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8/6/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless she just got vitiligo -- L' Oreal has some serious splaining to do about its bleached out Beyonce ad!

The ad features a severely Photoshopped Beyonce -- almost unrecognizable. So the question ...


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Amen #54, As if white women are "naturally" beautiful. haaaahaa, that's hilarious. Take away the plumped lips, tanned/burned skin, extensions for the thin hair and oh my God! Black women have naturally beautiful skin, thick hair, and full luscious lips.

2239 days ago


Loreal has never made products for us, or at least none that I would care to buy. Therefore I can see why they would want to make Beyonce look white, I guess they fear that crossing over color lines might make them loose their biggest consumers.

2239 days ago


Not to mention #63 that we age gracefully. Compare any 35 year old black woman to any 35 year old white woman, and it would look like someone's mother standing next to a grandmother.

2239 days ago


They hired her because they liked how she looked, so they should let her promote the products looking like herself. It's not bad enough that Tyra Banks often lookes "whitewashed." There is more than one definition of beauty.

2239 days ago


what's funny is people actually think she uses l'oreal products. she's a mult-millionaire. she's not going to use $7.oo products you can get at wal-mart

2239 days ago


Correct me if i am wrong isn't beyonce half white and half black. so whats wrong with this picture, NOTHING

2239 days ago


Beyonce is a beautiful black woman, why does she feel it necessary to look like a white girl? This is the image we minorities are trying to get out of our young girls/women’s heads. Brown is beautiful, that is why white people spend hundreds of dollars each time they get a fake tan, trying to imitate our brown color. Even though they end up looking a hideous dark Beyonce has officially sold out.

2239 days ago


It is really photoshoped but I can't imagine they are trying to make her look white, it probably was a bad pic that they had to touch up a lot and that was the result. If they wanted a white woman for the picture I'm sure they have white models they could have used.

2239 days ago


45 Soundoff! OMG, African-American? Another name (just like the n-word) the white man came up with & tried to shove down everyones throats. I am most defintely proud to be a black woman!!! My hair is not nappy, and my name is not "Laquita". The same steretypes that "you people" have put out there to belittle others in an attempt to make yourselves (racists) look better, is just another cowardly attempt at hiding behind your own shame. Why are you so angry at the black culture? Is it because we have grown to be a culture to be reckoned with? Or is it because we have become educated? Perhaps, it is because you have no other race to bully!! The world has changed, change is good. There are so many different beautiful people of different races on this earth. We embrace them all, they are our neighbors, friends, co-workers, mentors and more. But a bitter, angry, ignorant person such as yourself will never understand or accept this. Your the fool! Spew your poison elsewhere, we don't want it here!!!!

2239 days ago


oh god! give it up please people it always has to be a black and white issue ...get over it already

2239 days ago


I agree with # 35. I don't think black people are pretty. Unless your half white. Ex: Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Jada Pinkett Smith.....

2239 days ago


She looks black to me..Its the lighting.Plus the large amount of makeup on her face that is the wrong shade for her..

2239 days ago


Why is this a race thing???? It was simply a bad air job on the picture. Come on.

2239 days ago


She can't even get on Cover Girl....... WOW!! If anybody has noticed every back singer / actress has been a Cover Girl....... She can't even hold up her end of being a black girl...... L'oreal made her look like a lightly tanned black/white girl!!

2239 days ago


#71 Jada Pinkett is ugly, Alcia Keys is ugly and so is Halle Berry.
Beauty is Beyonce, Angela Bassett, Queen Latifah,Tyra, Vivica Fozz, and a host of other black people. Halle Berry is not cute, I don't care what you people say, her nose is fake, Alicia Keys is cross eyed, and Jada Pinkett look like a man. Yo ucan say black people are ugly until the cows come home, but what about your old raggedy, wrinlky , burned, fake,STD asses, smartness. I know for a fact our men are def. the most attractive in this world.

2239 days ago
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