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8/6/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless she just got vitiligo -- L' Oreal has some serious splaining to do about its bleached out Beyonce ad!

The ad features a severely Photoshopped Beyonce -- almost unrecognizable. So the question ...


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Who cares what color they made her? She would be beautiful even if they made her purple!

1500 days ago


I know this is from a couple years ago, but I'm just finding this now and I think it's more a slap in the face to people who have vitiligo. The right photo looks nothing like what vitiligo does to your skin. As someone who has vitiligo, the comment under the title can be extremely hurtful. If you're going to refer to a disease as a comparison, at least know what the f*** you're talking about.

1342 days ago


The left photo is one made in the Summer when Beyoncé was laying in the sun. The right photo is just a photoshoot with a lots of light...
Why such a big deal? I'm asian... on some pictures i'm more brown than other pictures....
I think people make such big deals of it when a succesfull woman like Beyoncé looks different on every picture....
Well Beyoncé ... you did a great job...

1341 days ago


ALL photos go through photoshop so WHO CARES. you will never see the real person in a magazine. even in real life, these stars including men go out in makeup. ridiculous.

1341 days ago


Both pictures are not representative of Beyonce's skin tone. The first pic which is supposed to be her real complexion is actually her over doing it with the tanning cream. She looks orange. And the lighter one is the mag airbrushing her to make he look lighter. Neither pic is an authentic depiction of the womans complexion so the argument is pointless

1341 days ago


I think it may be a good thing to occasionally see a color-distorted picture of someone, because it may get people to think in a different way rather than seeing them as a particular "color". My first thought was, wow, she is beautiful no matter what shade she is.

1341 days ago


And for whomever asked if Beyonce is mixed...yes she is via her mother's side of the family. One of her maternal grandparents is white which again begs me to ask, what is the argument here? Even if they did lighten her skin to make her look more European, she is part European anyway so who cares.

1341 days ago


When I first saw Beyonce in Destiny's Child I thought she was white like Mariah Carey. When you are of mixed race you are the race that you claim. The ounce of black blood argument is just pure racism, White is not a pure race.

1341 days ago


ba ha hahaha... Grow up all of you morons! Who cares what an idiot does??? well... I guess all you dummies do. *this is where you insert a comment somewhere along the lines of "look!your dumb butts on here too...yada yada" * IM WALKING BY MY SISTERS COMPUTER AND SEE THIS FUNNY PICURE AND ITS THAT IDIOT BEYONCE AND HER OH SO DEEP COMPLEX HUBBY.
and then I see what its about, ba haha hahahaha...and all you dummies that get offended and have to make a new law about things so your feelings arent hurt.

1341 days ago


And I'm sure Beyonce had no say what-so-ever, I'm sure she could have vetoed the picture if she wanted.

1341 days ago


Half of the people in these responses can't spell or even complete sentences.

1341 days ago


I think the world would be a betta place if everyone was the same colour. So lighten up people.

1341 days ago


wow i mean y cant people just be themelves....i thiss see it as an offense. Not just lorel but beyonce..y is she trying so hard to be something other than a black women, first the nose, then the hair, and now the skin wahts next B~ but ur a "role modle" right? Black is Beautiful!!

1341 days ago


Anything for the mighty dollar. I guess she is another negro not proud of her skin color.

1341 days ago

Jennifer Angelina    

Well, let's face it...they obviously lightened the skin tone to match the blonde (blonde just looks fake on black skin)...not to say that that was okay. If the shoe doesn't fit, get another one!!!! Advertise a different color Beyonce that better flatters who you really are. It's very "Michael Jackson" of her, if you ask me!

1341 days ago
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