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