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8/6/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless she just got vitiligo -- L' Oreal has some serious splaining to do about its bleached out Beyonce ad!

The ad features a severely Photoshopped Beyonce -- almost unrecognizable. So the question ...


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ok people, how hypocritical are you!!! ON BOTH SIDES!!! You want equality and to stop racism yet you are debating who is better looking blacks or whites??? That is f'n sick. I'm white, I have curly BLACK hair, and boobs and a bum OH AND I DANCE WELL! But because of that I'm trying to be black??? GET OVER YOURSELF!!! My parents are irish... hence the curly black hair, I figure skated my whole life... hence the bum and I took dance classes for 15 years so shut the f*** up before you judge people because they have something in common with you! Can't you just look at a person and say they are beautiful instead of saying they are trying to look or be something else. I know a lot of gorgeous black, white, asian, spanish etc people that are beautiful because of their own qualities... seriously get over yourselves!

2234 days ago


Personally, I think they lightened her skin to go with the HAIR COLOR. Since that is what they are selling is HAIR COLOR. Not SKIN COLOR.

2234 days ago


She's not only lighter, her nose is longer.

2234 days ago


Beyonce loves to be black, number 53, why would she want to be white....have you seen what you all look like as you leave your 30's? LMAO Black people have way too much flavor to want to be another color. w/o blacks this world would be bland as hell.

2234 days ago


First of all, do you idiots know what the magazines and television peole did to blacks in the 50's and 60's? they used to whiten black people to make us more apealing to white people. Does anyone know american history? I guess not. the only history people know about black people is getting arrested. Does anyone know that this is the reason why we are not in the main stream fashion mags cause we are black. loreal knew just what they were doing. How dare some of you people brush this off like it is nothing. I am black and very offended. Beyonce is a black women and she needs to be presented as a black women. Its all about making us blend in and strip us of our natural beauty that white america doesnt understand. Free your mind people and look beyond the surface.

2234 days ago


#75 you sound more angry than the people you label ignorant, for the record black people seldom need to attend dance classes,( god, let alone for 15 yrs) the rythm comes naturally , but good for you in that case. Just don't speak for all whites because not everyone has had your "training", and i can assure most white folk need it... sounds more like u need to get over YOURSELF.. we r all entitled 2 our opinions.. I agree with #54!!!!!!!!!!!!

2234 days ago


I'm white and I have vitiligo and I'm not even that pale. But who cares. I don't like Beyonce anyway.

2234 days ago

OBAMA 08    

#69 Jada Pinkett is not half white. Just because you have a light complextion does not mean you're mixed. Dumb ass. Black is beautiful especially dark complected brothas and sistas.

2234 days ago


Why is it everything is turned into a race thing? I'm so sick of everyone saying oh it's because I'm black/white//blue. Shut the hell up already. The end.

2234 days ago

OBAMA 08    

For everyone complaining about everything being a race thing, you need to get over that. Because that's how our world is. Until everyone can look at everyone else as equals it will always be about race, It's unfortunate but that's how it is. Hopefully we'll over come this some day, I really don't think it'll happen in any of our lifetimes, But lets hope for the best in the future.

2234 days ago


She is black everybody knows it, blacks don't care loreal lights her up contrary to that they probably love it - stop making such a fuss TMZ

2234 days ago

Angelina hater    

Enough of the black race card, has not one thing to do with it get over it.

2234 days ago


83. For comments 34,35 and 37

You are racist pigs. I am a black woman and I am proud of my heritage. You can't say honestly that all blacks want to be white. I guess I can say all white woman want to be black because they lie in the sun trying to get what we naturally have (beautiful brown skin) The only difference is 5 to 10 yrs later they look like prunes and we still have our beauty.
oh yeah if the sun does not work, you have spray on tans, tanning bedding. Why not just be yourself.

I don't hear you calling out the racist black bitches on here though. Maybe its time that black people admit that they have more hang ups about there own skin color than anyone else. Seriously, white people have better things to do.

2234 days ago


Well what does Beyonce think?

Isn't Loreal for white people anyway?

2234 days ago


I have to agree 100% with Jenesis. Why does the race thing have to be brought up in this? Slap against Black People? This is a stupid question. Then if a white model looks unusually tanned in a Photoshop enhanced picture is that a slap against White People? Of course not! Why do you think most white girls (and guys) run to the beaches and tanning booths? To become darker. It's all a matter of "Balance", Too white or too dark may not be appealing. Look, Beyonce is extremely beautiful no matter if she is portrayed white or black or any other color for that matter. Beauty is beauty no matter what color you want to paint it. Black, White, Red, Brown, Yellow, it doesn't matter! We are all Americans! Just accept people for who they are. I think we are getting closer as a Country to thinking this way. Unite as a Country not as race and we become powerful and peaceful! But this TMZ question just breaks down that positive momentum. Quite frankly, as your average 40 year old white guy, I think Beyonce looks better on the left picture. Although she may not be that dark, she looks far more exotic and sexier with some color!!! Ultimately though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beyonce is surely a beauty!

2234 days ago
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