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Bro-lin Says

Still Best Bros With Penn

8/8/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Brolin claims video of him seemingly man-handling Sean Penn was simply tricky editing.

Brolin, who was out with wife Diane Lane (haven't seen them together in a while), was seen hugging and kissing Sean's wife, Robin, last month -- very touchy feely. There was also video of Josh appearing to manhandle Sean outside the same restaurant where he was touching on Robin.

Brolin told us last night that he's "best of friends" with Sean. BTW, he's been seen out with Sean since the other video was shot.


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Josh Brolin is such a cutey and very endearing! That was so nice as well as professional for him to answer ALL the papz questions.

2268 days ago


This bums me out, because I love Diane Lane dearly of the most gorgeous and classy ladies in Hollywood. But to married to a radical left winger must mean she is, also. I feel very differently about her after I see her all happy and smiling in the presence of this drunk, anti-American.

2268 days ago

go ahead and stop breathing then    

Yeah Diane, too bad she's not married to a radical right winger. She would then be all about war, greed and corruption. Then she'd really be someone to look up to. Anti-american; you're a tool. I love when you and your ilk say, "if you don't like it, leave!" And "protesters should be thrown in jail". Yeah, it's not like America was founded by those who didn't like things and decided to make a change instead of leaving. It's not like America was founded in protest. Nope. Not at all. That's why we're still an English colony. Duh duh duh. You're an idiot.

2268 days ago


I agree with "Diane is a tool" #4---She should divorce this dirty ass bum, and then him and Babs and Sean can go hang with Chavez and Castro. Liberals are loony people, I think she could do much better. She IS an idiot!

2268 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Sean Penn meet and hosted South Ameica's 1St Fascist (dictator : Hugo Chavez) , What does that say about Sean Penn ?

2268 days ago


This man is a phony as three dollar bill. I know this guy and know for a fact he becomes crazy when he drinks and has been known to beat woman. I pity Diane Lane for being married to him.

2268 days ago


Penn is a PIMP
Brolin is a PIMP
not the kind you think ie: players
their the kind that would sell their mothers for a dollar
2 wannabe tough guys in the movie business
Let me catch them in NYC/Brooklyn outside a bar & will see just how bad these 2 are
Hey tough guys be careful what kind of rep you make for yourself

2267 days ago

L.A. Lips    

Are U kidding me Jimmy Rock(LOL)......please go ROCK your "Jimmy" to sleep for like a week!

Josh Brolin is UberSEXY & MEGA TALENTED. His leading Man star is finally shining brightly. It's bad timing that he's found himself in these "Bad Predicaments" plastered all over the Tabloids! Anyone who knows Josh, knows he is the most unpretentious Man in hollywood. What you see is what you get! He's not a fake & he'll stand up for your ass if he believes in your cause. He's just cool that way.
As for the Sean & Robin Penn situation....puleez. Sean & Josh are old friends. Sean gets bent out of shape at anyone, everyday, etc. rahrahrah......That's SEAN! He pisses of tons of people but they still love him cause he's REAL TOO. No faking.

Maybe Sean would only throw a couple of punches at you . But Brolin would knock you the f***k out!!

2265 days ago


Dieu a d'abord créé Diane Lane, puis il a fait la femme a son image....Alléluia

2240 days ago

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