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8/6/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless she just got vitiligo -- L' Oreal has some serious splaining to do about its bleached out Beyonce ad!

The ad features a severely Photoshopped Beyonce -- almost unrecognizable. So the question ...


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Beyonce should be able to express any image she likes as long as it is with in the law. She isn't know different than any one else. It seems the media always has to portray things as racial, why are they so happy making other people so miserable? BEYOUNCE "YOU GO GIRL"" their all just jealous of you being so beautiful!

1302 days ago


Is there not something better for everyone to be concerned over?
Beyonce is a beautiful woman. What she chooses to do via hair color, pictures, clothes,etc. is completely her choice - without all the hooplah. I don't care what your background is - be PROUD...

When it comes to magazines - all pictures are photoshopped. ALL... I have not heard anyone complaining about the Sports Illistrated magazine photoshopping... Does anyone truley believe that women who have had 2 and 3 children can wear a bikini and have absolutley NO stretch marks?

That being said - lights make a huge difference in how a picture turns out. How much of it there is and what kind of lighting it is. Unless you are familiar with making pictures - you may not realize how this affects the outcome.

White girls tan to become darker, dye their hair, and would kill to have full lips (ours thin with age). Does that make us not proud of our origins? No. So why does someone always have to bring race into everything?

BTW - it's a white world? I don't know where you are living - but I live in the US. I have Irish/German/Cherokee/.... what am I? I have light skin - but my dad and brothers are dark. (when my dad was younger and worked outside - many people believed he was black. Now that he is older and not in the sun all day - his skin has drastically lightened up. His pictures would be complete opposites - no photoshop).

People QUIT trying to cause drama/controversy/racism... we need to be concerned about homeless/starving/battered and abused.

WE NEED TO BECOME ONE NATION!!! w/ articles like this one - we continue to divide ourselves.

Sorry TMZ - but you are a great example of what's wrong with our country...

1302 days ago


Slap to blacks? Nah. Slap to whites. Yeah.

1302 days ago


women of any color, would like to see the real color of the model. This help us to compare complextion to buy makeup the model is using by a company.

1302 days ago


People can be so judgmental, consider for a moment the idea that perhaps her skin tone fluctuates, she is just as capable of tanning as the rest of us and just as capable of having a glow fade in the winter months, also, women wear makeup! It can unintentionally change your skin tone if you don't have the right shade!
Why everyone has to pick apart every aspect of a famous persons life is beyond me though, and I highly doubt this was an attempt to be racist, everyone has a right to what they think is beautiful and no perspective is wrong.

1302 days ago


At the end of the day business is business this with world we live in. They finagle things to advertise to as many groups as possible. We don't know how she feels negative or positive so everyone need to breath easy including ones that make something out of nothing.

1302 days ago


I am offended, offended that society is teaching our young that white is rite. How sad :(

1302 days ago


Beyonce is definately overrated! I think SHE is the one who isnt comfortable being her cause she always looks FAKE but yet she acts like she is the hottest black woman around. Whatever. There are tons of woman better than that thing.

1302 days ago


Beyonce is beautiful light or dark, black or white, period!I do think that the darker makeup made her look unbelieveably NOT CUTE/fake. She doesn't need the EXTRA, shes already Black! yes, I see this a bit Offensive because BLACKFACE doesn't represent a whole race,country,or creed.

1302 days ago

terry davis    

i dont" care either way.i heard that is not her real it true?

1302 days ago


dude, people seriously white women get tanned, it is sometimes hard to fight stereotypes but the fact that she can't do what she wants, when she wants, is no one elses business. if everyone is so offended dont buy the mag.. jeez people its 2011 get over the racism. its not setting anyone back unless you're bring it to their attention.quit pointing out our differences and maybe people will quit noticing. we are all the same under the skin.

1302 days ago


look! i model and im just alittle darker than beyonce. in the winter i lighten up and with the bright lights the photographers use well.. it does make you look a few shades lighter but in the summer i get at least 2-3 shades darker! and thats exactly what this looks like has happened!! give her a break!! there are far more pressing situations going on in this world that should be the topics discussed.

1302 days ago


This picture of her is nice. I dont beleive they bleached her skin. I think on the opposite picture they added a darker foundation. Either way she is beautiful.

1302 days ago


This age old fight continues and although I could care so much less about the race or skin tone of any person it does seem to remain true that people seem to think the lighter the skin tone the more it reflects beauty and I definitely don't agree with this cause she looks like a white woman in this picture all she is missing is blue, gray, or green eyes. I was watching toddlers and tiaras and my 7yr old niece asked why they never showed the little black girls whole face its getting worst when kids state to notice these things and in most magazines and commercials they do try to find the lightest (white) looking black person they can they are all usually light-skinned, light-eyed curly haired people who are either bi-racial or can pass for being a light-skinned black person and it is very hurtful.

1302 days ago

Give it a rest    

Now I don't know for a fact that this is what happened, but African Americans do get darker in the summer. Maybe Beyonce has a tan in the darker picture and is lighter in the other because of the winter...who knows really, but she is beautiful either way, Black, dark black, white....whatever.

1302 days ago
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