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A-Rod Givin' It to Madge

8/11/2008 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna is getting paid by Alex Rodriguez –- and the timing couldn't be any more, ahem, convenient.

The stray-Rod is actually making a donation to Madge's charity, Raising Malawi, reports Rush & Molloy, to the tune of "at least $500,000." Even though he's going to be shelling out big time to wife Cynthia in their divorce case, he's apparently in a giving mood. Of course, the charity's director says it's a "private thing."

Reps didn't comment.

Bernie -- Intensive for Days

Bernie Mac's condition was much more serious – and he was in the ICU – for much longer than anyone was letting on.

The late comedian, who died early Saturday morning, was admitted to the hospital July 24, a week before his admittance actually was announced. People reports that he had to be put on a ventilator as soon as he got there, and he contracted a second strain of pneumonia while he was there.

Though what eventually felled him wasn't directly related to his chronic sarcoidosis, the condition severely compromised his immune system.

Other Woman Slams Edwards' Wife

John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter didn't like the look of Elizabeth Edwards from the very beginning -- or her energy.

She told a Newsweek reporter that Elizabeth didn't "give off good energy" and that she "didn't make eye contact with me" when they met. (Ya think?) Hunter and Edwards already were involved when the two met, but it's unclear whether Elizabeth knew anything.

Hunter apparently thought that John Edwards was a leader on the order of Gandhi.


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Elizabeth probably gave off bad energy because she was probably still undergoung cancer treatment. A good woman knows a homewrecker when she sees one. Which explains why Elizabeth didn't like you from the start. Way to go Reille. You homewreckin' tramp. I guess your mom would be proud.

2230 days ago


Typical of every mistress on top of everything "they find bad vibes" on the wives - this woman is a piece of crap, unable to find her own man

2230 days ago


The slut most likely got pregnant on purpose thinking Edwards would then leave his wife. I hate gold digging trashy women who date married men.

2230 days ago


If my husband had agreed to take the blame for someone elses baby, I would be feeding information to the highest bidder. The cash Edwards friend is giving the man, could never equal what Mrs. Young could get from the tabloids. Mrs. Young is talking to her friends. The wonderful part of this is, John Edwards real story will go to the highest bidder. It is just a matter of time. His mistress will see that she has been sold out by her hero and will want some cash to heal her wounds. She will not allow anyone to sell her story for more money than his friends are giving her for her silence. To Mrs. Young, you go girl!

2230 days ago


RIP Bernie - My sympathy to the Family. He WILL BE MISSED. :{

2230 days ago


DAmn , she really does have some kind of nerves. She acts like the wife owes her something. I thought it was a myth, but I guess men really do cheat down. At least go a step or two above your wife damn. I don't get why these folks work so hard to get where they are (Clinton, Jackson, Edwards , Pitt-not political I know) and then get taken down by a piece of A$$... And non of them thought to use protection in this day and age. At least Clinton didn't put himself in the position to get his "woman" pregnant. Damn FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!

2230 days ago


Another thing about Edwards, if your wife (for any man) is too sick or too tired to do you, warm up the lotion, pop in the porn , use your imagination and give yourself three minutes or so, the other woman is not worth it . Look at your legacy now!!!! Trash was not worth it. That goes for Jackson (who just killed everything he stood for), Clinton (whom I love) , and Pitt (who totally pick the wrong nut to have kids with -but that's another post) . I mean DAMN!!! I thought Edwards was better than that. He should have gotten a professional whore, or someone as much to lose as him. But an ugly piece of trash - DAmn!! And she has the nerve to bash his wife? He picked a dumb whore at that .

2230 days ago



2230 days ago

angry irish girl 777    

hunter is a piece of trash --- not fit to lick liz edwards boots !!!!

2230 days ago


This chick is a total party whore. Front page Sun Sentinal Fort Lauderdale FL "Hunter a former Fort Lauderdale party girl" seems she was maxing out other peoples credit cards to support her coke habit back in the day of the late 80's and all of the 90's. seems miss thing has a very very sorted passed. I would suspect that Edwards IS the baby daddy and Hunter is "taking the heat" for him by not wanting a paternity test. Word on the street here in FTL is that Hunter was/is a total c*ck whore and that she had several abortions before finally producing a spawn that could fetch her a nice "paycheck" every week. I wish elizabeth could cage match this bitch and put her back on the corner where she belongs, why do guys go for these sluts? yuck!

2230 days ago


The only good thing in this is that John Edwards political ship has sailed into the sunset. Time to be a filthy rich plaintiff lawyer again.

2230 days ago

chin chin    

Honeydoo~ I've read all posts preceeding yours & I noted that no one condemned Edwards for his party affiliation. Most seem outraged because of Edwards so called "moral convictions", meanwhile cheating on his very likeable and sadly ill wife. I'd be especialy outraged if I had voted for him....this could've been an ENORMOUS disaster for Democrats if he was the chosen candidate! That fool almost brought down his entire party!!!

2230 days ago



Rielle Hunter: S LUT, SL UT, SLU T... she's used-up / damaged goods. How does she sleep at night? WHO RE.

2230 days ago

Ms. X    

I thought for sure Edwards had some "Hot Piece of Young Ass". This bitch is an old stank fart. Why ruin your marriage and career for her John?

2230 days ago

Redskins fan    

I have the utmost respect for Elizabeth Edwards. I read her book. If you read the book, you read about how she kept her cancer diagnois in '04 from John for the sake of his campaign. With this, she gets a betrayal of the lowest kind. Also, this woman is sooooo not worth risking your marriage or political career for. I believe I read that a staffer said Rielle made these comments during '06...but no matter, who the heck does she think she is? Every smart woman can sense when another woman does not have good motives. I agree with an earlier poster too...has she heard of birth control? Come on, she did not think this would be a possibility when she slept with him? Right, we still don't know if John is the father, but does it matter now? Elizabeth Edwards, you deserve soooo much better. Your children are wonderful and I hope you know that you have a lot of fans...not just because you have cancer, but because you are a decent human being. I would vote for your for president.

2230 days ago
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