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8/6/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unless she just got vitiligo -- L' Oreal has some serious splaining to do about its bleached out Beyonce ad!

The ad features a severely Photoshopped Beyonce -- almost unrecognizable. So the question ...


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I can't beleive that every time anything remotely or doesn't even come close to pertaining to a racial event, someone in the black community always claims rasism. They take something meaningless and turn it into a national disater. You can see under her chin where the shadow ends her skin is darker. This is a simple matter of lighting, but as always it comes to a case of reverse racism. Clamis start flying that the white community is trying to change her into a white person, quit trying to take every little thing and turn it into a national disaster Not all the black community is envolved in this poor taste, and all races have these people. But where does it stop. Someone has to step up and say enough. We are all equal and should be judged as individuals and It doesn't help when the media feeds this problem to make a buck. Beyonce is a extremly beautiful woman and from what I can tell is one of the most down to earth person you would want to meet. I hope this issue doesn't effect or change her at all. This story should never have been printed.

2268 days ago


It doesn't matter what color she is or looks..... she is RICH bitches. First of all her man is so powerful in the industry right now that I wouldn't be surprised if he said you better get that dough..... and look like you are from somewhere else.... You just never know, but the fact remains it that she is paid and it wouldn't matter if she was blue with a green hue she would get noticed..... Don't hate.... eff em................. Look from the advantage point not the broke one!

2268 days ago


lisa, lisa Iisa, why the anger sweety? I'm not deluded, seriously , you would have to be mentally challenged to think that I give a rats ass what u think of me, nor do I care to mean anything to u..just wanted to know that black womn do not aspire to look or be compared to your "kind"..I realy do hope u sleep well...."bitterness" aside....:)

2268 days ago

fired up    

In response to yep i said it: what is the reasoning behind whites tanning?? All my friends who do always do it because they don't want to look pale and think it is ugly to look pale.
Also it is true the blacks do change color I do all the time especially during soccer season but trust me this isn't the same thing at all. First if all the picture to the left is already a lighten picture of Beyonce. I have seen her up close in person and shes not that light. It is a drastic difference and it wouldnt be the first time a company has photoshoped someone to make them look different whether its darker or lighter. Either way its is a disgrace and discriminatory against skin tones.

Just like make up companies always have 20 different shades of tan beige whatever... but for blacks only have a max of two and even then the darkest color isnt that dark at all. And then you have brands like the queen collection which fool blacks into thinking that its make up for us. Has anyone ever seen that collection its the exact same as the other makeup the pigments all look the same to me.

Lastly its ironic because that is not Beyonce's hair at all so why is she doing Loreal commercials when she clearly wears wigs.

2268 days ago


lol Alia...for once a person who makes sense!!

2268 days ago


I want some of you psychologist to learn to use the basics, please stop commenting and you don't know what you are talking about. That is annoying.... then you write a book about nothing ..... shhhhhh! fall back your behavior doesn't have a good look.

2268 days ago



2268 days ago


Alia you make some good points, but why aren't you berating the BLACK people making racist remarks and unkind personal attacks on white people? God is watching them too, you know, and YOU.

2268 days ago


OK, I am really confused as to how they think that photoshopped job looks better than Beyonce. She looks like a washed out drag queen in that pic. And I dont see how it's NOT a slap to black people when you take someone who is already fairly light skinned, and lighten their skin up any more. They are basically saying the lighter the skin, the more attractive. That's just not true.

2268 days ago


I don't want my "sweater" juicy, Thanks anyway.

2268 days ago


Chris, I didn't think it was possibly either... Then I grew up and realized that there are actually methods out there where one can lighten their skin. Have you taken a loot at Lil Kim from 15 years ago and Lil Kim today? She's like 5 shades lighter than she used to be. What do you contribute that to?

2268 days ago


I do not think that this is a slap in the face to blacks. I am black and it does not offend me. The person that should be offended is Beyonce according to L' Oreal she had to have lighter skinned to appeal to they're customers according to L'oreal. She's a lighter skinned lady so let's give them the benefit of doubt maybe she didn't tan before the shoot. I would take offense if she approved to this ad because i feel as though it would be false advertisment, she doesn't normally look like this. Her nose even looks different, i know Beyonce has confidence in herself as a black woman and she does not have to change the color of her skin to sell L'oreal products or does she? CHALLENGE TO TMZ, COULD YOU GET THE NUMBERS? DOES IT MATTER THAT HER SKIN IS LIGHTER.....DUN, DUN, DUN LOL

2268 days ago


You should ask your black friends why it is they feel that they would be more attractive if their skin was lighter. White people and tanning represent two different things. No one has told white people throughout their lives that, because they are white, they are unattractive. But that HAS happened to black people and that's why your black friends don't appreciate and love their dark skin. And let's not get it twisted folks, most all people of color, regardless of the ethnic background, face these same issues. You see it in Asia and you see it in Mexico. People should learn to love their skin because it is what they were born with, and obviously meant to have.

2268 days ago


132. Alia you make some good points, but why aren't you berating the BLACK people making racist remarks and unkind personal attacks on white people? God is watching them too, you know, and YOU.

Posted at 4:48PM on Aug 6th 2008 by Evil Hearts Come in All Colors

I dont really read all of the posts.. lol.. the ones that struck me as just going too far, are the ones that I call attention to. I come to this website everyday.. And everyday I get offended by White peoples comments. If I were White, and making racist comments the way some of these folks do, I honestly cannot say what I would do. I think that a lot of the people who comment on here, say the most offensive things to make themselves feel better, whether they are Black, White, purple or green. Its just so much harsher it seems to me, when it is Whites attacking the Black race. Its sooo crazy though, because I work for a corporate insurance company, and the people I work with are predominantly White.. I just cracks me up to see how much racism really still exists, but people just hide it as much as possible.. Because I guess it is politically incorrect... lol..
But I do not condone black folks taking shots at white people either. I just choose not to comment on it, they have enough supporters and defenders.
And I know God knows my heart, thats why its easy for me to say the things I do.

2268 days ago


Jezz who really cares, She is beautiful light or dark. they could make me black white or purple for what they are paying her to represent them. It is still obvious its her and we all know she is black and stunning.

2268 days ago
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