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Brooke Hogan: Girl Got Beat!

8/11/2008 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Hogan's makeup has never looked better! The un-incarcerated, married or divorced Hogan just changed her MySpace photo to this.
Brooke Hogan
Looks like Brooke feels life behind bars with little brother Nick would be better than dealing with the shenanigans of her family on the outside. We might have to agree with her on this one.


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ny chic    

the hogans should write a book on how to raise this family fkn serious.....obviously, they have no consciences or remorse for what happened to USMC, graziano.....and now she has gotten her own show & her azzhole douchebag daddy is the center of attention & his fat discusting loser friend........hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds like incest to me......nick will get out and get his own show too...then i will never again watch vh1...i only saw the show once and that was enough for me......

2263 days ago


Stupid girl is looking for a smackin. Forget the makeup and go for the real thing.

2263 days ago


To #44 sassy, what you don't seem to understand is that the Bolleas continually make the choice to put themselves out there. I for one have never wished that Nick be raped. I wish no ill towards them but they have asked for every bit of negativity they have received. Anyone with half a brain knew how fake their insipid show "Hogan Knows Best" was. Just another way for a fast buck by a bunch of no talent nobodies. If for just one moment they would have collectively stood up and said, Nick was the responsible party and Linda and I as his parents are responsible for our son, rather than blame the victim, claim the family is suffering more than the victims family...but no. They chose to put out their version of what happened, their version of the medical condition of the victim and then call their son a child, yet allowed him to continue to threaten the lives of others on the road. Brooke is no better than the rest of her family. Whoever is guiding her so called career, which is her Daddy dearest, is just making her look a bigger fool. Has it ever occurred to you that yes, they need to go away? just fade away and get some smarts? But sadly it will never happen. They come across as nothing but a self centered ignorant bunch of idiots. Now Brooke comes out as a victim of abuse. Give me a damn break. as a former victim of spousal abuse I am insulted and angry. If there is no sympathy for those damn morons it is their own faults. A man in his 50's tailing his daughter like a dog in heat, a mother running with a 19 year old and sobbing that she has no one to go to the beach with, a daughter who has a daddy paying for her nothing singing career and acting like an idiot every where she goes and a son who is finally learning to keep his big yap shut. I don't doubt that they family has suffered and what family wouldn't? But they also just don't get it. Human life is precious. The only life precious to them is their own. The hell with the rest of the world. Grow up sassy. The Bolleas never will.

2263 days ago


Brooke is a good girl. THe make-up is to express how she feels mentaly beat down. SHe is not trying to poke fun at domestic abuse. Her family has made some mistakes and she is paying for them because of her association with her family. Have you ever heard of guilty by association?
p.s. John is an ADULT and choose to get in that car with Nick knowing full well Nick was going to race. JOHN MADE HIS OWN DECISION! Nick did not intentionally get into an accident and plan to get John hurt and then walk away free and clear. Nick is not to blame for John's condition. John CHOOSE TO TAKE THE RISK and now has to pay for the consequences just like any adult!

2263 days ago


4 Sassy #44 & Cynthia #48...One or more of the following apply to U ::::[A] U are a payed poster for the has been , washed up Bollea Clan. {B] Ur life is SO boring that u feel u have found a cause to stand up 4 .[C] U seem to be living in a continues state of denial that ur Heroes are now ZEROS .[D] The ONLY people who think that ANY member of the Bollea family has any talent are living FAR away on the RED planet. [E] Ur belief that JUST because the washed up OLD headliner HULK HOGAN[stage name] that also applies to the rest of the clan. [D] Last but not least some ppl other than u don't agree with the remarks made by the Bollea /Hogans about people who join or are currently in the Armed Services!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![] A [] B [] C [] D [+] All the above

2263 days ago


Brooke Bollea is just a prime example of WHITE TRASH WITH MONEY....soon to be just white trash after the lawsuit is settled!

2263 days ago
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