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Hey Everyone ... Séance at Sharon Tate's!

8/9/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Get out your Ouija boards -- we got a séance going on!

Last night, on the 39th anniversary of the notorious Manson murders, a group of level-headed people gathered just doors from the place Charlie Manson's followers paid a visit back in '69. Their mission -- to contact the spirits of Sharon Tate and the four others who were slaughtered.

Those inside the séance claim a figurine fell from a shelf, and when they all went to the basement everyone's back started to ache. Sadly, our cameras caught none of that -- but we did witness lights flickering.


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That poor court monitor!    

The Tate/Polanski house was torn down many years ago and the address to the lot was also changed. Let's hope they were on the right road at least! No doubt there are some restless spirits from that tragic night 40 years ago.

2230 days ago

justice served    

Well, I'd have to say that I agree that these killers shouldn't be able to have children etc, David, but I also think you shouldn't be messing with the memory of people who have died. They had no dignity in death, give them some now. I don't really believe in all this paranornal stuff, but I do think, as the other poster said, it turns the dead into a side-show. They were human beings, let them RIP.

2230 days ago

justice served    

I also wanted to ask, don't you think you are a little obsessed with these crimes and that that obsession leads there to be exploitation of the crimes by repeatedly bringing them up in radical and odd ways? And even if there are paranormal experiences, do you think using these boards and such could actually be disrupting these people by drawing them to you and this place???? I don't know much about it and don't particularly believe in afterlife in this sense, but it seems to me, you could be bringing them back there by doing this.

2230 days ago


The guy that owns the home is constantly trying to get attention in hopes of funding a movie based on his "haunted" home. It would be nice if people would start showing a little respect for the victims and ignore the moron that built there on purpose in the first place.

2230 days ago


yes it's a sideshow. But if he didn't repeatedly keep bringing them up in odd ways whatever would he do with his life? Don't forget his house is the Disneyland of the paranormal LOL.

2230 days ago


Hey David - Sorry that you're taking such a beating in here. But that's typical w/ TMZ.

Has anyone moved into the house they built where Sharon's house once stood? I've seen that place from the road while driving around Benedict Canyon. YIKES!!! A bit over the top I think.

The old house was beautiful. But I can understand why they torn it down. I can't imagine living there after what happened.

2230 days ago

David Oman    

To those who believe that I am wrong or exploiting the victims, All I
can say is NO. While Hollywood is going and doing a remak of Helter
Skelter and A Movie Called THE MANSON GIRLS is now in Production
etc. PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK! I'm one who is out there keeping the
memory of the victims alive as REAL PEOPLE not as a footnote to history. I have the utmost
respect for them ALL and when I speak of them I only do so in the
positive sense, While these murders make money off merchandising and Records etc. Take a closer look for yourselves. The house where they were killed is now occupied and
that is all I can say about it. To RIPutz I have only this to

2230 days ago


The "seance" is quite stupid but I do believe that the spirits of Sharon, Jay, Gibby, Voytek and Steven could be out there. The memory of the victims needs to be handles with reverence and respect, not as a jokey seance like this one. Sharon Tate's spirit must NOT be reduced to the "Bloody Mary" game that preteen girls play at slumber parties!
I agree with someone above who believes they may have unfinished business—that business being to stick around until the last of the Manson family leaves this life for the next—and they sure ain't going to heaven!

2230 days ago


I was fortunate enough to be at David's house that night -- although I had left before the seance. David seems very sincere in his desire to remember the victims, especially Sharon. He lives just a few hundred feet away from the gates that lead to the victims' house.

There were lots of unexplained things that went on that night, with all the lights on and plenty of people walking around. I don't know why TMZ chose to show such a time piece of video. It was all quite interesting.

You people picking on David are probably just secretly wishing they could experience just a little bit of what he has.

2230 days ago

john wayne gacy    

" you people secretly wish you could experience what david has "

secretly, only wish david WILL
experience what sharon did.

by catching it all on film........

2230 days ago


david, have you ever been in the house or on the grounds of your neighbors residence? if so, what was your impression? would you be able to live there peacefully?

2229 days ago

David Oman    

J.W.Gacey , After reading all of your postings, I am certainly sure
of one thing... your parents must be quite proud of the man you grew
up to be....By the way, Why dont you just crawl back from under
whatever rock you crawled out from and take a que from your namesake...
Fry in the ELECTIRC CHAIR! I am surprissed you didn't just call yourself Charlie Manson!

2229 days ago


#49 the thing that floated down from above is spirit energy. We see this all the time during investigations.

2229 days ago

David Oman    

Thanks Firefly for your explanations and support. If you can get in touch with me directly I would like to get some feedback from you, Thanks David

2229 days ago


I was personally intrigued, and I felt Alma Carey (who spoke) showed respect for Sharon, the other victims, and the victims' suvivors. I wish I could have seen more of the video,

2229 days ago
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