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Suri: I Want to Be Part Of Your World

8/7/2008 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes took little Suri to see "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway last night -- funny, since both Ariel and the Cruises spend most of their time wondering what it's like to be human.


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Isn't this child getting a little old for a bottle.

2271 days ago


get that kid off that damn bottle already!!!

2271 days ago


I REALLY wish they would get RID of that BOTTLE!!!! Suri's over two and it's really bothersome to see her still sucking on one! SIPPY CUPS PEOPLE!!!! SIPPY CUPS!!!!

2271 days ago


I am so sick of seeing this child with a "nipple" stuck in her mouth. She is to old to be sucking on a bottle.

Please take the damn bottle OUT of her hands!!!!!

2271 days ago


Too old for a sippy cup too. GET OFF THE BOTTLE! Maybe that is why Tom's mom was kicked to the curb, cuz she told Katie to STOP GIVING THAT KID A BOTTLE.

2271 days ago


She's on the bottle still because she's freaked out! Have you seen her father?
The poor little girl is going to remain a basket case until her brainwashed mother pulls it together.
They're freaks, what do you expect?

2271 days ago


Pediatricians say to get rid of the bottle between 12-15 months of age.

2271 days ago


TMZ you guys get it right "most" of the time, but not this time. Leave Tom and Katie alone. They are a beautiful couple and Suri is adorable. Who cares if she still has a bottle. People NEVER give up the bottle, they just move on to a different type! Why dont all you people who are having such a hard time with Suri being on the bottle give up your own bottle!

2271 days ago


2 Words - Tooth Rot!

2271 days ago


I'm sick of this family. Can we ignore them please?

2271 days ago

the short chick in the back    

Has anyone ever stopped to think about how all of this negative media attention will affect this child as she gets older? The media is constantly bashing this family primarily because of Tom's beliefs which is messed up in itself. I just think its sad & we should lay off with the punchlines when kids are involved.

2271 days ago


Couldn't Tom get Suri off the bottle with a combination of vitamins and exercise?

2271 days ago


People are upset about a 2 year old with a bottle: You are confusing her with a HUMAN child... we know very little about these space aliens. ANd I wish we knew even less.

2271 days ago

speaking mexican    

this family has so many emotional problems. Suri teeth are going to be all rotten with all this sucking on that bottle. I work for a childrens dentist and see this problem all the time. In the long run her teeth are just going to be a pitty case. they will need alot of work just to be presentable.

2271 days ago

truthfully yours    

I am a dental professional, and I can't believe this child is still on a bottle. There are too many issues to list here, but they are making a huge mistake. All experts say after age 1, a child should be off the bottle. This child will have to endure lots of oral problems, the least being braces as a result of this practice. Being huge stars sure doesn't give you comon sense or brains. I am sure they have been advised against this, but L Ron Hubbard probably wrote that bottle use is good. Who knows? Frightening people, poor child. She has money, but what kind of a life will she have?

2271 days ago
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