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Country Loser Bitter About Leaving Sugarland

8/8/2008 9:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

File this under sour grapes: A chick who left the country band Sugarland three years ago wants her cut of the profits ... now that their latest album sits atop the Billboard charts.
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Kristen Hall wants $1.5 mil from her ex-bandmates Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush. She claims in a lawsuit they haven't paid out her share of "agreement" to share the loot. The band with Hall in it had a multi-platinum album together, but Kristen hasn't done so well on her own. Her bandmates, meanwhile, have continued to hit it huge -- their latest album "Love on the Inside," is no. 1 on the Billboard charts.

Sugarland's lawyer didn't have any comment.


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2275 days ago

wa wa waa    

FINALLY! Something you Hollyweed losers know nothing about!

2275 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Anyone else think Jennifer is gay?

2275 days ago

wa wa waa    

I tried to tell the world the true SL breakup story three years ago..but nobody would listen. That country tv site did a good job of cleaning things up, as they do most juicy stories. The story starts here..long before Jen's nose job.(.more to come), Hollyweird losers..

2275 days ago


I can see why the band is better off without her.

2275 days ago


Let's see what the contract says - examine the fine print - to see whether Kristen Hall has any grounds for her claims. It does sound like sour grapes. I doubt she left the Sugarland band empty-handed. Let's see what happens.

2275 days ago


I absolutely LOVE sugarland...She shouldn't have left, although they are much better off without her. She deserves NOTHING!!!

2275 days ago

wa wa waa    

SL has pulled the biggest joke on unsuspecting country music fans! Sshhh....Let's take three gay people from Atlanta, dress 'em up in cowgirl boots and wait to see what happens! Kristen was so 'in love' with Jen in the final cut of the 'Baby Girl' video..that was part of 'their appeal'..sure, she was a bit overweight..and she was well aware of was evident during the B. Jovi/ SL 'Crossroads' show..she seemed to look like she was 'out of her league' in the 'skinny rock star' department..(story developing)..Harvey, I need a job..get rid of da Surfa dude already.

2275 days ago


she wanted to go out on her own and make the big money, but she couldn't make it and 'Sugarland' has. Not overnight, and with alot of HARD work. You lose sister!! You don't get rewards on their sweat.

2275 days ago


I know first hand that she was pushed out of the band because of her looks!! Jennifer and Kristian are two of the biggest SELL OUTS and FAKES in country music history......but there are many of them....Tim McGraw isnt a cowboy and he sure isn't country in real life...Brad Paisley is a pretty boy who never got his hands dirty doing anything ....Kenny Chesney, just take a look at this DORK and figure it out for yourself....

as Hank WIlliams Jr would say " There are a lot of imposters running around"......he is right.....

I guess Jennifer will keep singing " I aint settlin' ...

2275 days ago


Anytime someone is part of a band when the contribute to the writing gets royakties as a songwriter. However, she I'm sure was compensated when she was part of the band and contributed to songs on particular albums. A band got sighed as a group not as one individual. Once she decided to leave, Sugarland made TV appearance and wrote & recorded all the music afterwards. Therefore unless legal agreements stated otherwise, she left on her own accord and the success remains with Jennifer & Kristian.

2275 days ago

wa wa waa    

Back in the early days, these three folk singers were looking for an 'edge'. They were willing to do 'anything' it takes to 'make it'..even if it meant becoming 'straight' country crooners, for God's sake- People!! Sleeping with club owners was only the beginning..I believe that Kristen has every right to sue. There were three votes to be cast, and she got one less than was needed to stay. Now they cast themselves as a 'Country Duo'..although one can't sing all that

2275 days ago


about the gay comments.... you should see Sugarlands Manager Christy Crews ..... she looks like she just walked out of some lesbo biker bar....every one associated with this band looks like they fly the rainbow flag!!

2275 days ago

wa wa waa    

I think that SL owes it to the world, Country Music, and Hollywood in COME CLEAN, so to speak. COME ON,'ve already
made it..and YES..I've been to several of their shows..which resemble
a 'Rock Show'. Last year, their intro was a piece of a "Pearl Jam"
song..Kristian is a 'huge fan' of the Clash, and openly tells all
that he copies their guitarists moves on stage..their shows leave one
feeling 'up'. I promise you, the only thing that makes them 'Country'
is Jen's twang in her thang..If you squint real hard..she looks like

2275 days ago


She thought she was the one who made the band ( Remeber David Lee Roth of Van Halen? Of course now he is back) and went out on her own and failed. Now she wants money for doing nothing period. And I am sure if she or her agent had a brain , she still gets royalties from the first album. And I would hope the original members got her to sign a contract saying when she left that was it for her money. If not then they should pay her for being stupid.

2275 days ago
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