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Potential McCain VP: Paris Is On Our Side

8/6/2008 5:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minnesota Gov. and rumored McCain VP front runner Tim Pawlenty has seen Paris' video and still believes she's leaning for his team. Did he not see the part where she called the Republican hopeful a "wrinkly white haired guy?"


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I have a question, who cares what canidate she is/isint endorsing? Noone gives a crap what Paris Hilton thinks about anything...except 14 year old boys and they can't vote anyway.

2234 days ago


Do us all a favor John, and quit wasting money and time on this dumb girl....hell, she thought the Hanoi Hilton was a cousin of hers

2234 days ago


For months the buzz at my trailer park has been that Tom "Homeland Security" Ridge was going to be McCain's choice for a nice vice.

Paris would make an excellent ambassador to France since she seem to share the same morals as Madame Sarkozy.

2234 days ago


This whole thing is getting ridiculous! Do we really want a President that is so wrapped up in back and forth banter with a ditzy celebrity? She probably doesn't even know when the election is..... Doesn't he have bigger fish to fry?

2234 days ago

: b for Obama 08'    

Tim Pawlenty is a flippin' douche bag! He's a horrible Govenor! He thinks he's God here in Minnesota.
Say "NO" to McBush/Pawlenty 08'!!!! Minnesota is for OBAMA!

Although I really don't like Paris Hilton, I've got to admit... this was a great video!
And I have to give her credit for a great perfomance! It is great humor!!!

2234 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Paris haters walk on four legs and howl at the moon.
Princess Paris is sweet and cuddly and talented and beautiful.

800 Pound Gorilla

2234 days ago



2234 days ago


Who the freak cares what Paris Hilton thinks?! The girl is a pathetic idiot and no one should be looking at her as a "role model". Anyone at this point who actually listens to what she says is an idiot also. Paris, go to school, or get a REAL job, do something worthwhile and quit living off the success of your grandfather. If it wasn't for your family's money, you would be just another idiot blonde bimbo. You give the rest of us blondes a bad name.

2234 days ago


The McCain people are proving to be more and more out of touch and inept with each passing day. Now they've gone and made Paris Hilton relevant again.

To be fair, Paris was not involved in any campaign and therefore, should not have been dragged into it. Who wants a President who brings private citizens into political mud slinging for their own gain?

2234 days ago


Where would the Hilton family be without the rich old white men who earned their family fortune. She' s such a hypocrite. GO McCAIN!

2234 days ago

Typical coming from a HO    

Paris HIlton is such a stupid hoochie ho slut! I bet she didn't even watch John McCain's ad in the first place or if she did, she didn't understand any of it because she's so f'ing stupid. You really don't hear Britney bitchin about it, do you? Paris Hilton is a moron and TMZ knows this! Stop putting her image, much less her opinions up on your site! Come on 15 minutes, I know they are almost up! JOHN McCAIN FOR PRESIDENT!

2234 days ago


Tim is hysterical
and Paris video is great
I love her energy idea!

Way to go!!!

Want to annoy a liberal?
Work hard, and be happy!

2234 days ago


I can hardly wait for ALL of you , SOON I hope to be " OLD" and decrepit
as you call some people, or you deserve to croack " YOUNG".
better go young so all of you idiots do not have to live to long.
The more stupidity we get ridd of the better, make it SOON.

2234 days ago


Most of you American's are dumber than word's can say.

2234 days ago


she matches the rest of the country including the candidate, secondhand Bush

2234 days ago
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