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A-Rod Givin' It to Madge

8/11/2008 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna is getting paid by Alex Rodriguez –- and the timing couldn't be any more, ahem, convenient.

The stray-Rod is actually making a donation to Madge's charity, Raising Malawi, reports Rush & Molloy, to the tune of "at least $500,000." Even though he's going to be shelling out big time to wife Cynthia in their divorce case, he's apparently in a giving mood. Of course, the charity's director says it's a "private thing."

Reps didn't comment.

Bernie -- Intensive for Days

Bernie Mac's condition was much more serious – and he was in the ICU – for much longer than anyone was letting on.

The late comedian, who died early Saturday morning, was admitted to the hospital July 24, a week before his admittance actually was announced. People reports that he had to be put on a ventilator as soon as he got there, and he contracted a second strain of pneumonia while he was there.

Though what eventually felled him wasn't directly related to his chronic sarcoidosis, the condition severely compromised his immune system.

Other Woman Slams Edwards' Wife

John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter didn't like the look of Elizabeth Edwards from the very beginning -- or her energy.

She told a Newsweek reporter that Elizabeth didn't "give off good energy" and that she "didn't make eye contact with me" when they met. (Ya think?) Hunter and Edwards already were involved when the two met, but it's unclear whether Elizabeth knew anything.

Hunter apparently thought that John Edwards was a leader on the order of Gandhi.


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Carl - you are wrong - he pulled himself down.

2265 days ago


How did she think Edwards wife was going to act? Shake her hand,hug her? I mean give me a break!

2265 days ago


Rielle Hunter is trash! So is John Edwards! People like them deserve whatever bad treatment they get. Edwards and Hunter are both snakes and to think they both did not care about the sacred bond of marriage. If John was not happy with anything in his marriage...he should have had the balls to tell his wife! Makes me sick to think about him crawling up on his wife after a session with that skank Rielle! Edwards needs to lose his position is politics cause he can't be trusted! He's a liar and has no family values! Elizabeth.... YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!! And i hope you don't let these two morons ruin your outlook on anything.

2265 days ago

Big Bear    

Rielle needs to keep her legs together!!!

2265 days ago


Well, carl, if you had a life you wouldn't be on this web site telling others to get a, would you??????

2265 days ago


TMZ -- Will you all find a more flattering picture of Bernie Mac please.

2265 days ago


Edwards and Hunter-shame on you. You are the two to blame in this story. Elizabeth Edwards -get out now!! One time will never be enough for little Johnny.

2265 days ago


Wow! Rielle didn't like Elizabeth's vibe but she's fu**ing her husband, PRICELESS!!!..Why can't people just learn to shut the hell up in situations like this..It's bad enough this woman is fighting cancer and you look like a slut already so why rub it in..But that's what ho's do they try to justify their whorish actions by making the other women look like a vilan so she can relieve herself of any wrong doing...What's next John made me do it.

2265 days ago


What ex-mistress of any man would have something nice to say about the wife. Elizabeth Edwards has gone through so much the last few years with Breast Cancer, and now it is back with nothing that can be done. She managed a campaign trail this last year, somewhat hectic. Quite possible that her Husband had already told her of the affair, and she did not make eye contact to with the woman, since she knew who she was and that the woman was somewhat scorned. Since, it appears that Elizabeth Edwards is doing the absolute best that she can do at this point, why does she need to be tracked into the muck.. Because, Mr. Edwards made it very clear that it was an loveless affair, and the woman on the side has had her bluff called, by the request for paternity.. That she has refused... My advise the the worman, leave Elizabeth Edwards alone, be grateful Elizabeth didn't walk up and hit her in the face. I would have.

2265 days ago

nira k    

That Hunter bitch is out to get her 5 minutes of fame even if it's as a sleazy whore. And that bitch is ugly!! Wonder what kind of deviant sex he likes to have to stoop that low.

2265 days ago


LikeTHAT woman has any right to judge Edwards WIFE?!!! Any woman who justifies sleeping with a married man is nothing but a skank, tramp and a whore, same goes for any man who justifies cheating on his wife and family. For that matter that applies to ANYONE who steps out on their marriage, and ANYONE who knowingly has sex with a married person. What is wrong with people these days?!!! No wonder the divorce rate is what it is...many people don't take their vows seriously, marriage is disposable.

2265 days ago


That skanky hippie guru hoe gold digger! I 've got to ask John Ed - was that piece of skank worth it?

2265 days ago


*itch, itch, itch* Dayum! I had a thought that Rielle was with my man! I am burning baby! I am going to need to get a blowtorch to get these little suckers pinching my pubes!

2265 days ago


What kind of skank bitch is that? She really needs to shut her mouth right now.....she doesn't want a paternity test because she knows that John is not the father. This whole thing is sad for the Edwards family and since Mrs Edwards already knew about the affair, skank needs to shut up! She is not going to get famous for having sex with John Edwards

2265 days ago


The skank's real name is Lisa Drunk. Oops I mean Lisa Druck. How do you get Reilly out of Rielle? Rielle is a French spelling, and it should be pronounced Ree-elle. She sounds illiterate too. Why did this hoe change her name???

2265 days ago
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