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A-Rod Givin' It to Madge

8/11/2008 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna is getting paid by Alex Rodriguez –- and the timing couldn't be any more, ahem, convenient.

The stray-Rod is actually making a donation to Madge's charity, Raising Malawi, reports Rush & Molloy, to the tune of "at least $500,000." Even though he's going to be shelling out big time to wife Cynthia in their divorce case, he's apparently in a giving mood. Of course, the charity's director says it's a "private thing."

Reps didn't comment.

Bernie -- Intensive for Days

Bernie Mac's condition was much more serious – and he was in the ICU – for much longer than anyone was letting on.

The late comedian, who died early Saturday morning, was admitted to the hospital July 24, a week before his admittance actually was announced. People reports that he had to be put on a ventilator as soon as he got there, and he contracted a second strain of pneumonia while he was there.

Though what eventually felled him wasn't directly related to his chronic sarcoidosis, the condition severely compromised his immune system.

Other Woman Slams Edwards' Wife

John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter didn't like the look of Elizabeth Edwards from the very beginning -- or her energy.

She told a Newsweek reporter that Elizabeth didn't "give off good energy" and that she "didn't make eye contact with me" when they met. (Ya think?) Hunter and Edwards already were involved when the two met, but it's unclear whether Elizabeth knew anything.

Hunter apparently thought that John Edwards was a leader on the order of Gandhi.


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This nasty Hunter woman doesn't even realize that she should be ashamed of herself.

She needs to shut up, stay inside, and pick herself out a new name (again)

She also needs to figure out how to support herself and her love child - rather than live off of Edwards campaign contributions.

2233 days ago


When you are a homewrecking whore, your spawn dosen't have a fathers name listed. Edwards is a dog, plain and simple. Rielle...a hunter. The bitch had to hunt down someone else's man to fertilize her crusty old egg! The bitch doesen't work and lives in a mansion...hmmmm....a skilled whore at that. I know someone who knew her while working in DC right out of college.....she slept her way to the top back then too!

2233 days ago


Rielle comes from a family of low life's. Her father was an attorney who dabbled in Thoroughbred's who took out life insurance on them and had them electrocuted. Nice morals. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

2233 days ago


This woman has no shame. How dare she insult the woman that is MARRIED to the man she is having an affair with.
My thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Edwards. She has shown what a true lady is. She has class.
His comment about the affair occuring while she was in remission...does this idiot really think that justifies it?
My hope is that Mrs. Edwards will ensure her financial security, as well as that of her children. They deserve to be well taken care of. I am certain she was a major factor in his success. He deserves everything that happens to him...and I
do mean everything. What a PIG!

2233 days ago


Elizabeth Edwards is an intelligent woman, I'm sure she can spot a homewrecking whore shen she sees one. Wah, the woman whose husband you were banging wouldn't give you the time of day. In my book that's called being civil. The woman's lucky Mrs. Edwards didn't sik the bodyguard on her! "Please handle this woman, feel free to make her disappear!"

2233 days ago


What makes her an expert on everdody's spiritual baromometer. I always see a very warm friendly loving person when i see his his wife. That comes with all the heartache she has endured in her life...makes one a better person.
Uh oh, Im getting a visison... a vibe.... by looking at Rileys pic. It's....... HOMEWRECKER!!!!!!

2233 days ago


Hunter is an old HAG! If anyone has low/dark energy it is Hunter. What a skeevy, skanky HO!

2232 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Sad about Bernie Mac.

Edward's hoe. I can't seem to think of anything else to say there except, I feel very sorry for Elizabeth Edwards. She deserves so much better. She's fought so hard, supported her husband all the way and then he does this to her.

Even I'm getting tired of Arod. He's a male hoe. Nest topic please.

Go Sox

2232 days ago


While it is up to the Edwards as how to handle their relationship..and Ms.Hunter how to handle her situation it is obvious that she was biased in her critique of Mrs.Edwards and pretty shady in her character. I hope that Mr Edwards has a clue of the mess he got his family into.To have that woman around his wife in the first place says the type of man he really is.

2232 days ago


This MORAL-LESS woman who commits adultery with a father of four has the audacity to criticize the wife? As a Christian I hate to say this, but what comes around goes around. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Learning more and more of this woman's background, she has spent many years being a "chameleon" with the purpose of "snagging a big one". She will get hers, and I personally find it hilarious she professes to be a spiritualist. Pleeassse.

2229 days ago
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