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Paris: I Wasn't Doing Lines

8/6/2008 12:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're amazed Paris Hilton remembers who John McCain even is -- so it's hard to believe she belted out all the lines in her new McCain video without the use of cue cards.

It sure looks like Paris is reading her lines off of something, but sources tell us Paris memorized all her lines -- in fact, she was quite insistent on it. You buyin' it?


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Hey Paris -- you should edit in the videos where you used the N word! Then it would really be hilarious!!! I'm serious.

2277 days ago


21. Jesse, pipe down before you have a stroke! Dude, it's a good thing you aren't bringing kids into the world, you've got some serious issues. Ever heard of "anger management"? I thought this was hilarious, this whole election is hilarious! Mr. McSame is desperate, showing the world exactly why he should not be the next president. Hell, he threw his plastic, botox/motor oil filled wife under the bus at Sturgis! Yeah, just want we want to see, a potential first lady on stage with a bunch of intoxicated, half naked ho's! McSame's dumb ass did realize what he was doing, so why shouldn't the entire world see his incompetence, desperation and laugh our asses off? Put the blame where it should be and accept the fact that he is not capable of running this country. He is a joke, an idiot, an old geezer and totally out of touch with reality. He is jealous that alot of people are backing Obama and showing such everytime he opens his mouth. Perhaps if he ran a clean campaign, stopped worrying about the other guy, focus & improve his own relations with the american people, things would be different. Right now, he's that kid on the playground noboby wants to play with because his actions are so juvenile! Paris fired back and HANDED MCSAME HIS ASS ON A PLATTER!! McCain did this all by himself, he should be so proud!

2277 days ago


Paris rates a 'hot-dam' for this one!!!

2277 days ago


42. The media does not control the minds of the people. McCain seems to think so, or is it that the media is not focused on him? The Clintons? Are you serious? They are broke and pissed off that Obama beat Hillary & won't help with their huge campaign debt. Why should he? Hillary tried to make an ass out of him and it backfired, she was the broke ass in the end. McCain is doing the same thing, and he's the silly ass. Their dirty tactics and mudslinging is not going to address the issues this country is facing, anymore than the media. Let's all see how low will McCain go!

2277 days ago


Paris is such an idiot! I doubt that she can read.

2277 days ago


Oh, leave Paris alone. Let it had been the person that used Paris for fame, Kim Kardashian, yall would be saying how genius it is. The commercia is hilarious.

2277 days ago

p-u paris    

like the add and all but you can see her beady little eyes scrollin like shes reading cards...look closely.

2277 days ago

they actually weren't bad    

A new reason to hate John McCain, his ad is making people talk about Paris more again. I thought she was finally going away!

2277 days ago


Paris is brilliant? That’s the biggest joke of all. Jesus…Hilton didn’t write this; she didn’t direct it; she didn’t create it; she spoke as she was reading a script for Pete’s sake; it looked phony. Turn off your computer, pick up a book and start to develop your mind before it atrophies any further. Kudos to the writers and the creators of this video; but next time, do it in animation – it would have been a helluva lot funnier.

2277 days ago


You GO Girl ! Ol' Gramps must be very ' proud' of you, Meaning the old guy .. ' Your Gramps" ya know .. the one that took you out of the " WILL"

2277 days ago


HEH, that airhead no talent hack wants to run for president? the only claim to fame she has is to be photographed and have a sex tape! Otherwise she would be a NOBODY! Like those bimbo the Kadashin sisters!

2277 days ago

Go away!!    

Boy! hilton shill's working overtime on this post! I wonder who told paris there was an election coming up, what an election actually is and that the President runs the country. And no one buys the fact that she memorized this. She has proven over and over again what a liar she is, why would we believe her now?

2277 days ago


She read just as good as Reagan did during the 80's ...passable.

2277 days ago

Dawn Day    

You could so tell she was reading. Watch her eyes, they stare right below the camera.

2277 days ago


Hey, at least she didn't squint at the cue cards like McCain does.

2277 days ago
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