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L'Oréal: Get Réal

8/8/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BeyonceBeyonce, or L'Oréal for that matter, probably had no idea that an ad for hair color would cause so much controversy. I am an African-American woman and I work for TMZ. Yes, TMZ hires Black people.

I saw the new L'Oréal ad a few days ago, and it struck a nerve. There's still a stigma of Black celebs acting "too Black." This ad re-enforces that negative portrayal.

Why can't a powerful, talented African-American woman be celebrated for her natural beauty? L'Oréal claims they didn't change Beyonce's appearance, but who are they fooling? L'Oreal obviously wanted to make Beyonce look White.

The L'Oréal ad is disrespectful and dismissive to the Black community. And L'Oréal's explanation is lame.

My name is Nina and I approved (and wrote) this message.


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I'm SOOOOOO sick of all the black/white/pink/orange CRAP. If we want to get along, we have to STOP putting up barriers - - such as the barrier this post creates. Every time someone yells "unfair because I'm black," just serves to build up that wall. What would happen if NO ONE EVER AGAIN UTTERED THESE TYPES OF WORDS????? It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, people, whichever way we choose to go.

2232 days ago

Mrs. Smith    

I think that theres some over reacting going on. Beyonce is not that dark skinned anyway I just think this picture just came out lighter this time around. I think she couldnt find anything else to talk about and for the sista that works for TMZ need to "kick rocks" she may even be the one who started this story. How offensive! GET REAL..

2232 days ago


It sure looks like an altered photograph to me. Well, look at the Hollywood beauty standard. Big breated lbondes. You can blame L'Oreal here, but you also should take Beyonce to task. Did she have no control over this finished product? How about her hair? I don't know many black women with long, straight, flowing hair, but all the ones in Hollywood do. Is that not a sell-out? Is that not a wig? You want to celebrate black womanhood, I embrace it, but it's got to start with black women.

2232 days ago


Hasn't anyone seen Beyonce's mother? Look at her skin color and get over the idea that they're trying to make Beyonce look white!

2232 days ago


This complaining lady is an idiot. TMZ should fire her.

2232 days ago


Vote for Barack, and you will get your reparations for your families.

2232 days ago


Take it easy TMZ chick, you work for a website that makes it money by making fun of people. You don't really have the moral high ground here.

2232 days ago


Everyone knows Beyonce is black, why would Loreal try to change her image? What would they gain from that? But Honestly, I thnk the Loreal ad is a terrible picture of her. Her hair is too light and it is washing her out.

2232 days ago


You really need to get over yourself. You people just want to have one gigantic pity party. Get in touch with the real world. Not everything is about you and the black people. African Americans my A**. Most of you people are so far removed from Africa, you probably don't even know where it is. Do I apologize? Never in a million years. If you feel slighted, that's your problem. Oh yeah, the upcoming election? It's about race stupid!

2232 days ago


Why can't a powerful, talented African-American woman be celebrated for her natural beauty?

As soon as we find one with it game on :) Oh I'm going to burn for that comment.....btw are you the rotund, gap toothed chick with braids I see on TV? LOL. Don't get me wrong I love black women...ya'll got that "b!tch with attitude" thing down pat. Personally, I don't think black women like us white women very african godesses can be brutal.

2232 days ago

truth teller    

Get this garbage off this site and out of the office.

You work at TMZ for Christ's sake.... please stop talking about how the BIG BAD WHITE MAN is holding you back.
Don't you ever get sick of playing the victim AND race card?

Harvey should bich-slap your whiny a$$.

2232 days ago

Enough Already    

I can see what your saying. She does look lighter in that ad then when photographed elsewhere, but like comment #2 and hair color can influence the skin tone. That and when they reoutched the photo's in post, they probably wanted to lighten the hair a bit to make it pop and as such, her skin went a little light.

But that is not my beef....

I was actually offended by your comment, "Yes, TMZ does hire black people." Come on....was that really necessary? In this day and age?? We need to stick together and continue to rise above the negativity that is out there and work together as Americans. We all pay the same taxes right? Regardless of skin color? So please curb those negative comments toward a particular race. Black people are upstanding solid citizens but it sucks when someone speaks ill of a race or demeans a race with stupid comments like that.

2232 days ago

Really!! Really!    

Why do people feel the need to associate themselves with everything that goes on especially when it involves the media? When I hear great or horrible stories about black people or white people or any other colored or race of person no matter what my race is I do not associate myself with that group as a whole. Nor do I try to speak for that group as a whole we are all individuals with individual voices and if the ad offended you - meaning only you & no one else Then don't buy their product they are selling but also don't expect an apology b/c it is not your picture in the ad it is not your image it belongs to someone else
- And this is a gossip site

2232 days ago

Mr. Obvious    

looks like they purposely darkened the other photo! hmmmm....

2232 days ago

Jedd Klampit    

Whateva, everyone knows white people are more appealing to the masses. IE..Mike Jackson

2232 days ago
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