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Nigel Lythgoe: No Longer "Idol" Wannabe

8/4/2008 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nigel LythgoeNigel Lythgoe is off "American Idol."

TMZ has learned Lythgoe, who has executive produced the show for seven seasons, has just taken himself off the program and will not return. No replacement has been named.

We're told Lythgoe felt it was time for someone else to step in. Sources say he's said privately he is "not passionate about it anymore." "A.I.'s" ratings slipped last season, and the show was getting a little boring.

We're also told Lythgoe is working on some kind of a joint venture with Simon Fuller, who created "Idol." Lythgoe wants to spend his time on "So You Think You Can Dance."


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american idol has so many commercials. at my house we just watch the last few minutes of each show and then go on line to hear our favorites performance. they really need to cut down on the commercials

2235 days ago


They played it too safe last year to avoid getting any Sanjaya's who might win idol with little talent. They need to pick amateurs this year, not people with prior record deals and so what if a popular no talent wins? Many of the supposedly talented one's lost their record deals already anyway.

2235 days ago


ai has too many commercials

2235 days ago

Jo Anne    

AI has run it's course I agree BUT a huge improvement would be...GET RID of PAULA! This chick can't sing and recently has cancelled being on the Today Show it that she is afraid she can't sing LIVE? She would be more fit for the dance show since she is a choreographer.

2235 days ago


Hopefully a new producer will bring on some "mentor singers" who are more current. The people who have been on to work with the contestants are certainly talented but are dated. Newer talent might improve the ratings!

2235 days ago


congrats nigel! I love so you think u can dance!!! Mary & Mia rock too!

2235 days ago


We have been watching the talent show with all of those teenagers singing..and those kids out sing, out perform AI contestants 10 out of 10 and the staffer's get these performances out of those kids without brow beating one of is so fresh to hear these kids being treated like they are really cared about.....while I love Simon Cowell it does get rather old to hear his caustic remarks...Randy is probably the middle balancing judge 9 out of 10 times...poor Paula? I like her...

2235 days ago


American Idol's format was changed so many that it's now very boring. If they went back to original format, it might stand a chance. So You Think You Can Dance should be renamed So You Think You Can Perform because as far as I'm concerned there's lil dancing in the routines and more acting and performing. Both shows have totally disappointed me this year and I'm finally over them. And Nygel is an old pervert, who makes me sick to my stomach when he checks out the young girls up and down. (young enough to be his daughter) I'm done ranting!!

2235 days ago


this is the first year i began to watch SYTYCD. one can't even compare this show to AI in the same sentence. to see that the top contestants can come out of their preferred genre of dance and perform the choreography that is put on them by outstanding choreographers is truly amazing. these dancers will all receive many more "yes's" than "thank you for coming's" in future auditions. nigel made a good decision. good luck to him and the show.

2235 days ago

Spare me from the reality.    

From catterwalling and screeching, to flopping around on the floor like an epileptic siezure and calling it dancing. Neither are forms of entertainment that I am interested in. CLICK, the channel just got turned.

2235 days ago


Nice that my comment did not appear. Nigel is not the reason AI has become boring. The most recent cast of characters was not up to any standard. David Archuleta should not have been allowed to compete. He's made the rounds of talent shows sunce he was a very young boy. AI needs new judges. Paula never really gives true construtive criticism. Randy needs a new vocabulary. Simon needs to stop thinking he's God. Also, there are times that they seem to hear something totally different than what the rest of us might.

2235 days ago
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