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Edwards In An Affair To Remember

8/9/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Presidential candidate John Edwards spoke about his crazy affair with ABC's "Nightline" last night, and his robotic and well prepared answers would make Bill Clinton blush.

Edwards flat out denies he had a baby with his former mistress Rielle Hunter, although he has yet to participate in a DNA test. He also claims his lord and wife have since forgiven him.

Hopefully that will still be the case after he undergoes a paternity test. Paging Maury Povich!


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he is that babys father > I mean ok he had an affair but he knocked her up I feel awful for his wife I hope she dumps him! Most people who voted for him Loved HER>

2273 days ago

Good Riddance    

Edwards was always the epitome of a phony. How anyone took him seriously (except in the court room where he was a natural - lying and shaking down corporations) in the world of politics, I'll never know. Although he really was just mediocre at that. A one-term Senator and John Kerry's pet poodle as vice president. He's blown it so badly and there will be more to come. This guy will be banished to the hinterlands. If his lawyer wife had any pride in herself - she would have kicked him out instead of protecting him. Just like the Clintons - power and money is all that matters.

2273 days ago


His God and Wife have forgiven him?
Probably on the day that all the residents of the Federal Peneteniary System are INNOCENT!!!

What worries me is that the National Enquirer GOT IT RIGHT, while the mainstream media flat out ignored it, out of respect for Mrs. Edwards.

Check the Bloggers, folks, they knew about it.

2273 days ago


wow ... why don't we just hand the presidency to McCain on a silver platter right now? This is going to have HUGE repercussions. Yet again the Democratic party is WELL on their way to shooting themselves in the foot. to #6, As a christian I have to say that I am disgusted by mainstream christianity. Christianity, and more specifically God's forgiveness, was never intended to be a band-aid for all as most people seem to think it is. Yes, God has forgiven Mr Edwards, however, The bible CLEARLY states that God would never go so far as to shield him from the consequences of his actions. For him to claim God's forgiveness and flaunt it to hope things smooth over makes him the very definition of a heretic. The Christians of this country need to wake up. the USA was NOT founded as a Christian Nation, it was not even founded by Christian men. They were deist's. The bible is also VERY specific and adamant about the the need for the separation between the "city of God" and the "city of Man" Translation: Separation of Church and State. The church has no prayer of being effective if it continues to behave the way it was, which is trying to strong arm people with this psychology infused, heretical "christian" doctrine that is touted be everyone from Dr James Dobson to the Reverend Al Sharpton. It's all heresy.

Proudly Christian, Proudly Democrat, Disgusted by the bad name Christianity has been given by it's so called "leaders"

2273 days ago


John Edwards you are NOT the father!

2273 days ago

Tiger Tale    

The Democrats would be a lot better off if they could just control the trouser snake...

2273 days ago


Pink, you're ignorant. I was born and raised in North Carolina and still live here. I hate to tell ya, but if I want to buy alcohol, I go across the street to the store. I definitely don't feel the need to venture to another county. I have a hunch that you're the type of person who would believe every single thing they read in the tabloids. And you're completely wrong about religion in NC. Don't assume, do some research and learn the facts.

2273 days ago


I dont know why everyone cares so much, If his wife is not saying anything, why should we. MYOB!!!!!!!!

2273 days ago


Shut Up John!
Shame on You! She was in remission.....well that makes it Alright!

2273 days ago


Instead of paying this woman and the supposed father hush money, maybe Edwards should think about paying back the donations given to his campaign by people such as myself who could not afford to give even a small amount. Why does it surprise me that another politician has been caught with his pants down. I think that most people are upset over the fact that BOTH the Edward's thought they could hook-wink this country by running for President - why would they even begin to think that something such as this could ever be kept a secret. Did they not think of the ramifications to the Democratic party or to the country IF he had become the presidential candidate, or were they both so narcissistic as to believe they could delude the American people entirely.

2273 days ago


F'in Weasel Lawyer .You smooth talking SOB!

2273 days ago

Sam "The Man" Ronson    

WHO CARES!!!!! He DOES NOT owe anyabody an explanation about anything!!! So what if he screwed around on his wife. Obviously she is still with him, so it didn't bother her too much.

2273 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

He is the father of that child. Now the mother/whore says she will not submit her child to a paternity test at any time. That says it ALL. God and his wife forgave him? How do WE know this to be true? First of all, not committing adultry is one of the ten commandments, so someone must have thought it was important enough to put in there...second, what do we expect Elizabeth Edwards to do? Tell the world she DOESN'T forgive this bastard? She will NEVER forgive him in her heart. Ask anyone who has ever been cheated of if they really ever forgive...His lies about it, along with what he has done speaks volumes about his character. And HE wanted to be our president? Nothing like kicking a person when they are down! God bless you Elizabeth. Hearing the horrible news probably stressed her out of remission.

2273 days ago


I've never liked him. "Smarmy" is the word that comes to mind. I'm not surprised that he thinks god talks to him. He probably has a direct line.

2273 days ago


The interview was painful to watch. He seemed so slick and so dishonest.

2273 days ago
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