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Even the Jonas Bros. Forget Archuleta Exists

8/7/2008 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Archuleta, Jonas BrothersIt's hard to tell the Jonas Brothers apart sometimes, but here's a hint: David Archuleta isn't one of them.

Kevin, Joe and Nick were so happy about their Teen Choice Awards victories, they blogged about it on their MySpace page. They were particularly jazzed about their win for Most Fanatical Fans. The only problem is they didn't win that award -- David Archuleta did.

Don't take away the one thing he's won!


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It must be really slow today. I can't believe that you would actually say something like that. Sorry, but David Archuleta will top the charts. He is in a totally different league than the Jonas Brothers. His new single, Crush, comes out on Tuesday. Just you wait and see who reaches number 1!

2265 days ago


David Archuleta is not even in the same league as the Jonas Brothers. There's a huge difference between them, David actually has talent singing. At best, the Jonas Brothers are sort of cute, but David Archuleta is the complete package.

2265 days ago


David Archuleta is absolutely not a Jonas Brother. They cant even sing. There 15minutes of fame with the 8-10 year old fans are almost up. Once those little 4th graders realize the JB can't hold a tune they will move on. Personally I think the Jonas Brothers are truly the worst thing to hit the music industry. These kids are growing up thinking singing is one high note than breathe through your nose. Perhaps if the Jonas Brothers took some singing lessons they would benefit. Those 3 truly cant sing.

2265 days ago


ahem... I live in Texas and never once have I heard a JB song played on the radio... So again it proves the point that they are only geared to a certain age group(Disney). When David's song is released to the radio stations in a couple days there will be no stopping it's momentum... He captures people of all ages and his music will grow as he gains experience. Go David!

2265 days ago


Okay, this is ridiculous - STOP IT ALREADY!
I'm both a fan of David and the Jonas Brothers, so it just sucks that everyone is making such a HUGE deal about this slip-up.
Leave them alone. Whoever won that award deserved it, and let's just stop comparing whose fans are more fanatical.
I think it's just rude to make fun of Archuleta. As much as I love the JoBros, this HAS TO STOP.

2265 days ago


Jonas Bro: arrogant
David Archuleta: humble, grounded,simple

2265 days ago


I´m pretty sure that David Archuleta will be a 1st runner up that will overshadow the Idol winner of the season. I think that David Cook will have his run as the title winner, sell a CD or two... David Archuleta, on the other hand, is a Star! He is on a completely different plateau of talent. His singing range is similar to one that is possessed by a classical lyric tenor. The artistry he exhibits at the age of seventeen is simply unbelievable. This little guy has the whole package: the voice, the technical skills, the passionate expressivity, the joy, the talent, the good looks, the youth… all these qualities give us a glimpse of who he will become as an artist and, from my perspective, it´s a pretty exciting picture… a brilliant future is just ahead of him! He certainly will be making some damn good music for a long, long time!!!
And his music certainly will be enjoyed by teens, tweens, young adults, adults and more mature audiences. It will captivate everybody, from kids to grannies!
It so absurd to compare him to these Jonas Brothers guys! They are just famous, teen idols, but not talented!
By the way, I heard rumours about David´s very first single "Crush" being #1 on Z100's 9@9 Countdown. So David unseated the Jonas Brothers --they had been #1 every single day since July 3rd!
Well, David doesn´t even have an album yet… and already has “the most fanatic fans”! He must be proud, because they are not only fanatic but also faithfull and devoted to him, as they put him in TCA show and gave him the controversial award.
Don´t forget, people: substance always triumph over style. (ninah)

2265 days ago


awww why take such a funny story and make it mean? the j bros make an honest mistake. i can't believe their ppl didn't stop them from embarrasing themselves on air and on their own website but i really don't think it was intentional. david isn't as well known YET but his fans are fanatical and he deserved to win. i wish they had made some sort of public statement or at least joked about it publicly to kind of ease the tention but it's over and they fixed their blog.

2265 days ago


Well, let's see. Three Jonas Brothers and they all thought they won. That's pretty bad. Then, there's Ryan Seacreat, supposedly a telejournalist, and he let them perpetuate the untruth. He should have known better. So really TMZ who should you be making fun of? Three brother, all thinking they won an award that they didn't and Ryan going along. Really David emerges as they BRAIN in this scenerio.

2264 days ago

The Queen    

Please support our favorite artists!!! get legal copies off iTunes and legal retailers!!! don't download illegally!!!

2264 days ago


wow! archie won the award? thats CRAZY. he stopped jb from making a clean sweep. but chill out, ppl. JB made an honest mistake. they werent tryna take anything away from archie. theyve fixed it now, so calm the f*ck down. this doesnt have to turn into a jb or archuleta bash fest. whether or not they are more talented, jb is way more popular than archie right now.

2263 days ago

Archuleta rocks!    

TMZ are treating the Jobros like royalty, and they aren’t even good! They use their looks and their bubblegum pop music to manipulate fans. And David can actually sing, unlike the 3 Bozos. I’ll be laughing at you and all the other haters when David’s single is #1 and later when he accepts his Grammy.

2261 days ago


David Archuleta could sing “Mary had a little lamb” and still make it sound good. I am a fan for life. This kid has the vocal talent and the musical ability to take on practically any genre of music and make it work. He is a consummate performer and his skills will become legendary.
He had me when I saw this 17 y/o little guy doing a cover for “Waiting on a world to change” for American Idol – Season 7 auditions and it has been a great pleasure to follow his journey to superstardom! David is unmatched as a singer. His fans hail from all points around the globe and bridge all gaps in age, gender, language and musical genre, united in the absolute certainty that what we all feel when David sings is emotion so pure, perfect and real that it defies logic! The kid is one of a kind in the generation of many teens we have. He is not a pop idol flavor-of-the-month, but a serious artist who will change the music industry for the better.

2261 days ago

DA, Brazil loves you!    

I am proud to say I witnessed the raising of a huge star! David Archuleta is a very genuine, authentic kid who was born with a God-given vocal gift, capable of creating such a vast array of nuances in his vocal production… and the artistry he exhibits at the age of seventeen is simply unbelievable. This sensitive little guy loves music and feels it with his heart and soul. All these qualities can give us a glimpse of who he will become as an artist and I think it´s a pretty exciting picture!
Congratulations, David! Everybody is in love with you, from kids to grannies!

2261 days ago


What about David?
How can he be so adorable, so vocally gifted, so humble, so full of joy?
The bitterness of some people doesn´t allow them to appreciate the very gifted ones, like this great kid... shame!
The boy probably will succeed more than any other idol, making an exception, maybe, just maybe, to the other one who is hugely gifted, Chris Daughtry, who also didn´t win AI, but the real talented ones doesn´t need this to succeed, does they?

2261 days ago
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