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Mistress: I Like My DNA The Old Fashion Way

8/10/2008 7:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Edwards may have dodged a bullet. That's what she said!

Edwards' love on the side, Rielle Hunter, is not going to ask for a paternity test to prove whether or not her 5-month-old daughter is John's.

Both Rielle and Edwards claim that due to timing, the baby couldn't be his. According to the NY Post, there's no father listed on birth certificate and Rielle wants to "maintain her privacy and her daughter's privacy."


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Edwards should have kept his stupid mouth shut and not said anything, Ever.
That would have kept it private, since the press had no solid proof of anything.

What possessed him to give an interview to Woodward ? Edwards is an idiot for not thinking things through. Duh
He should have stuck to his story and said NOTHING to no one. Dumbass.

2231 days ago


He's not really behaving like a moron - more like a Mormon!

2231 days ago

Shia is a man now    

It's so obvious that they planned this. He'll be the 'stand up guy' and be willing to take a DNA test........but she says 'no it's a private matter'. Totally planned out, so the father isn't revealed. It's also obvious that he told Elizabeth the affair ended long ago, yet it was continuing at least til last month. I used to like him too. No more. Very sad.

2231 days ago


My thoughts and prayers go out to Elizabeth and the children. I can't imagine what it must be like for her to be battling cancer and now to have this blow-up in the media.

2231 days ago

just wondering    

I really feel like some chinese food, but all we have around here now is Persian and Korean, grrrrrrr , sorry for the interruption.

2231 days ago


YUM.................I will order you some Chinese. Its not too late here in D.C. Wanna come over for dinner?

2231 days ago

just wondering    

HOLD the MSG though, I hate too much salt.

2231 days ago

just wondering    

msg, oops

2231 days ago


Ok you got it I will hold the MSG. It makes you retain water. Meet me in my basement and I will have dinner served with a smile!

2231 days ago


I agree with someone above.

IF privacy were truly what she were after and John was beoing completely honest, she would proceed with the DNA test simply to get the tabloids to back off and give her the privacy she claims to desire.

If it is all a sham, they still need to get the truth out there before the young child is old enough to feel the heat from the flash bulbs while the hype is great. Obviously, the child is not being primarily considered in this Springer show.

2231 days ago


Money is obviously keeping the mistress's mouth shut - who can blame her? And why would he secretly visit her and the baby last month when the affair supposedly ended in 2006? Is his wife that gullible? Yeah, it's none of our business. But if he'll lie to people he supposedly loves, then why do we think he won't lie to the anonymous people he's elected to serve? About anything else going on in the world? He assumes we're all morons who will believe his ridiculous story, so he obviously disdains us. Do any of us want this kind of guy in office?

2231 days ago


I am baffled how people consider this to be a personal matter.

John Edwards and his wife, just as most politicians, put their "private" lives on display to win votes. The want to create an image of their private lives that make people respect and relate to them.

Then, when negative aspects of their provate lives pop up, they want to cry invasion of privacy. You cannot and should not be able to pick and choose what aspects of your private life you want the public to believe. You either choose to put it out there or do not...but the public deserves to know the flip side of the private image these policticians try to sell us. No welcoming the public into your private life when it looks sanitised then shutting out the truth. Either keep your families out of it completely or do not. However, do not expect to run a campaign on the attributes of your personal life and expectthe public to turn a blind eye to the truth as it seeps out.

2231 days ago












2231 days ago


It is other people's business. What these people do does effect what they do in office. Look at Clinton. Apparently he isnt the only one she is sleeping with. She knows how to make her money. And its tax free....

2230 days ago


To the person who said Bush had the blood of thousands on his hands - "well you take that up with the fools that elected him twice". That's what they wanted when they did that. Take it up with them - I wasn't one of them

2230 days ago
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