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Mary-Kate All Clammed Up on Heath Death

8/4/2008 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Feds want to grill Mary-Kate Olsen about the death of Heath Ledger, but she won't spill the beans – unless she gets protection.

Which brings up the question: What does she know? The New York Post says the celebutwin has "repeatedly rebuffed attempts" by Federal investigators to question her what happened on the day of Heath's death. She was one of the first people called after Ledger was found unconscious in his SoHo apartment.

Feds have spoken to everyone else connected to the death, including the mother of his daughter, Michelle Williams.

Gyllenspoon Sticks Fork in Wed Talk

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon just want to make one thing perfectly clear: They're not getting married, despite what everyone's reporting.

"They are not engaged, getting married or any of the reports," say reps for the couple to People. The reports are all just "lies," as if the former statement weren't emphatic enough. The couple was spotted recently in Paris with Reese's kids, and they've been together for more than a year.

Bernie Mac -- Still Laid Up

Is Bernie Mac's condition more serious that his peeps are letting on?

The comedian was in "very, very critical condition" according to a Chicago Sun-Times source over the weekend suffering from pneumonia. His rep said that he was "responding well" to treatment and would be released soon. As of late Sunday, B-Mac was still in the hospital and "in the same condition."

Smith says that the pneumonia was unrelated to Mac's chronic sarcoidosis, which has been in remission since 2005.

Party Favors: Nas Keeps It Private in Miami ... Dept. of Apocalypto: People Go to Gym for Wii

TMZ spies spotted Nas and his crew of eight strong at Phillipe Chow Miami, where we're told the rapper "insisted" on the private room all night long. ... You could buy a Wii for a couple hundred bucks, but why do that when you could pay $110/hour to use it at the gym: The New York Post says Gravity Fitness is doing Wii workouts.


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Jake and Reese aren't getting married? What a surprise. Reese is female.

2237 days ago


markate looks baddddddddddd. i've seen healthier looking runaways in my day. her parents must have beeen in a coke induced coma since full house got shelved to let this happen. as for nas nuttin but luv he's the hiphop generations answer to william cooper/tex mars his new album clearly shows hes not in it for the cash anymore but america is so far mentally dry rotted it may be to late to get the young buks attention humanity was lost sometime in the 90's lol. as for bernie mac god bless and folks this is his second time with near death pneumonia????????

2237 days ago


What does Mary-Kate need protection from? Why is she avoiding talking to the Feds? It makes it look like she's hiding something? Maybe she asked the massage therapist to remove her personal things from Heath's apartment before she called for help. Maybe she caused a delay in help being summoned and is afraid to be blamed for his death. Whatever the reason, she needs to tell the truth about what she knows.

2237 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

No matter what she knows, she has an obligation to answer the Feds questions. I find it very difficult to believe that she knows something that would put her life in danger.

I hope Bernie Mac recovers soon. Pneumonia can be a b___h if you have other health issues which damage your immune system.

Go Sox

2237 days ago


Best wishes to Bernnie Mac, hope he has full recovery.

2237 days ago


Obviously she's worried that she might be implicated because she's the one that supplied the oxycotin and/or other illegal substances or that her delay (bodyguards, could you please get my _____ before we call the cops) in calling 911 resulted in his death.

Anyway you look at it, she's sinking herself...will the truth set her free?

2237 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

if mary kate olsen knos something she needs to let it out, but i have a feeling they were more than party friends, heck at this point she might even have been the other woman, shes DEFINITELY hiding something, she knos more than she lets on and she has to stop, ppl WANT to kno if she had anything to do with his death

2237 days ago


You know innocent people who have nothing to feel guilty over does not want immunity before talking to the police. She must feel guilty over something. Her actions are screaming it.

2237 days ago


She supplied the drugs. The first priorty of her bodyguards was to cover her a** by removing her stash. Medical help wasn't summoned until after they made sure the room was "clean".

2237 days ago


9. She supplied the drugs. The first priorty of her bodyguards was to cover her a** by removing her stash. Medical help wasn't summoned until after they made sure the room was "clean".

Posted at 9:58AM on Aug 4th 2008 by Heath

I was thinking the same thing. She supplied the drugs. I also agree with No.7 that they was just more than "party friends".

2237 days ago


Of course she had something to cover up ( Her meds Maybe ) Thats why her bodyguards were called 1ST instread of 911!

2237 days ago


I always wondered why they called her numerous times and she sent her bodyguard to the Apt,also I wonder if he would have lived had they called the paramedics right away. She could/should be charged with obstruction of justice and why they haven't by now makes no sense to me.

2237 days ago


I have recieved several messages from friends saying bernie mac died. WHats up witht hat? I have searched news and internet. People are crazy! They are inventing deaths now i guess!!

2237 days ago


Mary Kate....what are you hiding? Did you give the drugs to Heath? Speak up you little gnome!!!!!

2237 days ago


To correct some of you, MK's bodyguards got there after the police and medics arrived, so they would not have been able to clear any "evidence". I do, however, believe there is more to the story, and that she needs to come clean.

2237 days ago
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