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Mistress: I Like My DNA The Old Fashion Way

8/10/2008 7:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Edwards may have dodged a bullet. That's what she said!

Edwards' love on the side, Rielle Hunter, is not going to ask for a paternity test to prove whether or not her 5-month-old daughter is John's.

Both Rielle and Edwards claim that due to timing, the baby couldn't be his. According to the NY Post, there's no father listed on birth certificate and Rielle wants to "maintain her privacy and her daughter's privacy."


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#14...wake up honey. #15 is right. When John Edwards decided to put himself out there as a public figure and ask the American people to trust him with the most important political office in this country, IT DOES BECOME OUR BUSINESS. This kind of behavior goes straight to a person's character and judgement!! The affair was bad enough, but to bang another woman while his wife is battling cancer is disgusting. And now to continue to lie about the child's paternity.....apparently he thinks we have learned nothing from the Clintons!!!

2233 days ago


Even if Ms. Hunter says she will not submit her daughter to a DNA test, a judge can order a DNA test if it requested by a presumed father - if not Edwards, then it could be requested from any other men Hunter was intimate with at the time of her daughter's conception.

And the IRS may be interested in Mr. Edward's finances, his campaign finances, Mr. Young's finances, as well as Ms. Hunter's income over the last few years.

Follow the money...

2233 days ago


It's obvious to me that this is not his baby! People say that he is paying her off but I don't buy it! First off you have to believe that she would get way more money in a custody hearing and resulting child support if she really thought this was his kid. And second off anyone who says that the man's wife doesn't give off good energy trikes me as the kind of person who would love a little celebrity time and her name in the papers. This lady clearly is not since she has chosen to stay out of the media as much as possible, aside from the average number of preliminary reports. If this was his kid, she like every other women who has tried to get there baby daddy to own up, would be all in the media demanding paternity test and preparing a lawsuit! Church!

2233 days ago


to comment # 88
you may be right
what if she was holding off until he rose to higher office and was worth more $ or when a book deal would be $$$'s
or heaven forbid
until his wife possibly dies-thinking that she might end up as our first lady someday-worth hanging around for in her mind maybe---living in the White House-travelling the world-not just to Africa!!

hard to know what she was thinking and what he could have been telling her during their 3 a.m. visits ((*_*))
if that is what they were

a ton of possibilities

2233 days ago


I'd shut up too...if I was given a 3 MILLION dollar house.

If that isn't his kid, do you really think an old "mistress" would still be getting paid $15 grand a month plus given a 3 MILLION dollar house?

If it was "supposedly" over 2 years ago (his words) why would he still be paying her?

He "supposedly" had already 'fessed up to the wife so why is Hunter still getting $$$$$$$$$$$$ unless it's his kid?

2232 days ago


Lying Asses

2232 days ago


I can't wait for Obama's Love Child to surface!

2232 days ago


Mitt Romney is a total stand up guy - husband and family man. Hope he gets in as VP w/McCain!

2232 days ago


He's such a liar he's gonna have a hard time keeping all his lies straight. What a phoney!!!!! He didn't confess to his wife in 2006. He didn't stop having the affair in 06 either. What a pile of crap. I bet his wife found pretty much the same time the rest of us did, and of course, she's involved in the lies and covering up his tracks. Edwards is so plasticky and gross. Much like Al Gore. YUCK!!!!!!!

Pretty much everything that has come out of his mouth about this has been one lie after another. I don't believe a word he says.

2231 days ago
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