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This Is Miss Daisy

8/4/2008 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So that's who he was driving! Meet Demaris Meyer, the passenger in Morgan Freeman's smash-up late last night.

From what we can gather, 48-year-old Meyer is from Memphis, works as an executive assistant at Fed-Ex and is an avid gardener. One source tells us that Meyer is a very close friend of Morgan's wife Myrna and is often seen at their house for get-togethers.

Freeman was driving Meyer's 1997 Nissan Maxima in rural Mississippi when he lost control and the car flipped. Meyer was treated for her injuries and released.


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As of today he has checked out of hospital

2237 days ago


She's cute!!! But, what about her? Did She get hurt? Morgan's a nice guy, but what about Her???

2236 days ago


OK We really don't know what is going on. It was an ACCIDENT. Let's pray that they recover fully SO THEY CAN EXPLAIN WHY OH WHY A 1997 NISSAN MAXIMA. My concern is that IF she is the mistress, she is being gypped - A 1997 Nissan Maxima. I couldn't be his Ms. Daisy. Maybe they did not want to be recognized. They probably would have gotten away if Ms Daisy had stayed in the back seat this would not have happened.

2236 days ago


duh there is nothing open at that hour of the night but another womans legs or mouth on the for real

2236 days ago


I suspect they got into an argument and this woman tried to him or something like that for not moving fast enough on the divorce with his wife.Well I am glad the poor old man got away with his life.She does look scary.

2236 days ago


I just saw the movie "bucket list" it was such an inspiration. I thought Mr. Morgan Freeman did a magnificent job in his role as Carter. And every other movies I have watch of this good man. I just want to say to Mr. Freeman sorry for what he is going through right now. I know it is hard being in the spot light and getting the attention of a wide public eye but you are better than the rest of us, hiding under our own comfort, out of the world wide spot light. However, are as miserable as it comes because we sin. People at a variation of angles should look at anything but their own sin. Don't worry time will heal. God speed with all that is happening to calm speedily.
God Bless you sir!

2236 days ago


Morgan Freeman To Divorce...

Morgan Freeman is divorcing his wife of 24 years, his
attorney has confirmed.

Freeman, 71, denied allegations he was splitting from his wife
Myrna Colley-Lee in June after reports alleged the actor had
been unfaithful.

But just days after the actor was involved in a serious car
accident over the weekend, the actor's Mississippi-based
lawyer and business partner Bill Luckett has confirmed the

In a statement, Luckett says the former couple "are involved
in a divorce action," adding, "for legal and practical purposes
(Freeman and Colley-Lee) have been separated since December
of 2007."

Freeman was involved in the wreckage with a female passenger,
identified as Demaris Meyer, whose relationship to the actor
is unknown. She has been described as the actor's friend.

2236 days ago


It is sad to think of the impact on his wife & family, and probaly even sadder to think of the impact on the harlot's family. Let us hope her parents have already passed on and that she has no husband,
siblings or children to bear the shame & disgrace. It is a no-brainer that they were having an affair considering the timing of the accident and the abrupt separation. A few hours of pleasure defiling a white ho' will cost him millions.

2236 days ago


Car accident with Meyers in car and now the Divorce announced. Sounds fishy to me. This is why you must live right at all times. You never know. I hope the events are not as they seem.

2236 days ago

A Real Friend    

I should have known how Demaris Meyer would look, when they said that she was his wife's friend, yet she was in a car with him at 3am headed to his house, where his wife no longer lives. Ask Fergie Jenkins, about what happens when a wife's "friend", who looks like Ms. Meyer decides to "befriend" the husband.

Real friends and real women don't sleep with their friend's husband, boyfriends, dates. We look at them, think that they are incredibly sexy maybe, but we remember who it is that we love, our friend. But from what I have heard, women who look like Ms. Meyer aren't loyal like that. They believe in 'love" and if they fall in "love" with a man, the universe will forgive them if it happens to be their friend's husband.

Yep, those Meyer woman are real pieces of work, not to mention that their shelf life isn't very long. They say she's in her forties, looks more like forty miles on stubborn mule.

2236 days ago


Additionally, I want to add that Mr. Freeman is legally separated and is committing no sin, unlike those who judge him.

2235 days ago


Nice how the simple minded READ something in the media and immediately take it for truth. They have this man and woman tagged as having an affair. Imagine yourself getting involved in an accident and having a member of the opposite sex in the car with you and everone automatically concludes you two are having an affair. Just look at the idiotic responses! Simple minded idots who get off on unproven slanderous reporting.

Glad they are both ok.

2235 days ago
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