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8/6/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless she just got vitiligo -- L' Oreal has some serious splaining to do about its bleached out Beyonce ad!

The ad features a severely Photoshopped Beyonce -- almost unrecognizable. So the question ...


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What seems more offensive to me is the poll question. "Is the ad a slap to Blacks?" Maybe I'm being to PC but that just doesn't sound right.

1336 days ago

gillian nelson    

I don't see what's offensive about this particular magazine cover. It's not as if Beyonce wore red lips. If I agree with anything in this piece it's her allowing them to lighten her skin for the other mag's, pic's, etc.
There are too many beautiful ebony sisters suffering needlessly, being undervalued, under an aged bias that really has no place in the 21st century~IF all the color blind, we are the world, hype that's shamelessly promoted has any basis in reality!

1336 days ago


its not about being white or black. its about right and wrong. when a dark skinned woman is put on a magazine cover shes photoshoped in shades as if to say her color isn't good enough. when a white person is put on a magazine shes photoshoped for imperfections; wrinkles,blemishes,celulite,rolls. its insulting as a black woman to see this in 2011. apparently we still aren't good enough to be on a magazine in the u.s. or any other country unless its a TRIBUTE to something or someone once a year. if this isn't racist,or biased what is?

1336 days ago


Funny, how they H@TE whitey, but ALL wanna be one!

Too bad they can't improve their language&speaking disabilities.

1335 days ago


This Ad is a Slap to Whites. Like putting on a white face is some kind of fashion accessory or something. We are not a fashion accessory that can be used just because you think it's popular to be white. Don't make us feel used like a pair of ear rings or ornament.

1335 days ago


not only did they lighten her skin,but it looks like they slimmed her face down as well. Why use a model if you arent going to use the real her? They do the same thing to other Covergirl models. Queen Latifah as well. She is always a few shades lighter depending on the hair color.

1335 days ago


Obviously Beyonce is the one trying to make Beyonce look white. She's the one that put that blonde hair dye in her hair. Loreal didn't tie her down and pour it on her head and then force her to take thousands of dollars from them to endorse the product! I guess they just assumed "hey if she wants to be white so bad, we'll just help her out a little bit and brighten up the photo."

1335 days ago


To the person who asked "If they retouch a photo to make a fat person look thinner is that insulting"? Yes, it is. If you think I'm too fat and unattractive to be in the picture, then don't ask me to be in it in the first place!

1335 days ago

Mz. Gib    

Are we that supperfical? Now we are worried about what people want to look like, rather it be light dark skinny fat it's that persons choice to view what when and why they feel the need to change their looks for the day or even longer. Mind your own then maybe when you see something you think is offending you. Maybe you can look at it this way, today someone felt like a nut and another day they didn't. Have problems with the way they look or even looking at it, then don't look.

1335 days ago


What some fail to realize and if you are a Beyonce fan you will know that Beyonce naturally has a very pale complexion than you would probaly have ever imagined. However i do believe they wantd her with a lighter skin tone but i dont feel they made changes to her photos...they just didnt ait brush her into a bronze statue like others have!

1335 days ago


African, Asian infact women of color bleach themselves to look white. The long hair do, the light skin and features (shape, hair etc) of the caucasians race been protrayed as the best and use to exploit people of color everywhere in the universe will come to an end when people gain positive self esteem.

1335 days ago


Black-White, White-Black. Every one of you should be completely ashamed of yourselves if you've made any remark that is racist. If we are to stop all of this racist non-sence, then ALL of the racist remarks should stop.
This woman is an artist, statements have been made if her skin color went lighter, statements have been made when her color went darker. Either way, in the end, does it REALLY matter. She seems to be a nice person and if she wants to pay tribute, then she did it artistically, not with malise. If the other magazine did something, it may not have been her decision, the magazine may have made a mistake or not. Again, this is art, this is freedom of expression, this IS NOT racism. So, everybody- just get over yourselves and learn to love not hate.
I thank God for all of my friends from all around the world.

1335 days ago


And at Moe, don't nobody wanna BE white! Some of us may want to LOOK white-er. (What can I say, they have issues, nobody's perfect). But look here, black men already have the big *icks AND your women! Why would they give that up to be a white guy? LOL!
And as far as black women wanting to be white, all we have to do is buy a bottle of Loreal, and then we get too keep our booty. We certainly aint givin that up to be a white girl. Then we'd have to go buy "Booty Pop" like ya'll do and just hope we don't get sued for false advertising when we get to the bedroom and he finds out it's was a sham booty! LOL!

1335 days ago


I think this is very important issue. You can't help to wonder, Where will they take the image of blacks people in the Entertainment biz. I see it alot working in the biz myself. I meet a lot Producers and Photographers, that Prefer Light Skinned models over Dark ones. Or more Straighter hair than Coarse. But a lotta white women don't have the nice body features they see on Black Women. When we conduct a casting call for a video, 95 percent of the female models that appear are Light Skinned females, or (very close to white) with pounds and pounds of hair Weave in the hair, to look as close to white as possible. The industry Prefers a White female facial image, with the long hair, but with a Black womans body.
White women getting the Lip and Buttock injections to make them appear more fuller. These days Medical Procedures Alows you to be Black or white for a day. But not longer than 20 yrs ago, you couldnt pay a white person to look anywhere close to a black person...And thats coming from....a BLACK MAN...Do Black People Have to Brighten the Skin to be accepted....Do white America accept light-skinned blacks more easy than darker blacks?


1335 days ago

Kimmy Smith    

I think the magazine and the whole modeling world is out of the loop. Skinny corpse like looking models are not beautiful, have u seen them with no makeup omg gross. And as far as the celebs in magazines, it is their choice if they want to go along with that craziness. I think Beyonce is beautiful as a black woman and the loreal ads should show her with her beautiful true skin, going lighter is a joke and I am a white woman. I think all women of all colors are beautiful in their own right. I have seen many dark black women who have flawless skin and are perfect with no make-up or skin lightening or globs of coverup. People lets get back to the basics where all women are beautiful flaws and all. True beauty is inside. Plus women are buying make up not most men so we dont care if she is dark or light that wont sway our buying decisions. wake up.

1335 days ago
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