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Cindy and Heidi Vacay in Titaly

8/6/2008 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like a pair of comets passing through our orbit, Cindy Crawford's breasts have emerged again. Throw in Heidi Klum and you have an event for the ages!

Cindy has posed for Playboy in 1988 and 1998, so it's no surprise paps caught her sunbathing nude on a boat in the Mediterranean. But Heidi Klum nude in Italy, too? It's like a dream come true.

The question is ...


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I would do neither, not into females.

2179 days ago


TMZ u have balls posting those pics of Heidi!!
Good natured Seal is going to skin u guys alive!!
Anyway they r in Europe EVERYONE is naked
there- even in front of kids. Not a big deal.

2179 days ago


i don't see a problem of her being topless around her kids. its a body and its natural.

2179 days ago


You idiots DO know that babies drink milk from their mother's boobies and therefore see them all the time?? A mother being topless while sunbathing near her kids is nothing. Jeez you people are so stuck up.

2179 days ago


Get over yourselves! The children are not going to be damaged because they saw uncovered breasts.They are breasts after all not some dangerous weapons! Men go topless all the time. It's no big deal! Wish mine were as nice!

2179 days ago

John Denver Rules    

gross. I front of her kids. shame.

2179 days ago


in front of her kids? not cool heidi

2179 days ago


Just curious. Is it still appropriate if she goes topless as her children get older?

2179 days ago


Cindy Crawford you sexy MOMMA! Let's see her on Desperate Housewives! Yummmy

2179 days ago

how dumb    

Being topless in front of your son at his age is INAPPROPRIATE.

2179 days ago


I don't see being topless in front of your kids as a problem. In Europe, there are topless beaches everywhere, nudity is shown on tv, on billboards, and even in catalogs. Nudity is natural. Its Americans that look at a womans breast solely as sex objects.

2179 days ago


Obviously this woman is very comfortable with her body and that confidence will also be shown in her children. There is nothing wrong with a naked body and as they grow older they will fell comfortable within there body knowing there is nothing wrong with it. A beautiful body is not something to hide behind, my mom was the same way and It never once cross my mind that it gross it was always just natural. It is never gross untill someone else makes it that way, and it is usually when someone has an issue with there body they seem to have all the problems with it

2179 days ago


It's unbelivable that so many of you are appaled by her being naked in front of her kids - some of you even talk about values and moral. It's just a mom being naked in front of her very young child!! It's natural - it's beautiful! Oh my God, it doesn't get any more American than your stupid and ignorant comments. It's always funny listening to you Americans... no wonder everyone outside the US thinks less of you for each day passing by. Good luck on being uneducated, ignorant, fat (87% obese in 2030 - disgusting!), too religious for your own good, uptight, war and gun loving etc etc etc etc... the list goes ooon and ooon. Come on, man - get it together, and sooner rather than later, please.

2179 days ago


Yes, our bodies are sacred, God-created gifts, but we teach our children that these areas of our body are "private" and any violation of such is unwelcome, so for Heidi Klum to be baring all in front of her children may cause them to have boundary issues in the future. I have studied child psychology and abuse my entire life. I am certainly not implying that Ms. Klum's children are abused, but she should teach her children about privacy and the "sacred" (albeit private) parts of our body. I highly doubt she would allow Seal to walk around their children completely naked.

2179 days ago


what's inappropriate to you wound up people is not inappropriate to me... who is anyone to say what is appropriate for someone... breasts are a part of life - hiding them does not make anything better. it tells a kid that it's wrong and you should be ashamed of your body- sorry to hear that you think the human body is wrong. now THAT'S inappropriate to me.

this kid is like 2 or 3 - he doesn't have all the hang-ups that you people do. he could care less what you people think is "appropriate" - and i'm sure cindy and heidi are hanging on your advice too...hahahaha. now go worry about global warming. that's a more appropriate thing to worry about. breasts, not so much.

2179 days ago
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