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Mistress: I Like My DNA The Old Fashion Way

8/10/2008 7:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Edwards may have dodged a bullet. That's what she said!

Edwards' love on the side, Rielle Hunter, is not going to ask for a paternity test to prove whether or not her 5-month-old daughter is John's.

Both Rielle and Edwards claim that due to timing, the baby couldn't be his. According to the NY Post, there's no father listed on birth certificate and Rielle wants to "maintain her privacy and her daughter's privacy."


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I'd do her, esp if I had 200 Million Dollars. He is an advocate for poverty damm it! He is justing spreading the seed of love to the poor. Metallica rules! Hey the olympics are on, Chics in boats I hope the tip over and are wearing wet t shirts!

2263 days ago


I just heard on CNN the father is Zsa Zsa Gabor's Husband, Prince Frederick von Anhalt.

2263 days ago

Tiger Tale    

All of you Democrats who donated money to this guy are real dupes. Obviously, he bought his baby's momma that sweet 3 million dollar Montecito house with campaign donations. He even bought one for the staffer who claimed it was his baby. What a joke. You Demosheep actually vote for these people...

2263 days ago

Dave the pig    

The fall guy for John Edwards: A former Edwards staffer name Andrew Young, who is also a married man with children, took responsibility for Reille Hunter's child, a cover-up to say he is the father, though no name for the father appears on the birth certificate.

Then there is the money angle, which is Fred Baron, a big trial lawyer, big supporter of John Edwards, paying millions of dollars to relocate Rielle Hunter and Andrew Young and his family, the man who has claimed paternity for the child, to California, supposedly just out of the goodness of his heart and without telling John Edwards.

The way I see it, more lies, cover-ups and more public humiliation for Elizabeth Edwards to come ..............

2263 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Those of you that voted yes, in the poll have got to be among the dumbest and most foolish people on the face of the earth. People like you DESERVE to be cheated on, swindled, taken advantage by anyone, anytime and anywhere. This guy admits a lie directly to your face and then continues to lie, yet you, the idiot moron says that ok Mr. Edward's, I believe you. Then there is the refusal of the test that would prove it and you still say you believe him. Just goes to prove that stupid people refuse to be anything other than stupid. How pathetic is that.

2263 days ago

Downtown Donnie    

I guess Edwards has now banged chicks in both Americas.

2263 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Dude, youv'e been had!!!

You look at Reille Hunter's iMBD page and she is such a classic stalker/model/actress.

Fact: She met Edwards in a bar in 2006. Fact, she was out of money after blowing her divorce settlement from a Bev Hills lawyer. Fact: Edwards paid for her and Andrew Young to move to Santa Barbara. His own finance chair says so.


2263 days ago


Oviously the adultress skank signed a confidentially agreement. She opens her mouth or agrees to a paternity test andfunding from Johnny Boy is cut off. This is just sleazy! Of course Johhny agrees to a paternity test - he honestly believes this will help him look innocent. What a sleazeball!

2263 days ago


It is a miracle what money will do for these women. And what money did for the Kopeckne family as well. Or is it the way these ultra liberals will lie to stay out of trouble and how they will go to jail to protect a man like Clinton. But what really slays me is the way these liberals hang on to their jobs after they get caught. Why don't they resign and quit? They should you know.

2263 days ago

Big Bear    

Mr Smooth Hair has a new baby he fathered. John you need to be a real man and tell the world the kid is yours!!!

2263 days ago


If he had an affair with that women in 2006 and the child is not his why was he in a hotel room with her and her baby?

2263 days ago


Only a TOTAL MORON would believe that he is not the father of that bABY. Does Mr. Edwards think we are all that stupid. I feel very sorry for his wife.He is a no good SOB

2263 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I've enjoyed reading so many intelligent comments on this story.

I agree that Rielle Hunter's silence has been paid for with millions of dollars. The TV Judge Judy always says: "That if a story doesn't make sense - then it isn't true". Hunter's refusal to have the DNA test done, makes no sense at all. A real "shocker" would be that she doesn't want the test done because it's not his daughter, and she knows it. That makes Edwards look like a total moron for giving her millions when the child isn't his.

John Edwards political career is finished. I wonder what Hunter will do when the money stops coming in? What about her daughter's right to be publicly acknowledged as John's child? I agree with another poster here, that Elizabeth is too ill to deal with a divorce. I hope that one of her family members can see that her personal fortune, and the inheritance of her children is protected from the money-grabbing Rielle Hunter.

2263 days ago

blues fan    

Bush has the blood of thousands of soldiers on his hands, who have died or been injured needlessly in war that we should never have begun......I think that'a a tad more reprehensible than Edwards cheating on his ill wife.

2263 days ago


I did not have a sexual relation with that woman!
Trust me, Im a democrat.

2263 days ago
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