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Carl Blonsky -- Protective Pop or Demented Dad?

8/7/2008 6:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The brawl at the Providenciales airport in Turks and Caicos may have pinned Nikki Blonsky's dad, Carl, as an alleged woman beating lunatic -- but a prank call against him from last year may paint him in a different light.
Carl Blonsky: Click to hear!
On the Elvis Duran radio show, Nikki and her mother prank call Carl, telling him Nikki wants to go nude in a film school flick a friend's making -- and she's already sent her friend the nude pics. Naturally, her father freaks out. So the question is: Does his reaction to the call make him sound crazy -- or like a protective father?

Mr. Blonsky is still in jail, and is due back in a Turks and Caicos court tomorrow to face a charge of grievous bodily harm.


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2247 days ago

Jose Ramirez    

Man o man I must have been drunk when I hooked up with Kimmy K. She is nasty these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2247 days ago


How did she get famous? There really is no rhyme or reason to fame.

2247 days ago


#4....have you ever seen or heard her perform? I thought not. Perhaps if you had you would understand why she is famous. are a disgusting racist and bigot

Having watched ANTM and having seen Bianca for the b**ch that she is, and the nasty things she did to the other contestants, I was not the least bit surprised to read this story. It sounds like the rest of her family is just as nasty as she is. I am sure the rest of the contestants on that cycle of ANTM would testify against her character. Karma is a b**tch, b**ch.

2247 days ago


He took it better than my folks would have.

Not saying he was right to hit a woman, maybe he pushed her off someboday and she fell. We just don't know as we weren't there. It's not a racial thing as (for me anyway) as that video on TMZ the other day right after the fight was filmed by a couple of black women, and they said that Bianca's family were completely in the wrong and the ones who instigated the fight. Why would they lie?

2246 days ago

Mr Right    

==== Thats one nasty looking beast!!! F-ing gross!!!!

2246 days ago

Mr Right    

Is that a picture of her looking at the McDonalds menu?

2246 days ago

Prayers and good thoughts for Britney.    

I know this radio show - the whole point is to push people to the breaking point. This guy is a million times calmer than the other callers they've pranked. The call does in no way proof of a man with an ill temper.

The only fact that matters is that Bianca threw the first punch. I don't care how obnoxious or rude another human being is to you, but it is never ever EVER a reason to hit someone. EVER. Scream and make a scene if you must, but you just don't hit people.

My gut tells me the Blonskys were probably rude. Bianca hit Nikki, Bianca's mom jumped in and that's when dad stepped in protect his child. I'd venture to guess that Bianca's mother was not intentionally harmed, but was terribly injured in the melee. An accident. A terrible accident. Both parents should have just sat their buts down and let the girls duke it out. Of course, Bianca's mother is at an advantage in the court of public opinion because she's a woman accusing a man of harming her. Add to that she's black and he's white? If Nikki's dad is innocent, he'll have a hell of time proving it.

2246 days ago


He was completely calm in the beginning and was speaking to her rationally. He behaved as any dad would behave in that situation with a famous daughter or not.
They were totally egging him on which is the whole premise behind that show anyhow... and thats why he got fired up in the end,
If he was such a hothead he would have screamed profanity and hung up as soon as they told him it was a joke, but he took it like a champ.
I can't say that if someone punched out my daughter for absolutely no reason, that my husband wouldn't knock the B***h out, so I won't say anything bad about him till all the facts come out.

2246 days ago


I thought that was her dad in drag

2246 days ago




2246 days ago


I cannot believe the comments made about Carl and Nikki the family are a very friendly family no violence in the family and I think the video tape that was filmed at the time show just who started it, where is the justice in America if that many witness stood up to speak and say exactly what happened that day Carl wouldn't be where he is he be with his family open your eyes America and leave the family to get on with their lives

2246 days ago


I was not there but I believe Bianca started it

2202 days ago

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