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DEA -- What Were THEY Smoking?!

8/7/2008 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heath ledgerSources connected with the Heath Ledger investigation say the Drug Enforcement Administration set a new low for starf**king.

People who have talked to TMZ off the record are now willing to go on record -- still anonymously -- about one of the most bizarre DEA power grabs ever.

How's this for starters ... no one we've spoken with connected with the case can point to a single DEA case where a massive investigation was launched over an accidental death in which no criminality was even hinted at.

We know the DEA went all over the country, in one case tracking down a guy in California who smoked a joint with Ledger in the '90s, telling him he had to testify in a Grand Jury probe. And how's this for chutzpah ... the DEA told the guy he would have to pay his own way to NYC to testify before the Grand Jury!

In another case, the DEA was nosing around a film set in Arizona looking for people who had information about possible Ledger drug connections.

We know the NYPD was furious at the DEA for making an immediate power grab to control what should have been a simple case. NYPD cops felt "humiliated" by what one source called "utter disrespect" on the part of the DEA.

As for the U.S. Attorney's office, we're told officials say they were appalled at what they felt was a "bogus" investigation. Our sources say the U.S. Attorney finally had enough and shut down the entire investigation -- an investigation the DEA desperately wanted to go before a grand jury.


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I would like to say, however, to the dismay of apparently 91% of you who voted that this is a case of "Starf**ing", that prescription drug fraud is a serious problem in this country. Again, Heath Ledger died of drugs, some of which he wasn't prescribed. Someone (most likely Mary Kate Olsen in my opinion) gave it to him, and that person could have gotten it fraudulently (whether phony prescriptions, smuggling, whatever...).....

Problem is that high profile celebrities have considerably more resources (aka., money) to obtain them. I do not disagree at all with this investigation....just my views....

2268 days ago


NO CRIMINALITY??? UMMM,..what??? Providing another with a prescription narcotic when they don't have a prescription is criminal. Simple possession of a controlled substance (a narcotic like hydrocodone or oxycodone, which were in his system are narcotics and a controlled substance) is criminal. Hydrocodone and ozycodone are highly addictive narcotics. So, lets blame the DEA???!!! WTF? TMZ, how can you say that no criminality was even hinted at? What an ignorant statement!

2268 days ago


You know, the more I think about this, the angrier I get. This entire article is basically a fabrication. It is the writters opinion, supported by no facts what so ever, simply opinion. And what an ignorant opinion at that. It seems to be the writters opinion, that despite the death of an otherwise healthy young man, and despite the fact that the deceased didn't have a prescription for the drugs that were a part in killing him, which means the individual responsible for providing those narcotics didn't have a licence to prescribe the drugs. Those investigating this are simply star struck??!! How about they are maybe simply,.... I don't know,...... DOING THEIR JOBS!!! Which is more than I can say for the idiot that wrote this article. Not trying to be insulting,.... but DAMN could you at least do a bit of research before you try to pollute the minds of America?!

2268 days ago


This is one bizarre case. Here we have a second rate actor who killed himself by ingesting poisonous drugs. The DEA is trying to find out where these poisons are coming from and everyone on this site and TMZ is resisting this effort? ARE YOU ALL ON THEM AS WELL? If so, be careful, you may slip up and end up on a slab as did Ledger. I find it sad that because of the suicide of Ledger a second rate movie is drawing all this money for the producers and investors, etc. I do think they should have subpoenaed Mary Kate. if she was involved it should be known. Perhaps the end result would be to save someone's life, perhaps Mary Kate, perhaps yours. The comment that the DEA demanded a person pay his own trip to New York to testify, i find doubtful.There is no reason a sworn deposition could not have been taken at source.

2267 days ago

Team Kim    

Geez, lighten up pot is such a big deal...more people should smoke it, the world would be a happier place

Rest in Peace Heath

2267 days ago


Told ya! I've been saying all along something wasn't right. But now look at the damage they did to MK's reputation...when she had NOTHING at all to do with this!! People who slammed her should fee bad because they assumed the worst or her, even with NO evidence!!

2267 days ago


"chutzpah"? Why do you writers at TMZ throw in words that normal people do not understand?

2267 days ago

hillary clinton    

im glad the dea is spending time investigating this ex-drug addict and how he got his drugs. if olsen gave him her prescriptions then she should be charged. its nice that someone investigates a rich white guy instead of the same black crack dealer. nypd is pisssed??? so, they sure cant get their act together. its horrendous how you people glorify drug use, pot smoking, prescriptions , blow,.... sad, hopefully when u people grow up and have kids they dont have drug problems

2267 days ago


Not surprised...the DEA SUCKS!!!!

2267 days ago


The DEA are just doing a very through job on this. How do you idiots think crimes or illegal activity of any kind is uncovered? They dig very very very deep. They just dont take anyones word on anything..they find out for themselves no matter who is involved, stars, senators, presidents, lawyers, doctors, anyone. Be glad they are doing their job, it may just save 1 persons life and it is worth it.

2267 days ago

Hustler Honey    

Uhm why would Mary Kate want immunity though?? Doesn't that say something about what she knows?

2267 days ago


I think there are a lot of unknowns surrounding Heath's death and there definitely should be more investigation going on. The NYPD might be too closely involved to be objective about it, kwim? I'm not slamming them in any way, it's just that I don't understand how it could've been ruled accidental SO quickly. I think that there needs to be some checking into how and where he got all of these drugs.

2267 days ago

oh save all the celebrities    

Oh yes lets spend time trying to find these evil doctors who are taking these stars hard earned money and giving them drugs.
Yeah! Cause these are the bitches in life who REALLY matter. Frget all the crack dealers and gang bangers on the streets with normal folk, lets clean up Malibu!!!

People, i dont give a fat poop about where this ho or that dude got their damn pills. What i do give a crap about is this economy, gas, the stat of the union, and other various things that dont tend to phase these spoiled brats life style.

You all need to give less of a crap about this stupid celebrity crap because things going on in this world will rock YOUR little worlds. Not these Olsens or even Heaths little kid. Theyre set for life. YOUR NOT.

F*ck the Police/DEA/ THE NEWS for wasting time and money and these people. Go get some rapists and murdering bitches ya douches!

2267 days ago


The Keystone Kops need to get stop wasting our tax dollars and do some real investigating! Solve a real crime, losers!

2267 days ago


The olsen twins are billioniares, the government don't want to mess with that.

2267 days ago
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