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8/6/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless she just got vitiligo -- L' Oreal has some serious splaining to do about its bleached out Beyonce ad!

The ad features a severely Photoshopped Beyonce -- almost unrecognizable. So the question ...


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im sure both her and her mother couldn't be happier about the picture. its what they've both always wanted

2236 days ago


This is crazy. It all depends on when the shoot was done and the lighting involved. They have so many bright lights on set that it would make anyone look lighter. She is very light skinned, if the darker picture was taken during the summer or after the vacation, of course it is going to be darker. It really doesn't matter what TMZ thinks, just what Beyonce thinks.

2236 days ago


I think it is a litle harsh to blame Bee for a makeup and photo shoot. Did she have final approval ?

2236 days ago


#104 LISA, sweety, I can assure you that Black women do NOT aspire IN ANYWAY to have ironing board flat asses, thin "pointless", not to mention useless lips, pale, pasty, ugly skin...oh and for the record white people age BAD and u know it...whether u tan or not, still end up looking like prunes in the desert! NASTY!! As for riverdance? what the hell they excited about. NATURAL TALENT Dummy, don't tell us about lithium fueled freaks jumping upand down like clowns, not to mention the YEARS they spent to get to that level of "TALENT"..Celtic Woman on the other hand sound like strangled alley cats...but I'm sure VERY talented in your "european opinion"...Lovely I presume is the word you might use!..
Please, you wanna talk ignorant??? take a second look sweety. Rest assured WE DO NOT want to look like you ...hahaha what are u smoking? please share it because its obviously potent!! dummy btw, ever seen a black blow-up doll before? you all look the same, with the acception of the not-so-biodegradable blonde bimbos!

2236 days ago


I'll say it again: Many white women don't tan. SOME of the white women who DO tan prefer to have some color on their bodies when they go to the pool, beach., etc., in the summer. I said "some color". Even white lifeguards who spend their whole summer in the sun don't get as dark as your average black person, so I wish black people would drop that argument. We might like our lips a little thicker. That doesn't mean we want HUGE lips. We may get a perm - that doesn't mean we want an Afro. People try to enhance their appearance all the time. I said "Enhance". Doesn't mean we want to look like another race. Apparently it falsely comforts some racist black people to imagine there are actually those who would like to look more like them. It shouldn't. The statistics just aren't there.

2236 days ago

N. Duplessis    

Well beyonce is Creole of Louisiana and Houston orgins so, her skin isnt black skin to begin with. So, how is this a slap in the fact to blacks? Beyonce has Creole-Hispanic olive skin and she isn't exactly Omarrossa.

2236 days ago


lighting plays a big role and then what season it is... summer, you're a couple shades darker... winter, you're a couple shades... not rocket science... she does look a little too light here but whatever... if it was such a big deal to her then she would've said something to them so if she doesn't mind then whatever... it's not only L'oreal's fault for taking a "bad" image but hers... she's okay with it though... nuff said.

2236 days ago


I love how someone calls themselves "Whocares" and then pathetically responds to the same topic 50 times. Loser.

And I guess all the white women are too nice to mention that nobody wants these black women anyway. Not black men, not white men. Nobody.

2236 days ago


LISA, whatever makes you sleep at night....:) oh and I really wouldn't blame those that try to be more black :) thanx for proving my point though

2236 days ago


lol Andre, which trailer did you crawl out of...

2236 days ago


people need to get lives and stop hating on B. I honestly believe it is self hatred that makes black people, particualarly women, hate on her. they see her and are jealous, so they must bring her down, by saying she "wants to be white" I find it hilarious when people say "she lightens her skin and her hair." HAVE I MISSED A SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH WHERE PEOPLE CAN NOW CHANGE THEIR SKIN? Beyonce is naturally light, always has been, always will be. I agree the weave isnt natural, but it looks good for her tone. and look how many other women had the same color. Tyra has it, Ciara had it, Rihanna had it, etc. Its not Beyonce's responsibility to "represent" us, because even though she is black, her only job is to represent B, and she has been doing a fierce job of that. People who think its her duty to represent obviously havent actually done anything with their own lives, so they rely on celebs to do it for them.

I find it interesting how people automatically say she wants to be white because she doesnt have typical african features. did you know that 28% of the American-Black population has white blood. Thats why alot fo us have light skin, or sometimes (VERY rarely, hazel colored eyes) those arent traits carried over from the parts of africa where most of us oricinated (though somewhat light skin can be found in North Africa.

Anyway, people need to realize we are ALL beautiful. Someone light skinned like Beyonce is beautiful, and someone dark skinned like the supermodel Alek Wek is equally gorgeous.

2236 days ago


Wow, can whocares sound any less educated? You don't even make any sense, stop talking out your ass. Thanks for the laugh though.

2236 days ago


Why is everything always a race issue...if anyone has the right to complain it should be Beyonce and all you other jokers can kiss off!

2236 days ago


WOW Seriously?!?! You would think that nobody would give a crap anyway. Its probably just the lighting or something. TMZ come on? Why are you trying to start crap where theres nothing to be started?

2236 days ago



I could spend another 30 minutes on here arguing with you, but it would be a waste of my valuable time. I did not prove any point of yours, because you ARE pointless. You just want to argue, and are obviously a very bitter, unhappy, extremely racist black female with all sorts of delusions. If you TRULY feel that I, personally, would want to be you, then you are indeed sad. Maybe even mentally deranged, but hey, whatever helps YOU sleep at night. Think whatever you want - you don't matter to me at all. I hope that someday you can be comfortable in your black skin and realistic about our world. There is room for all of us if we would just tell the truth - to ourselves, and others. Good luck with resolving your imagine issues, and have a nice day.

2236 days ago
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