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L'Oréal: Get Réal

8/8/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BeyonceBeyonce, or L'Oréal for that matter, probably had no idea that an ad for hair color would cause so much controversy. I am an African-American woman and I work for TMZ. Yes, TMZ hires Black people.

I saw the new L'Oréal ad a few days ago, and it struck a nerve. There's still a stigma of Black celebs acting "too Black." This ad re-enforces that negative portrayal.

Why can't a powerful, talented African-American woman be celebrated for her natural beauty? L'Oréal claims they didn't change Beyonce's appearance, but who are they fooling? L'Oreal obviously wanted to make Beyonce look White.

The L'Oréal ad is disrespectful and dismissive to the Black community. And L'Oréal's explanation is lame.

My name is Nina and I approved (and wrote) this message.


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L'Oreal does not care what African-Americans have to say because we are a minority. As you can tell by the previous posts, we are the only ones who care about our feelings. FYI: This IS an insult to African-Americans.

2171 days ago


Midgie, Beyonce is NOT half white!

2171 days ago


For crying out loud! As a strong BLACK woman, don't you have anything better to do with your time than this? Honesty woman, it's MAKE-UP, you know, products produced and sold to ALTER a woman's natural beauty? If Beyonce isn't complaining why on Earth should you? It's her face, she has the right to do whatever she wants with her own make-up and look. Personally, I find YOUR comments to be racist and offensive.

2171 days ago


Hey girl,

Yes, she was lightened but in defense of L'oreal Beyonce is an A-List star who has more power as a spokesperson to have the ad removed or darkened and she did not request it which makes it not L'oreals fault but Beyonce's. You have to remember that African Americans are the minority in this country so L'oreal isn't really trying to appeal to us anyway and trying to state your opinion on a gossip site like this where people do not understand or care about the struggles of african americans is useless because all they do is make ignorant comments like the ones below. They do not understand and will never understand because as even CNN said being "Black in Anerica" is totally different than being white in America. I understand what you were writing and why you were writing it but it should really be done in a more suitable forum, people come here for celebrity controversy and gossip not for sensitive racial issues. Good Luck to you though!

2171 days ago


Just wanted to add that I am Black and I would like peple to quit saying in their comments "black people this and black people that" this is a comment of one black woman complaining about an ad please keep your comments relevant to this particular topic because some of them are down right offensive to those of us who could care less about this ad and there are tons of us. One black person doesn't speak for millions!!! As far as everything else is concerned it's Hollywood. Hollywood is the fakest place with the fakest people ever! If you've ever been there you know what I'm talking about!! celebrities have to maintain their fakeness in order to sell more movies, cd's or products that's why when a celebrity acts human it's something people want to see or read about thus the TMZ's, USweeklys and Entertainment Tonights. What I'm surprised about is that you are upset about L'oreal lightening Beyonce when she is advertising hair she is wearing a weave that is not even her natural haircolor...that's what ALL people should be upset about. It's like when celebrities who have clear skin already advertise acne products. But like I said it's Hollywood and what kind of world would we live in if we didn't have celebrities to watch....oh and be honest L'oreal is not going to lose business because 10,000 consumers out of their 10,000,000 are mad over an ad..sorry but not gonna happen!

2171 days ago

Mina Taylor    

I may be mistaken, but isn't she part white? A lot of Americans are of mixed race, why if you are partially one, must you reject the rest.

2170 days ago


You complain about the random damage the machine causes, and yet here you are, oiling the gears. Shocker.

2170 days ago


"It seems to me that if this tmz staff member is upset it should be at her own culture for betraying there true colour and trying to be something there not." First off to comment number 7 the african american culture is not betraying there true and and trying to be something that they are not so drop that. A few ppl don't represent a whole nation if thats the case we can say that whites are trying to be like blacks.

2170 days ago


Beyonces is black-not white.SO WHY ARE SOME OF YOU PEOPLE WRITING THAT SHE IS HALF WHITE.Because she is not. SHE IS ALL BLACK.

