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Jamie Lynn: Baby's Got Her Body Back

8/7/2008 9:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the perks of having a child at 17 is that your body bounces back to it's pre-baby weight in no time.

If it weren't for the stroller, you'd never guess that Jamie Lynn Spears was a new mom when she was spotted gettin' some grub with lil' 7-week-old Maddie Briann in Mississippi on Wednesday.

Unwed teen motherhood has its advantages.


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Aw she looks good!

2165 days ago


She looks great! I am proud of her, she took responsibility and wants only the best for her child and her family!

2161 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Harvey Levin, the failed abortion who is Managing Editor of TMZ, has done it again. He's showing his true colors by posting that "unwed teen motherhood" comment. Harvey has an uncontrolled hatred for Jamie Lynn, and he is unable to contain his obsessive desires to destroy her. If he wasn't such a coward, I'm sure that Harvey would gladly murder Jamie Lynn and her baby.

2159 days ago


All of you people who wanna call her trash and dog her out are just pissed cuz she your asses are STILL in the trailor park!!! Get a life, she's a kid and who are any of you idiot's to judge her!!!

2159 days ago


WHAT A BITCH!!!!!!!!!

2159 days ago


I would hit that hot ass in a heartbeat. Her boobs got huge too, girl is lookin' FINE!!!

2159 days ago


She's got a touch class and doesn't feel the need to bare her body for the whole world to see like her trashy sister. And as for being unwed, well, she's only one of a multitude of unwed mothers these days. If she dumps that creep Casey she's got a good future in store for her and her baby daughter. Let's hope she doesn't let her trashy mama meddle in how she raises Maddie.

2154 days ago


I think until Jamie does something terribly wrong to endanger her daughter we shouldnt judge her.... The reason she probably looks so angry and frustrated in this pic is b.c well look she cant even go to walmart like NORMAL people and shop w/ out people takeing pics of her... she is 17 but not stupid she is not going to do the same things or any where near as britney .... and yes shes young but doesnt that give her EVEN MORE energy to be chasing her little girl around once she starts walking and that only benefits maddie...
all you that are so negative about her obviously are jealous and only wish you could have the same success and happiness in life at her age ...

2148 days ago


Jamie Lynn had a normal and natural delivery without drugs or complications. Despite angry feminist mis-information, Jamie unlike Britney avoided becoming another poster Mom for unnecessary C-sections being performed on strong young Moms. The average "cut and gut" costs almost exactly the same as raising the average child to 18, as well as the cost of the U.S. average 3bdrm 2bth house. Vanity thy name is feminist. Jamie Lynn thy name is MOM.

JAMIE PLANNED THIS PREGNACY! She fell in love with Britneys babies ! She loved holding them, loving them, feeding them, playing mom to them, thanking Jesus Christ for them. When K-Turd took the babies away from Britney he also took them away from Jamie and she did not like that one bit ! Jamie has accomplished more in her life than most Women and Men do in a life time. WHO THE HELL RU ? Jamies already been there done that, went back did it again and did it better than you ! Now that she's achived more success in her chossen field than 99% of men and women she wants to take a break and start a family with the financial security she can now provide($1,000,000. just for the 1st baby pics) Every Civilized culture in recorded history owes thier populations to Moms Jamie Lynns age and younger. Women getting pregnant after their mid twenties is ABNORMAL and UNNATURAL. The average "twenty something" "thirty something" pregnancy requires massive amounts of medical "CUT & GUT resources that Women Jamies age have never needed throughout recorded history because their NATURAL and NORMAL strengths allow them to survive child birth. So many Women are intimidated by "YOUNGER WOMEN" that Jamies baby is a deadly threat to mental illnesses feminists promoted to convince Women Husbands and Babies demean Women and must have the lowest priority in any Womans life. A Womans youthful beauty and youthful energy are not for falling in love and having babies it's for waging war against Men. After Women have squandered their youth and life energy rebelling against Motherhood and Men most Women don't have the strength to have a normal natural child birth without ABNORMAL & UNNATURAL "CUT & GUT" . These Women mis-led by the false promises of feminism just end up feeling empty inside. TRUST ME, JAMIE DOES NOT FEEL EMPTY INSIDE.
We should all hope she has a healthy baby and life with much more happiness than sorrow. Jamie Lynn is living proof the Women of Jamie Lynns generation have been polarized by the fallout of feminism which made false promises of "NEW & IMPROVED HAPINESS" in exchange for Women organizing and destroying the "OLD HAPPINESS" of traditional male family values. Someone needs to tell Jamie Lynn C-section cut & gut is the new feminist birth right and many people need the income and employment. 40 IS THE NEW 14, MENOPAUSE IS THE NEW PUBERTY and Jamie Lynns generation is dealing a deadly blow to these new false realities and false values. Is it Mens fault that natural child birth grows more dangerous and difficult with age and Men should have dedicated every breath to providing Women with hip bone genetic modifications that make Womens hips separate like a snakes mouth separates for wide loads at any age, thus making the time line of Womens reproductive viability more equal to Mens as long as the Woman has her eggs harvested and frozen and put into storage in her teens to get preggers in her sixties . On the other hand maybe Jamie Lynn has only one life and should use her own heart and mind to do whats best for her knowing that she, not us, will reap the rewards or sorrow of her decisions.

2148 days ago
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