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Cindy and Heidi Vacay in Titaly

8/6/2008 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like a pair of comets passing through our orbit, Cindy Crawford's breasts have emerged again. Throw in Heidi Klum and you have an event for the ages!

Cindy has posed for Playboy in 1988 and 1998, so it's no surprise paps caught her sunbathing nude on a boat in the Mediterranean. But Heidi Klum nude in Italy, too? It's like a dream come true.

The question is ...


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This is wrong in front of kids, but who says Hollywood has morales? I am not surprised, but I am sickened. And to think about who will run our country one day...

2165 days ago


It's no big deal in Europe to go topless, yes even in front of children. Americans are prudish about the human body YET we have the highest level of sex crimes against women than any other developed country in the world. They are just breasts, not as if they are walking around stark naked in front of children. If you ever travel to Europe there are topless ads on billboards and no one blinks an eye.

We Americans are full of pent up sexual regression and are quick to judge. These women were on vacation with their families minding their own business. They should be allowed to have a vacation minus telescopic lens invading their privacy. How sad a world we live in.

2165 days ago


I understand the sun bathing nude, relaxing ect...................BUt her kid s are there??? Cindy is up front alone????
Hey everyones differnt I guess

2165 days ago



2165 days ago


Wow, us Americans are sooooooooooooooooooooooo closeted about our bodies. HELLO, WE ARE ALL BORN NAKED! GEEEZ AMERICA, GET OVER IT! This is why I love Europe, they care not about nudity. Of course they do have a few thousand years on us no? They are like the cool older sis and we are a newborn baby trying to get our legs together.....

2165 days ago


All you Euro Trash and hippie hang-ons can just STFU now. This get-naked -around -the- kids s**t isn't so idyllic as you cretins are trying to make it sound. Like it or not, it is sexualizing children and that's abuse. So vile and very UNNATURAL.

2165 days ago


Only a SLEAZE BALL would go topless in front of a child, who is obviously not a baby, but a toddler. Nothing against being topless or nude, just show some CLASS and don't do it in front of kids...ASS

2165 days ago


Cindy. It's not even close. She is a 9.999 and there's never been a 10. She has built an impressive company. Heidi is not close and hasn't accomplished anything. No self respecting woman would put up with that jerk, Seal.

2164 days ago


Why is it wrong to be topless in front of your kids? Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. I don't know why Americans have such a problem with nudity.

2164 days ago


okay boob right in the kids face maybe he will go naked around his kids... have to love family tradition

2164 days ago


I really don't know where to begin... I can only guess that everyone who is 'digusted' by this doesn't smoke, curse, litter, or violate ANY written or unwritten law or moral code in existence. Especially infront of children. Those of you who are righteously without flaw withstanding - maybe you should perfect yourselves firstt. And by that, I refer to conforming to every 'rule' known to mankind. Ever. My mother walked around the house naked before and after every bath, and my father was usually right along with her. Though he always had on underwear, we teased him about being a prude, he said the house was a little too drafty for his taste. I'm thirty-one, and I have to say the only normal thing I remember from my childhood, the only thing that didn't scare me or weird me out, was their nudity. I didn't need therepy. I have a twelve-year-old daughter who has been raised with the same 'open floor plan' and she's just fine. My one-year-old son is given the same freedom, though it is somewhat limited to avoid pee mishaps - or worse.... I've dated men who were completely against it, and those who completely embraced it. Thankfully I married the latter. My husband is a child pschycologist, by the way, at the school that our daughter attends. One of his students, aged 13, believes that we're all going to "burn in the flames of everlasting hell and damnation" because of our lifestyle. I recently heard that she is expecting a child, so I guess we'll see her there. Nudity = Gross is mostly an American phenomenon, though it come by honestly, this nation was swarmed by Puritans in the begining. And it seems they never really left. I am also well aware that my spelling is criminal, so save yourselves the time.

2164 days ago


oh come on. Little kids dont care. There is nothing wrong with that. I have a toddler, they dont have any sense of nudity vs. clothes.

2154 days ago


i can't believe how many prudes are on here. Please, it's the most natural thing, especially if you breastfed your kids. This is why ppl have problems later on dealing with sexuality.

2154 days ago


That is sick!! Being topless infront of your kids? Now, if Birtney did that she would be called the worst mother ever and it would be all over CNN!!! That is very, very sick and wrong to be topless infront of your kids. I call this CHILD ABUSE!! Someone call child services !!!

2154 days ago

Wheres Americas Real Morals?    

i find it very ironic that as a nation, america can rally behind an anti-nudity platform but somehow completely forget that while we wave our self-rightous flags in the air, we are killing countless innocent civilians. forget heidi klum's children (who might i add are going to be just fine. even if there was something morally wrong with what she is doing, i think she has plenty of money for a great therapist, which is what most of you right-wing, bible-thumping maniacs need), what about the children of the iraqis that are going home to find themselves without mothers... or their breasts.

get off your high horse and grow some self esteem. we all only wish that our ta tas could look as good,

2151 days ago
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