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Nick Learns to Make the Bed He's Laying In

8/6/2008 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While a judge delayed his ruling in the battle over the release of Nick Hogan's jail audiotapes (round two), Linda's attorney gave us several interesting Nick nuggets.

Among the highlights: Nick has "adapted" to jail, he makes his own bed and when he gets released, Nick will go and live with his mom. Is that an upgrade?


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Linda Hogan looks quite awful, really unattractive with all the heavy makeup. And she also looks so old and worn out. Hmmm... must be all that vigorous sex with her 19 year old boytoy.
Poor old thing...

2267 days ago


Watching Momma cook in hot pants and not be able to drive away....

2267 days ago


He got turned out in jail already!!! Now he's in a jail marrage!

2267 days ago


They DO have the same profile. Yuk. So glad Nick will be able to "sleep in his own bed" and "shower in his own shower" and "eat home cooked meals" once he gets out. I bet John would like to be able to do those things.

2267 days ago


This BRAT should suck it up and shut the F up and quit crying like athe snotty brat he is and serve his entire sentence is think about what he did and how horrible it would be to be his friend who is a vegetable. the hogan's SUCK, shallow stupid people.

2267 days ago


JOHN always made his bed and he went to Iraq to sreve our country while Nick whines and his mother sleeps with 19 year old boys while her neck looks like it's hangine as a 60 year olds. Ugh .. what a lousy whorish look she has and sad they do nothing for John who will never be well and talk about Nick making his bed .. what the hell is that about. He's bending over that's what the program is about in the big boys' prison .. he and her new boyfriend will be dating next.

2267 days ago


#5 and #8 set it straight your right on! So strange that I read exactly what I was thinking! Not sure what to add except I am glad the idiot dad is off tv. The Gladiators show is over and lets hope NBC does not bring him back.
I just hope they all go away, for my sake and as said before the world just laughs at us.

2267 days ago

Sandy H    

Iam quite sure John would like to wake up in the morning and make his bed!!! these people are trash always will be!

2266 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

Mama's boy!! Just can't let go of those apron strings. I don't know about the rest of you, but, I don't think there's much resemblance between Nick and Linda; and he doesn't look anything like Hulk. I really don't know anything about genetics, but, this kid doesn't resemble anyone in that family that I have seen. It would be a serious case of karma for Hulk if after all these years of emotional and financial support, Nick turns out to be some other wrestler's son. He looks more like Greg "The Hammer" Valentine or Bobby "The Brain" Heenan than he does Hulk, and during his career, he was away quite a bit -- leaving Linda all alone. Unless Hulk's already had it done, I would get a paternity test to find out for sure before I invested any more money in who may be someone else's kid. I'm just saying.

2266 days ago

Team Kim    

I still think he got off easy.........The Hogan's just need to disappear...Brooke is a no talented embarrassment....Hulk...well, your career has been long over, but, I guess you can milk it for what it is worth....Linda, well......what has she really done?

2266 days ago


To #8 Tired of the Lies, excellant post! Out of sheer boredom I watched less than 15 minutes of "Brooke Knows Best" the other night and it is beyond a joke. What a damn moron she is. I agree that Terry and Linda Bollea have got to be idiots for parents. I wonder if their kids can even wipe their own butts. Home schooled, right. I have always thought that Nick and Brooke need to have their asses in school but obviously that will never happen. The Bolleas are as ignorant as they come. All 4 of them and like the old saying, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". I could care less where Nick goes to live when he is released. He is lost no matter who he lives with. Give it some time and Brooke will appear nude somewhere. In her disasterous search for fame she will strip down along with other misguided young women.

2266 days ago


Do you think Little Nicky will get along with his new "Daddy" when he gets out of jail?

2266 days ago

Illinois person    

Makes his own bed? Gosh ya think? He's in jail not the Holiday Inn and the guards aren't his mommy either. What an ignorant little punk he his. Frankly I blame the parents for raising a little mama' - 'er daddy's boy. Once again the Hogan's hardly know best! In fact, they all know the least. They are all so desperate to be famous they just can't stand it. Too bad they all will only be infamous - can you say OJ?

2266 days ago


God forbid if Nick goes to live wtih his low life trash of a mother. She is the last thing that kid needs to get his life straight.

2266 days ago


He's staying with his tramplin mom?!
Why?! Nick! Why?!
She's the probem! Dating 19yo boys. divorcing Hulk Hogan, having Brooke lie about Hulk abusing her.

2266 days ago
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