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8/6/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless she just got vitiligo -- L' Oreal has some serious splaining to do about its bleached out Beyonce ad!

The ad features a severely Photoshopped Beyonce -- almost unrecognizable. So the question ...


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This age old fight continues and although I could care so much less about the race or skin tone of any person it does seem to remain true that people seem to think the lighter the skin tone the more it reflects beauty and I definitely don't agree with this cause she looks like a white woman in this picture all she is missing is blue, gray, or green eyes. I was watching toddlers and tiaras and my 7yr old niece asked why they never showed the little black girls whole face its getting worst when kids state to notice these things and in most magazines and commercials they do try to find the lightest (white) looking black person they can they are all usually light-skinned, light-eyed curly haired people who are either bi-racial or can pass for being a light-skinned black person and it is very hurtful.

1340 days ago


Has anyone bothered to notice that the lighter skin in being collaborated with the blondish hair. It's a wig for goodness sakes. Straightened hair and lighter skin is what black women think they want or need (some feel they need it to get ahead in corporate America and in the celeb/modeling industries it's a given).

Personally, I have no respect for women who wear fake hair (even go so far as to wipe it away from their face when flirting - what a joke), nails, masking themselves in "makeup" (why do you think they call it that!) and fake lashes...Can anyone recognize "Identity Crisis"

The simple fact is this. If someone is willing to "fit the mold" of any given magazine or product, that is their personal choice. However, if you already have millions of dollars, it is then, IMHO a weakness to this sickness.

Slavery comes in many forms so recognize.

1340 days ago


There is something that I quite don’t understand. This is makeup. A lot of actresses don’t look they way that they do without it. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the analogy. Back during the early twentieth century blackface was meant to put down African-Americans. But those days are gone. They were done by very hateful and ignorant people that always wanted to poke fun at African-Americans because of their own anger and insecurities. Let’s take whites for an instance. They are insecure as well of being to white, just as some African-Americans are not satisfied with being to dark. I myself am a light complexioned African-American male and I must admit there are times I would want to be a little darker. There will always be something about yourself that you are not satisfied with. But as I have gotten older I am satisfied just the way I am, period. What if Beyonce was playing a character of a monster, in a movie and once again they made her up to look like the monster that she would be playing. Are you going to bitch about that too? Get over it people stop letting hateful people dictate the way you feel about yourself. Just because someone doesn’t like the color of your skin, or because you are fat, or because you have red hair, tall or short believe if someone wants to hate you they will always find and reason. Regardless of whom they are. Get over this black face scenario. We have bigger things to worry about. Like for instance the high unemployment rate of qualified African-American men or better yet, African-American killing each other because of the lack of respect and frustration towards each other. These are just a few of the concerns that we should be addressing. Believe me there are countless others scenarios that I can’t even begin to name. But I want to just say this get over this black face thing those days are long gone. Kudos to you Beyonce for the work you have done. You are just playing a character that’s all, nothing more nothing less. People just like to bitch because of the stigma that was place on African-Americans. But I have seen some of you on television acting a fool and you don’t seem to mind not one bit. Some of you don’t even mind referring to each other as ***** (******). So do us all a favor and worry about the plight of our people. All this little **** you can just let it go. We have bigger things to worry about. Now some of you may get upset by what I have written, but that is just too bad. This is the way I feel, period.

1339 days ago


What does color have to do with anything? Why do people have to make it an issue? Whatever the case, however it was done, the statement is clear - beautiful. Why bother to read more into it than that? Unless you are a weirdo and have your own problems personally... KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!

Take a white person and make her look darker in the ad... OMG! its a slap to white... Geez... Get a life... people...

I am black, I am white, I am yellow, I am human... that's it.

1339 days ago


No words can truly explain how sad and disappointing it is that some of you allowed something so simple to drag you so low enough to slander each others race. Let's state REAL FACTS:

FACT #1. L'Oreal is racking in millions, if not billions, each and every year for their matter who's face they lighten, darken, or scribble scratch on...(I doubt they lost any sleep over this photo, let alone commented on this post)!

FACT #2. Beyonce Knowles is racking up millions of dollars each and every year as well from her career which entails photo shoots such as this one!

So now my question is "WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU ALL BELITTLING EACH OTHERS RACE'S OVER SOMETHING THAT HAS MADE EVERYBODY'S POCKET FAT BUT YOURS!?! I agree with comment #472...there is a much bigger battle to fight...why waste your energy on light/dark pictures of Beyonce when there are children who are homeless, hungry, or somewhere being abused...young women (black and white) being impregnanted by their own fathers/brothers/etc...we're losing our loved ones to cancerous dieases...some of our children are being educationally left behind because they can't read/write but yet and still they're pushed forward to the next grade level! Not everyone can be saved...but if we at least paid more attention to issues such as these instead of BEYONCE, who by the way if FILTHY RICH whether light or dark, then we just may be able to save one somebody...which in the long run will make a world of difference!

No race is "RIGHT"...but us as indiviual's behind the color can't go WRONG by loving each other!

1339 days ago

Ayo Ojutalayo    

It would not have occured to me that she did any thing wrong, if attention was not drawn to the different shades of her color. I still don't think she did any thing wrong....this is fashion and nothing serious.

1339 days ago

Matt Moraine    

TMZ is truly a bunch of idiots. Just the way the question is worded is racist, should "blacks" be offended, are you kidding? Were your writers born in 1910? By the way I would rather die than actually go to this website, I was redirected for the article, which I probably would have avoided if I knew it was on tmz. All of you should be ashamed for even visiting this site, and I don't think I could tell people what I honestly did for a living if I worked for TMZ. I wish hell existed just for their employees.

1339 days ago


so what get a life.what is so wrong with what she is doin.

1339 days ago


Im sure they just lightened her skin to bring out the blonde hair which naturally may not look as coordinated with darker brown skin than it does lighter brown skin.

1339 days ago


Im sure they just lightened her skin to bring out the blonde hair which naturally may not look as coordinated with darker brown skin than it does lighter brown skin.

1339 days ago


As an African American women, I will say that HEY BLACK PEOPLE GET TANNED TOO DURING THE SUMMER YOU JERKS. This is something that most whites don't realize. During months when there is alot of sun, my complextion gets 2-3 times darker. Perhaps the same thing happened in Beyonce's case. You idiots are always trying to say that if a black person gets lighter, it is because they are ashamed of their color. BULL-CHEESE. It's a black thang and obviously YOU don't understand it. REAL RAP.

1339 days ago


im not dat offended cuz its her body she can do
watever she want with it lol. ama dark skin bro lol
i luv my self i would never do **** like dat lol

1339 days ago

Cynthia Peterson    

#67 Are you serious?!!! BOTH of Beyonces' parents are black!!!

1339 days ago


I don't know what Loreal was thinking. She's like WAY more sexy in her natural color!

I'm white so I don't think I can really get the offense it might be. But my thought is that it's a tribute to how beautiful black is from one who is sometimes criticized for being too light.

1339 days ago


Not offensive at all..if you don't approve, don't purchase the magazine. If it doesn't sell many copies, maybe it won't happen again. Do something about it. Back up your angry words. Boycot the magazine and Beyonce if you all feel that strong about it.

1339 days ago
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