2170 days ago


Number 530 beyonce is not mixed.You are a real dummy.Beyonce is all black just like simone said. Mina-number 530 you really dont know what you are talking about.Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SHUT YOUR DUMB MOUTH.

2170 days ago


Excuse a couple [or a few] typos I was in a rush...(:

2168 days ago


It's sad that we even have to answer these questions because you obvioulsy don't want to know since you so voiced your opinion in the final question in such an ugly way but for those of you who care to know one black persons opinion here are answers to the questions of 481

1. Why do African Americans get to have BET but, if there was a channel aimed specifically for Caucasians, its racist?

This is humorous because from working in the entertainment field I can tell you that television is not aimed at African AMericans or any minorities, except for certain programs. Most programs and product placements are aimed at 18-34 year old white males and most programs on TV have at least a 95% white cast. BET was started many years back when there wasn't a lot of black aimed TV programs around and it just stuck around. Just so you know BET isn't even owned by Black people it's owned by the Japanese! On top of that Gay women have their own channel called LOGO, Hspanics have their own TV called Telemundo, People from India have a Bollywood channel etc etc it's a culture thing, what's wrong with wanted to see your culture?? By the way, I'm black and I don't watch BET, I watch MTV, ABC and Showtime!!!

2. Why is it okay for you to call each other n*gger, but if a white person says it, all hell breaks loose.

It is not okay for anyone to call anyone the N-word. I don't care what color you are! It's an ignorant and derogatory word, my parents never said it, their parents didn't say it and when I have kids they wont say it! The ignorance of a few doesn't make the entire black community ignorant!!

3. Why do you get the NAACP, but whites cannot have a CACP?
Once again you should study history. The NAACP was started when there were not equal rights for Black people in the US. When we couldn't drink out of the same fountain, or had to sit in the back of the bus or couldn't even go to the same schools...the NAACP along with Freedom Fighters were instrument in fighting for equality as the Constitution states and they have stuck around because as long as their is a minority in this country they will need equal rights. However not all blacks agree with everything the NAACP does or stands for that's like saying all white people agree with everything the KKK stands for!!

4. Why do you get to have colleges tha are specifically devoted to your race but, if a college that is predominately white denies entry to an African American, its racist?

White colleges should not deny entry to an African Ameriican who has the credentials (high grades, SAT/ACT scores etc) to get into college. I feel this is an ignorant comment because Christians have their own colleges! Musicians have their own colleges!! By the way white people and other minorities go to black colleges and they even get minority scholarships for attending so it might be predominately black but they are definitely open to anyone and once again by the way I maintained a 3.8 in highschool, scored high on my SAT's and went to a music college that wasn't predominately black at all. It's a preference for some to go to a college where they feel comfortable I don't see why this should be knocked down or questioned!

5. Why do you spend all that money trying to achieve the looks of Caucasians if you truly believe that black is beautiful?

Are you kidding me?? Come on?? We could ask you the same thing! Why do you tan (it makes you darker) why do certain people get lip injections, why do you get butt implants, why do white people listen to Hip Hop or wear black owned clothing lines?? Sounds racist doesn't it!!! Because it is! I don't care what you do, why should you care what we do! If I want to wear a weave or dye my hair it's because I want to do it for me not because I want to look white!

6. Why do you feel Affirmitave action is a good thing? Don't you want to receive a job on merit and qualifications, instead of what color your skin is?

Affirmative action is a good thing for EVERYBODY even if you are a white man, black people and other minorities put it to good use (most of the time) that is the difference. Don't tell me you haven't seen the CNN specials where a white man and white woman go after the same job, the white woman has more experience and even a higher degree and still doesn't get the job!! Now imagine if the same thing happens to a black person or other minority! Well, it happens all the time! Affirmative action is there for ANY PERSON who is being discriminated against because of their race, gender, religion or sexual preference! It's 2008, it's no longer just a Black People thing!!

7. Why do you still pull the slavery card? Last time I checked there were no living slaves here in the as far that is concerned NONE OF YOU WERE SLAVES. Get over it. You sold each other into slavery, no one came and kidnapped your people.


2163 days ago



2132 days ago
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